Hi-yo, guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that Arachnid Games is about to release an open beta version of our upcoming game, Ballpoint Universe. So if you’re in the mood for FREE and utterly FABULOUS gaming, stay tuned for the release of the beta version (give us about a week or so). 

Beta for the bettah (better). :)

In the meantime, enjoy this little doohickey of a doodle and pretend that these are our workers hard at work, constructing the game from within. :)


Hey, all! Just thought we’d let you know that Ballpoint Universe is about to release in just 2 DAYS. It’s been super crazy these past couple of days, and we just can’t wait to share our crazy game-obsession with the world! Please, stay tuned for the big release on Thanksgiving Day.

As always,

Thank you (from the Arachnid Team!)

3 months. 13 weeks. 90 days...


Well, somewhere around that time, anyways.

That is the countdown for the release date of not only the brand-spanking-new WiiU console, but also of our video game Ballpoint Universe! Super excited about this, can’t wait to see it on the screens of thousands of future gamers! We’ll be sure to keep everyone and anyone who’s interested! :D

You’ll be able to find us on WiiU’s eshop!
Featured on Nintendo Direct E3 Conference: Start at 18:00