Pretty contented today. I love the sun. It literally cannot fail to lift my spirits after a spell of cold and dark. I think it’s sunny spring days that make me love England, despite my love for travel. Actually, sometimes I wonder if part of the reason why I like going to new places is so that I can experience the butterflies at arriving home again… Part of the reason.

Yesterday I went down to Brizzol Uni for an applicants open day type thing. One of those days when everyone who has received an offer gets to meet up for chats and cookies and talks and things. Very exciting. Especially on the journey there when my Dad’s car randomly broke down on the motorway and we had to get an AA van to come and help us out. But don’t worry tumblr folk, I got there on time and it was fine… Although, it seemed that everybody else had a parent with them for some reason. Not sure quite what that was about. My Dad drove me up but then went off to do some work… Why would he want to look around? He’s not going here?!

But yeah. It was great, and really confirmed that I’ve made the right choice. I was suddenly worrying about giving up English Literature.. or History… But actually, with Archaeology and Anthropology you can pretty much tie anything in. So that’s great times a kabillion. I was especially excited to see that there is a WHOLE module called “Aztecs and Incas” and another called “Anthropology of Greater Amazonia” and also, I was getting pretty worked up about some of the digging too. It literally seems to link everything I love into a handy three year course of LOVE AND JOY. <3

Obviously.. perhaps I’ll go and end up hating it…


Also, I spoke to some of the teacher people about travelling before hand and they were really enthusiastic. “YES! Definitely! Travel as much as you can, and try to think comparatively! Brilliant. I may know some contacts for home stays in Peru! But yes. Definitely a great idea” which is reassuring.. Although now I just need to sort of literally move along on the booking side.. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SARAH! Christ. 

That’s it for now on the update. Sorry if my writing style is a bit informal at the moment. I can write eloquently if I concentrate.. but it’s very early in the morning/late at night.. so right now it’s really not going to happen. 

Night y’all x x 

Cyprus Anyone?

Have you ever wanted to do something so bad but didn’t have all the lovely and frustrating resources we like to call money to do said thing? MY LIFE.

"What is it you’re wanting to do, Tara?"  I’m glad you asked! (Pretend you asked, k?)  I am minoring in archaeology, which kind of means I need to go on excavations to gain experience and knowledge for my minor and for something I want to do in life - something I love.

Jordan Dig, Summer 2012

The Treasury, as seen in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

First Day of the Dig, Tall Jalul

Last summer, as I mentioned in my first post, I went on my first archaeological excavation in the beautiful country of Jordan, which is East of Israel.  Hear of the Jordan River?  The Dead Sea?  The Sea of Galilee?  INDIANA JONES?! (The Treasury).  All bordering Israel and Jordan, and all fabulous places that I had the blessing to visit.  How was I able to get there?  Well, God, first of all; second, I had many sponsors that were charitable enough to donate money to me to help pay for this trip.  After raising the money that I was not able to obtain by my own power, I got to go dig and tour Jordan for two weeks and return to tell of my grand journey and report back to my sponsors what their money went into (which was a success to say the least).  We were digging outside a town called Jalul on a hill called Tall Jalul - tall: hill with ancient ruins in it in Arabic - searching for the Old Testament city remains of Heshbon mentioned in Song of Solomon 7.  It was a fantastic dig, and not a day goes by I am thankful to God and to my friends, family, and church, for helping me get there.

So… What Now?

Now, I’m trying to pretty much do the same thing but in the island-country of Cyprus in the northeastern Mediterranean Sea, underneath of Turkey.  In the city of Kourion, we will be digging for Roman and Byzantine Christian remains, as well as doing some tours of the lovely country.  But, in order to do this, I need funds - and that’s where you come in! (If you’re willing, which would be awesome, and which would make you awesome… just saying).  

Some remains in Kourion, Cyprus

You can make an online donation, if you so desire, by clicking the link below, which will direct you to my account on GoFundMe.com.  Don’t worry, any donations you make will be secure and safe - this site is very trustworthy with how they handle your money once you donate it and making sure that the person you donate it to receives the money.  Any questions?  Please feel free to email me or comment below (:

My GoFundMe Account