It’s nice enough to go shooting again! I needed to get practice in but was getting hit with the bow string regularly, so I decided to pull out my leatherworking tools and finish up my shooting ensemble. 

I’m an amateur leatherworker and archer, I have a lot to learn yet, but so far what I’ve made suits my needs! I made my own bracer, quiver, bows, and arrows (the latter you can see in greater detail here), my only non-homemade archery accessory right now is the shooting glove. I need to make some tweaks and adjustments to things and I’m constantly learning how to refine my craft, but I’m very proud of what I’ve done so far.

My next projects in the archery realm are to decorate the quiver and make a Holmegaard style bow!


I get a lot of questions about how my body and tattoos look these days.  Today was a very pretty day so vortexsophia and I did a little bit of archery practice in my backyard and I figured we might as well get some shots.

I definitely want to get back in fighting shape.  I’m looking a little soft.

And because I’m sure someone will ask, my bow is set for a 70 lb. draw.

“Merida from Brave has encouraged me to be more confident in myself, independence, and heritage. My family history traces back to celtic tribes similar to her kingdom. I have even picked up archery to get in tune with my ancestors and gain inner strength. This movie has taken me so far and means the world to me. I know I’m strong enough to write my own story, follow my heart, and find love in my own time. “


The Talon: Now available for pre-order

Get a firm grip on your swords, axes, and bows! The Talon is here to provide wrist support for all your martial exercises.  This hardy bracer offers the finishing touch and gives your outfit a spark of historical flair for a night on the stage or a day at the faire.  It is made to fit over the cuffs of your Eagle and anything else you might wish to conceal. To wear it in combination with an Eagle or other jacket with large cuffs order the next size up.

Check out the product page: www.volantedesign.us/product/the-talon