iamverytallyep said:

154, 54, 139, 46, 77, 65, 41, 16 :D

Hugs or kisses

Kisses please

Flip flops or high heels

flippeh floppehs

Last time someone said something you were thinking

me and carly were talking about harry styles and how hot he is and we very much agreed with each other’s statements

Last time I cried

i actually dont remember

The worst pain I was ever in

breaking up w/ someone i love

More guy friends or more girl friends


Have you pre-named your children

I like the names Cosette and Marion for girls hehehe

Favorite book

Fahrenheit 451 

iamverytallyep said:

5,6,21,22,30,37,43,58...how thats a lot but yes


Kissed a boy?

Kissed a girl?
in Junior year, there was this one time this girl i really really really liked almost kissed me in the hallway at school but uh it just didn’t happen.

Been overweight?
i’ve felt that way before in 10th grade and stuff but i dunno if i really was or not. 

Been underweight?

Kissed in the rain?
only like once i think. with my previous ex. i was being super romantic with him that day ugh i miss being romantic

Gotten heart broken?

Cut myself?
not really, like i did something once but i’m not gonna say what it was cause i’ll only sound crazy. it was dumb.

Killed an animal?
the only living things i’ve ever killed were bugs so no