Official Pamphlet of Musical Kuroshitsuji “Lycoris that blazes the earth”

  • Part E (p34-END feat. comments from Araki Hirofumi and AKANE LIV, rehearsal photo gallery, costume design concept art by Toboso Yana and a complete list of cast & staff)

Grell: You and I, we’re like two peas in a pod.

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Please check every single rehearsal photo, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM because it’s an infinite treasure box you will have so much fun looking at them.

And have the closest to what you might call FEM slash between Grell and Madam…

The Cast Questionnaire will be scanlated and uploaded in a separate post. This is the pamphlet for now.


More shots from the final dress rehearsal of Musical Kuroshitsuji “Lycoris that blazes the earth”. (x)

Note: The website’s order of photos is a bit messed up so I rearranged them in chronicle order, you can align the photos with my review and get a better idea of the story.

They didn’t take as many photos in Act Two because that’s where the best part is. xD But you can see how close it stayed to the manga. :3

More Seb:


Musical Kuroshitsuji interview feat. Matsushita Yuya & Araki Hirofumi (Stage PASH! 2014 Nov

They mentioned the carriage scene xD


It’s the first time you get to see Madam’s maiden attires! Also Sebastian’s extremely unappealing daily shit cinematic record! >v< Good times!

You are more than welcome to translate the pages. If you have difficulty reading the text, I am happy to share the raw scans with you.

Scan request currently open.