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clairice!!! fdhfdhfgsh

I’d say Becky, but that’s not half as fun.

had a child.

  • Name: Annabelle (Insert a name incredibly precious to Alice, here.) Abernathy
  • Gender: Female. 
  • General Appearance: In preference, blue eyes, the red hair and soft features. 
  • Personality: Quiet, polite and heroic.
  • Special Talents: She’s obviously going to be a fighter. 
  • Who they like better: Alice.
  • Who they take after more: Alice. 
  • Personal Head canon: If this was AU, I can see her going into the Marines for some odd reason. 

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wow!!! that last valkubus gifset was fucking perrffecctt omg i love you best blog best person lots of hopes and wishes to you may something fantastic happen to you this week c:

awwwww! I’m glad you like it and I hope you have a fantastic week yourself! 

But you should also give some credit to risingdaw-n for the amazing idea and being very specific about the gifset ;)