Absurd Creature of the Week:

The World’s Goofiest-Looking Spider Is Actually a Brutal Ninja

by Matt Simon 

The bizarre assassin spiders of Australia, South America, and Madagascar, with their craning necks and enormous jaws and general what-in-the-what-now appearance. These beauties (also known appropriately enough as pelican spiders) hunt other spiders, and by deploying their jaws out 90 degrees from their necks, they can impale prey, inject venom, and let them dangle there to die, all without getting bitten themselves. It’s a bit like the school bully holding a nerd at arm’s-length while the poor kid swings hopelessly at the air…

(read more: Wired Science)

photographs: Jeremy Miller and Hannah Wood

On the left you have my spider Eddy posing for the camera and on the right you have a drawing of him

It was hard to do all the tiny hair stuff on him.. i think this is the smallest drawing i did in years

Love the little guy, i want more spiders


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Wow! Epic artist :)