1774 Series Fauteuil by Aranda\Lasch, 2007

The form of this aluminum chair was “found” within the repeating pattern of an enlarged model of a manganese oxide lattice. The shape of the chair is based on a Louis XV–style armchair.

From Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse. 

The Architectural League Announces Emerging Voices of 2015

The Architectural League Announces Emerging Voices of 2015

Eight practitioners from the US, Canada and Mexico have been selected to receive The Architectural League of New York’s 33rd annual Emerging Voices award – one of the most coveted awards in North American architecture. Each recipient was selected for being a “distinct design voice” with the “potential to influence” disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism.

“This year’s…

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