Haloquadratum (“salt square”) is a genus of the family Halobacteriaceae. The first species to be identified in this group, Haloquadratum walsbyi, is highly unusual since its cells are shaped like flat, square boxes

Dear Heteronormative White Male in Position of Power (AKA my boss)

No, I am not interested in your son (not that you asked in this case, but you did make sure to tell me that he looked me up on Facebook, among other things). Also, I do not appreciate your verbal advances. I do not appreciate you spending exorbitant amounts of money on clothing for me. Yes, I am asexual. No, my ex-boyfriend did not hurt me; and no, I am not saying that I am asexual because I am afraid of getting hurt again (see where I said that I wasn’t hurt to begin with). Let me also say that it is NOT a waste that I am asexual and it would NOT be a waste if I was a lesbian. I will love who I choose to love, and no matter my sexual orientation that person is NOT you.

Further, I do not appreciate you whining at me for an hour about how I’m being cold. I’m here to work, not to entertain you. I do not owe you any laughter or pleasantries or unrelated conversation; that’s how this whole thing started.

Let me also add to this disorganized rant-fest that I do not enjoy being told that I’m hot, even in the most roundabout fashion. I do not like being asked to try on clothes in the office closet, and then asked to show you how they look. No, I do not need YOU to tell ME how they look. My eyes function quite well, thank you very much.

(AND my decision to eat healthier was not out of worry over my weight. It was out of worry for my health… my future health, so please stop telling me that I’m going to get fat.)

Let me ask this: who do you think you are? Who are you to tell me who I am?

Now I’ll get back to what I do owe you: work… Until I get a call back from one of those places I’ve applied to.

archa-the-rocket said:

Main music genre you listen to? I think mine is really easy to guess...

Some days it’s Celtic, some days it’s classical piano, and recently I’ve come to really like Shibuya-kei music. But I listen to OSTs a lot, honestly… so I suppose the genre varies. 

Aah yes… I took a glance at your blog. I think yours is pretty obvious :)

It’s annoying in most critics review of LP1 they talk about all the producers who helped the record (archa, dev hynes, clams casino paul epworth ect) but they all fail to mention….. twigs self produces…. a lot of tracks. Like even if the reviews are favourable everyone is going under this assumption that female artists don’t produce themselves and it’s annoying and fundamentally sexist 

Music Tag

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle (don’t skip!) and list the artists/songs and then tag ten people.

i was nominated by broken-wings-and-no-halo

1. Giorgio by Moroder - daft punk

2. Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

3. Alien Corridors - Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvetori 

4. Positive - Uppermost

5. No - Vim

6. The Breach - Ramin Djawadi

7. Detroit - Gorillaz

8. Be Alone - Childish Gambino

9. Man Research (Clapper) - Gorillaz

10. O Green World - Gorillaz

my nominees will be











have fun guys!