1774 Series Fauteuil by Aranda\Lasch, 2007

The form of this aluminum chair was “found” within the repeating pattern of an enlarged model of a manganese oxide lattice. The shape of the chair is based on a Louis XV–style armchair.

From Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and Jeroen Barendse. 

Wouldn’t you like to know what went inside. Our TBA21 Academy treasure chest was designed by #arandalasch and we have works of #carstennicolai #marinaabramovic #janawinderen #dougaitken #larrypittman #edruscha #raymondpettibon #chriswatson #laurenceweiner and many many more inside. We won’t tell you anymore then that we will hide the treasure next to the treasure of Lima on #cocosisland 500 km of the coast of #costarica #tba21 #tba_21 #tba21acadademy (at Tba21)

Our treasure goes Harpers Bazar Mexico. So if you only speak Spanish, you don’t have an excuse anymore #treasureoflima #tba21academy #Repost from @harpersbazaarmx with @repostapp —- Para el mejor postor… ¡El Tesoro de Lima! Un nuevo proyecto inspirado en cuarenta conceptos diferentes, reunidos en un sólo cofre. A cargo de @PhillipsAuction, la subasta del mapa para encontrar el tesoro se realizará este próximo 13 de noviembre. Descubre más en nuestra nueva revista #HarpersBazaarART. #TreasureOfLima #PhillipsAuction. If you are in New York City today come to Phillips 450 Park Avenue at 7pm to hear Francesca von Habsburg @franticbornemisza , Dr Nadim Samman, Janaina Tschäpe @janainatschape , Benjamin Aranda @arandalasch moderated by Benjamin Godsill @mrgodsill talk about our‪ #‎treasureoflima‬ project, before ‪#‎Map‬ by Dutch artist Constant Dullaart @constantdull gets auctioned off in the evening sale @phillipsauction on Thursday the 13th. The proceeds will fund the pelagic research and conservation project for Cocos Island initiated by ‪#‎tba21academy‬www.tba21academy.org , FAICO and Mission Tiburon @mareymann #regramapp (at Phillips 450 Park Avenue New York City)

RG @igor_rgp: A TRULLY ONE OF A KIND PROJECT: If you are in NYC tomorrow, Tuesday, don’t miss at 7pm, chez Phillips (450 Park Avenue) the panel with Francesca von Habsburg @franticbornemisza, Nadim Samman, Janaina Tschäpe @janainatschape & Benjamin Aranda @arandalasch about The Treasure of Lima.
The #‎treasureoflima‬ is an intervention on Isla del Coco – the paradigmatic ‘treasure island’: A vacuum sealed container containing numerous artworks by leading artists, buried at a secret location and left behind. This ‘exhibition architecture’ (a contemporary treasure chest) is a new commission by New York based architects Aranda/Lasch, designed to maintain the physical integrity of works (including works on paper, sculpture, LP vinyls, digital video and audio files) underground or below water to a depth of 6.7 kilometers.

The GPS coordinates (or ‘map’) of the exhibition location have been logged at the site of burial. These coordinates will now be digitally encrypted and the resulting data given a physical form – by the Dutch artist Constant Dullaart and his collaborator, German cryptographer Michael Wege.

This physical ‘map’ then will be sold at auction, encased within a second edition of the treasure chest, with proceeds donated to the marine protection of Isla del Coco under the auspices of the ACMIC (Area de Conservation Marina Isla Del Coco). These funds will be specifically earmarked for a sustainable research and conservation project devised by TBA21-Academy in collaboration with our local partner FAICO (La Fundación Amigos de la Isla del Coco). The auction process will take place at PHILLIPS, New York on November 13, 2014. The buyer will take receipt of the ‘map‘ without the decryption key, along with the chest. #regramapp (at Phillips Art Auctions)