anonymous said:

hi, could I get karkat or aradia to answer?? I recently cut off ties with someone who I was in a borderline toxic relationship with. But recently it seems like she's been getting better about being aware of other peoples feelings, and it seems like she really does want to be friends with me again, and I really do believe people can change. At the same time I'm terrified that I'll just feel awful while being around her again because she might not have changed. What should I do??


being constantly terrified that your friend will start to behave like she used to again might not be the best feeling to enter a friendship with. people can certainly change!

but you are not required to witness or help with that change and you are not required to give them a second chance

if you have too many bad feelings, dont beat yourself up for not talking to them! its ok!

and if you want to give them another chance maybe make sure you have a strong support group of other friends


[[ Hehe, sorry about this! But this popped into my head when I saw the school outfit post, so here’s a quick doodle.

and sorry for making the potential love interest jake, But I didn’t want to leave it blank and I’m 100% sure this is everyone’s OTP now ]]

— ((I love and hate this picture I love it because its really cute and amazing I hate it because now the fact that there isn’t an arajake anime makes me mad))