Amazing archery.  Old-style combat archery.


In writing Pirate Princess stuff, I’ve had to think more about archery based combat and I find this video (though a bit cheesy) incredibly interesting.

Check it out and if you happen to be an expert on any of this, let me know what you think, especially if you don’t buy into it.  I really want to know.

So apparently Lars Andersen has posted another video and it is taking off in the archery community. That is nice for him, he has a good technique, but what I do not like is that he says that every other way of shooting a bow is wrong. His way is not the only way, and while he might be quick and accurate, I miss all the majesty and grace in his shooting. To me, he looks like an 8 year old running around and playing. I also disagree with his back-quiver argument. If you loose your arrows out like that, it is not a very good quiver. A back quiver is the most practical way of storing arrows, because when you have them in your hand, you will need to carefully arrange them before you can shoot. And as a traditional instinctive archer, I do not like to waste time that could have been used actually shooting.

There is also more to archery that hitting well and quickly. Archery is a sport that I love and I enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes, I want to take my sweet time shooting and just enjoy myself! Other times, I want to have some more speed in my shooting, but I still want to feel like I’m drawing the bow properly.

I shoot a 43 lbs longbow and I doubt I’d be able to shoot like Andersen with that, since his technique doesn’t require you to lift the bow very high. I shoot my longbow the way they must have shot it, because you cannot draw back the poundage the way Anderson does!

And I am sure I also speak for the compound archers when I say that we are offended by the claim that his way is the only way! You guys have your way of aiming well and your way of shooting. I think it is offensive for someone to go out there on the internet and claim that their way is the only way to shoot a bow!

Does anyone out there agree with me or disagree? Please tell me by either reblogging or by ask, I want to know your views on this matter.


[ OOC  but for any RP’er or Ask blog who has a muse that uses a bow, this video has a lot of good information for archers of the past. 

I noticed a little bit of this stuff myself  during my time with Archery, but not to this detail. A lot of people follow what they show in movies or TV shows when it comes to ancient archery, but this guy has what I believe is true down to a T.  

-Reza ] 

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

Really interesting video on historical archery practices for my writer followers :)


There’s pretty much just one video in the archery tag at the moment, so I thought I’d share an old video of my boyfriend and his 90 lbs horsebow! Enjoy!

I had to deal with some bullshit today.

My post from FB:

I am so bummed.
I’ve been looking forward to the archery tournament today for months.

For the past year I have been shooting in the tournaments in PMC and they have been “handicapping” the Women’s Class by having us shoot closer (15 yards), same as the Children’s Class while the men shoot at 20 yards.

If it were a “normal” thing to handicap the women I would be 100% cool with it. But it is not.

So I have dealt with it, and just ignored it. But THIS tournament was special because they finally said they would let the women shoot the same yardage as the men. Hooray!

I even emailed them for clarification. Are men and women shooting at the same distance? They are?! Yay!

This morning they didn’t feel like setting up enough bales for everyone to shoot at 20 so they suggested “Jessie shoots at the 15”. Humm. I’m not too happy. Then they suggest I shoot at the 15 but down the hill a little. No marked yardage. Ok. I ask why do I have to be the one down the hill? How about one of you guys shoot down the hill?

Everyone laughs. None of them want to do that! How could I suggest that?! HAHAHA SO FUNNY!

See, it’s hard to see the discrimination if you aren’t the one being discriminated against I guess.

I am angry. I want to leave.

Again, they bring it up, how about Jessie just shoots at the 15?

That’s it. I’ve had it. Please return my money.

They don’t understand why this hurts me after dealing with it for so long. All I ask for is to SHOOT EQUALLY.

Is it where I live? Maybe. Maybe I’ll look for some other tournaments in Bakersfield or LA.

Olympic rules, Men and Women shooting at an equal yardage:
Click “All Events” on the right side

.. Am I insane? Any other female archers out there deal with this? Am I over reacting? Is the sport just a “men’s club” and I need to deal with it? So bummed…..

(Photo not from ADAA just sayin’)

Gold medal at the ADAA District Championships!

WA1440 (60m): 1018 (NEW PB!!!!)
WA720 (60m) x2: 492, 427 

Very pleased with the tournament overall (especially the 1440!) despite the 720’s being a little messy at times. Now I know what to work on, I can go forth with motivation and confidence!


Replies: Part 1

This post

 themorriganjules said: 

I agree with you. I shoot Olympic recurve style and it still takes strength!

Yes, and I rewatched his video and I don’t think his bow could be that heavy. 

culturedwanderer said: 

I agree with you too. His skill is quite fascinating but the fact is traditional archery has been around for years with all kinds of forms and methods. I personally got my start in Japanese kyudo. That’s totally different in many ways from the west!

Exactly! There are several styles of shooting and claiming that his way is the only way is wrong. We have a kyudo archer in our club and I doubt you could shoot that bow the way Andersen does!

awoltribute said: 

I agree that he shouldn’t say his way is the only way but I am personally in love with his new video because I have never heard of his style before and it let me see the light about my mounted archery ways

I was not impressed with his first video and I am not impressed with this either. But that doesn’t mean others cannot like what he does. I am only upset because he claims it is the best and only way.

summonspirit said: 

I have to agree, he is kinda full of himself. It seems like he really needs to learn to respect other people and other styles, and while he has great skill, he completely lacks any elegance and composure that make archery so beautiful in my eyes.

Archery is art. It is simply breathtakngly beautiful! I wouldn’t say he is full of himself, but it couldn’t hurt to have a bit more respect and understand that there’s a reason they shoot the way they do in movies. It simply looks better and movies are all about the looks!


Everything movies taught me about archery is wrong. This is a complete mind-blower. 8D

If you are even remotely interested in archery or medieval combat, check this out, it’s just great!