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1. Favorite food? ;>
Hmmmm, strawberries are always good.

2. Do you like milk? *U*
Of course! *q*

3.Your OTP?
Gajeel x Levy - Fairy Tail

4. Favorite male character?
Um. Love Gajeel but also found Ulquiorra from Bleach fascinating personality wise.

5. Favorite female character?
Ahiru from Princess Tutu.

6. Do you have a toy or something like that, that has its own history? If yes, please tell me :3
Um. Well I have a small pink rag doll, had it since I was born. A gift from my Godmother when she worked at the factory that made them and she sewed my first and middle name onto the dress. (^_^)

7. Your hobby? :)
Tumblring, AMV making, roleplaying, writing etc etc

8. Favorite game?
Mario Kart DS - Recently got into it since my sister always makes me finish the race for her if she’s losing haha.

9. Your age? (weird question, you don’t have to answer it xD)

10. Dogs or cats? Why? :>
One dog, we got her because we wanted a dog. XD
One cat, because our old one died and we’ve always had a cat in the household at some point, kinda a ‘must’ for our family.
And another cat aswell we rescued starving from the park some months back.

11. Have you seen Hetalia? If yes, who’s you fav. character?
Unfortunatly, not yet. D: But I love France after seeing him in fanart etc!


1. Favourite animal?
2. Book(s) you are currently reading:
3. List of items currently in your bag/purse/whatever thing you carry around with you etc.
4. Things on the wall of the room you’re in right now?
5. Coke or Pepsi?
6. Favourite season?
7. First thing you touch when reaching out your right arm?
8. 2x + 3 = 11. x = ? (Yes, I’m evil with maths questions!)
9. Put iTunes/music player on shuffle. First song?
10. One random fact about yourself.
11. Favourite time of day?



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why did they make episodes 14-17 for anyways there was so much real content they could of used...

I wish I knew… I suppose they didn’t want to do 4 episodes of ‘filler’ and use the side stories, so they came up with some weird little side story to justify totally screwing up the next several episodes -_-; I hate how they got rid of Gauron’s amputated leg that he lost in the fight with Sousuke in North Korea. That added so much depth to the universe and made it obvious that the Lambda Driver does have its limits, and that the one in the Arbalest is more powerful.

The Hedge Pilot

Inside the pipe filled storage building of the city guards barracks, Captain Stavros LeBrouche, the famous war veteran removed his sword belt before climbing into a massive weapon, a large iron construct that scarcely resembled a walking full plate armor with a cabin. “Today we will learn how to operate your basic Iron Walker”, said LeBrouche with a coarse commanding tone. The pilot with thick gray mustache and thin-muscled frame, rested inside a compact cabin supported by hydraulic legs with several tubes to protect the wires that move them. The Iron Walker, as most soldiers in Granss called the fighting machinery, was composed of metal plates that protected the pilot in the compartment, it looked like a metallic cocoon due to the interlocating plaques. It had two powerful arms, the right one ended with a massive dented long blade. The other was set upon a left shoulder with a steel framework, the extremity had a worked greywood bear faced battering ram that also carried a large arbalest. In the cabin, the veteran pilot’s long face twisted after he inhaled the reeking fumes that emanated from the grease and oil coated gears, bolts and screws of the machine. Soon he started to put what looked like a leather armor with several cables.    

The contraption Stavros was strapping on himself resembled a leather jerking, except that it had numerous brown cables attached to it. Extending in various directions, the cables ran through fastened iron brooches on his arms into a complicated system of pulleys fixed to the machine frame. The hedge pilot took his time. Rushing this job might mean a snapped cable and resultant of a useless arm, which in the battlefield meant a certain death. Shortly after completing the standard inspection and the harness was firmly secured, the captain settled in the small padded chair and immediately pulled down a redwood lever with a small crank. A hissing sound erupted from the back of the Iron Walker as the energy from the red stone, safely stored behind the cabin, began to flow through the cables and wires that gave life to the metal machine.

Stavros felt the rush of energy shake the massive weapon, soon he could smell the dark murky smoke that escaped from the back of the Iron Walker. “This sulfurous smell will wanna make you puke your guts out. You’ll get used to it…, you all will.” The hedge pilot’s smile was hidden under his thick gray mustache. To test the legs, the Captain pressed the pedals under his leather boots and the legs of the Iron Walker reacted accordingly. Stavros turned the Iron Walker to face the young pilots before him.

Metallic steps echoed in the dark wooden roof of the storage as the of the machine moved and its engine began to roar. The veteran pilot felt his muscles flex, recalling the time when the pull of the wires and that sinister energy did not bruise him. That was a couple of decades ago, he thought with a quiet smile as the walking armor began to trot. He could see the recruits watching his wired leather vest. “I wear this control vest because it keeps the cables in easy reach, prevents them from getting tangled,” he raised his cable covered arms. “This is how you stay alive in one these,” Stavros made a quick-side-pull of the cables in his right arm and raised the sword-like arm, the blade as thick as a battle axe cut the air with a loud swooosh as it went down. The soldiers backed a step in awe.

“What about that huge arbalest, is it automatic Captain?” said a young small framed soldier with long light brown hair.

“Cadet Dalton right?” replied Stavros, and the young man nodded.

“This piece,” he pulled the wires of his left arm to his chest and the auto-crossbow on top of the ram moved closer to the cabin. “This piece would had been very useful in the war,” said the pilot with a chuckle. Dalton half opened his mouth to ask another question when a loud racketing noise was heard in the distance. Stavros keen hearing told him precisely where the explosion happened, and that place meant bad news.