Victorian railway infrastructure discovered by archaeologists near London tube station


Artefacts from a Victorian-era transport infrastructure, built by engineering forefather Isambard Kingdom Brunel for his broad-gauge Great Western steam railway nearly 200 years ago, are being laser scanned after archaeologists discovered them near Paddington as part of an extensive search for ancient rail remnants.

A 200-metre long engine shed, workshop and train turntables were found on a construction site known as Paddington New Yard, to the east of Westbourne Park Tube Station, in a glimpse of the industrial past and Brunel’s designs for a track first used in 1838. Read more.

Arrowheads Found in Montana

Many different kinds of arrowheads were excavated in Montana. The only thing archaeologists seem to be sure of is that they were intermingled with living material like bone, flesh and wood. Carbon dating helps scientists determine the age of living matter and, therefore, estimate the time period in which the arrowheads were used. Some arrowheads were used as long ago as the early late Prehistoric period.


There is a sprawling desert in the world of Nerdcrafteria. Since the server first was born, there were rumors of things out in the desert, and the shifting sands would reveal and hide such mysteries until such time as they were ready to be discovered. First there was a tower, full of old pharaohs and kings, guarded by eternal flame. Then the magical djinn revealed a lost Sphinx, huge and terrifying. Over the last year, more and more of an ancient civilization has emerged and attracted secrets and mysteries within its imposing walls. 

The brave staff of Nerdcrafteria, led by the intrepid Snikkidoo, have been working diligently to clean out the broken pottery and skeletons and make the place habitable for players. For the past few months, Professor Snikki and her team of archaeologists have found that the city had much more to offer and explore than they ever thought possible. Mischievous Djinn have tried to stall things more than once, but we’ve preserved, and the Staff is proud to present this new jewel of the desert, a town two years in the making, and finally ready for habitation- The Lost City. 

There is plenty to explore in the Lost City. The Great Sphinx (warp sphinx) looms as the entrance to the city, with a great Babylonian Hanging Garden supported by mystical forces alleviating the thirst of your journey to get here. The town center (warp lostcity) is a bustle of markets and nooks, homes and even a Flying Carpet shop to explore. Moroccan towers watch over the city and guard unrevealed secrets, and a nearby bathhouse provides relief from the desert. The Pyramid Apartments (warp pyramid) provide quick and easy housing in the city, and it is surrounded by Ancient Digsites, pre-built homes that are scattered around the pyramid near the town center. 

A Cave of Wonders offers plenty of exploration, but be careful not to touch the cursed treasure! The Oracle Gate guards the city from invaders under the watchful eye of tall statues of Anubis. A playful djinn has kicked up a giant Sand Storm, offering skilled players a chance to test their parkour abilities. Someone managed to sneak in a Sarlacc (warp sarlacc), but be careful not to edge too close without a lightsaber. The Adobe Condos (warp adobe) by the Lapis Nile are surrounded by vast tracts of land, some of which are Lost Claims just waiting to be snatched up and built on. Visit the Temple of Ra and leave an offering. Be amazed by the Colossus of Babylon and see if you can find your way inside. Get lost inside the maze of the Grand Pyramid (warp pyramaze). Cool off by the Oasis(warp oasis), and explore the vast desert and wonder at the huge staked out sites that will soon contain Showcase Artifacts.

There is so much to explore! Get out there and have fun! 

Learn More about the Lost City at

Rich archaeological finds in Burdąg


Archaeologists discovered nearly 100 cremation graves on the surface of just 100 square meters. during excavations in Burdąg (Warmia and Mazury) - told PAP Dr. Mirosław Rudnicki from the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Łódź.

The large number of finds surprised the scientists. They included bronze and silver ornaments, costume pieces, such as fibulas, pendants, rings, beads, buckles and belt fittings. The largest group of objects, as in the case of most archaeological sites in Poland, were ceramics. Archaeologists discovered numerous vessels in various states of preservation, including many very elaborately ornamented vessels, which, according to Dr. Rudnicki, distinguishes them from the products of the surrounding cultures in this period, both Slavic and Baltic. All items come from the VI-VII century AD. Read more.

First commute to Pittsburgh

The pleasures of hitting the road at 4:15am cannot be described in modern English. Still, many mysteries await me:

Will the office be real, or just a cleverly painted parking lot designed to confuse google satellites? (Probably real, but who doesn’t want to mess with google?)

Will I have a cubical, my own home away from home? (Probably not)

Will there be punch? Pie? (Please let there be punch!)

Though I was instructed to come in field clothes, will the non-archaeologists react to me as though I am a vagrant who wandered into the building seeking warmth and shelter from the rain? (In my defense, I wore my “nice” field clothes, which are freshly laundered, mind you.)

But most importantly: Should I have shaved? (A patchy beard can be a sign of both a hearty field tech and a ragged, though motivated, researcher. A smooth face can imply that you waste time on such superfluous activities as personal grooming and looking at yourself in the mirror). When in doubt, leave the goatee and hope for the best. 😼

casual reminder that you have two tiny ossicles in your inner ear which were once the jawbones of a reptile, the calcium in your bones comes from the uplift of mountains, that the cells of your skeleton are made new every ten years.

Liara would totally be a really enthusiastic archaeologist. And she would probably be totally star struck when Shepard would show up and rescue her from a bunch of outlaws.

As much as I am all about Shakarian I think Liara and fem!Shep are so damn cute. (It just doesn’t really work with Olivia’s personality so yeah personal headcanons about my Sheparoonie).

WHAT TO WEAR WHEN: You Accompany A Rugged, Gorgeous Doofus Archaeologist Into a Possibly Treasure-Hunting/Life-Endangering/Romantic Situation


Great question, friend! Whether you’re a burlesque dancer, a determined journalist, a mild-mannered librarian interested in the paranormal, or a hard-drinking, hard-living expat bartender, you never know when a soldier of academic fortune could swing into your life and whirl you into an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. In this outfit, you could also do the whirling.

  • Layer your top half for a highly adaptable, climate-friendly look that can get sexy at a moment’s notice.
  • A loosely-tucked, menswear-style button down says, “I am slightly unnerved by having just seen a swarm of desert wasps turn into a man’s screaming face, but by God, I’m going to keep it together.”
  • Remember Stacy’s Law: a well-rounded outfit should have color, pattern, texture and shine. This printed Lecco Scarf from AllSaints is a great way to introduce pattern without making yourself too conspicuous to war criminals, religious fanatics, villainous corporate stooges, or anyone else who may be hunting you down— plus, it’ll protect your skin from the powerful jungle/desert/mountain/tundra sun!
  • Leather pants, even if they are Balmain, are of course not exactly the most practical choice for a girl on the go in unknown climes. It might have been safer to suggest something with a little breeze and give, like these tapered trousers by La Garçonne Moderne, but I didn’t, because shut up.
  • Military-inspired flat boots, also from All Saints, are fashionable without sacrificing your mobility.
  • If your mother, father, sibling or mentor pressed a mysterious amulet on you before their equally-mysterious disappearance, keep it on your person at all times! Even if it doesn’t turn out to have eldritch powers (and it almost certainly will), it will make a great decoy to prevent the nefarious Doktor Von Shadenstein from getting his hands on the REAL Pendant of Truth or whatever.
  • A capacious Givenchy messenger with a sturdy strap keeps you chic even when clinging by your fingernails to the crumbling facade of a cliffside temple.

Seneca Rising shirts blouse / Doublju racerback tank / Balmain leather pants, $4,015 / AllSaints riding boots, $185 / Givenchy bag, $1,140 / Antique French gold locket with turquoise & pearl accents, $3,650  / CO OP Barneys New York hip belt / AllSaints scarf