So for some dumbass reason people think that Olivia Pope on Scandal is a modern day Mammy.

I would appreciate it if people actually took the time to learn a film archetype before they tried to use it. 

The only film arechetype of an African-American woman that I feel like someone could argue that Olivia fits is The Tragic Mulatto but that would be a very weak argument. 

Day 25 - Favorite archetype.:

My favorite Archeype has to be the Minerva archetype. Though, it might not be such a big surprise because if you’ve been following along, you probably already know that Minerva is my favorite character design-wise.

For some reason, I’ve always had an interest in female Dragon Riders. Whether it’d be by design, or character personality they are usually the ones I find to be really awesome. And I absolutely love the idea of female dragon knight riders because they show terror on the battlefield, yet they have such beauty about them at the same time. 

Like, Minerva is forced against her will because her little sister Maria is taken hostage. She knows what she’s doing is wrong and feels the pain and agony of it. A very interesting gameplay mechanic to note is that even though Minerva’s poised as an enemy,  there’s never an instance where she attacks you once at all. That’s how much love she has for her sister. Especially with book 2 when we get this scene with Michalis and Minerva and it’s emotionally touching for me…. 

It’d be kind of long if I went through each one individually, but I love them all for various different reasons.