In the last 67 years, the Arab regimes have been the main reason for the Palestinians’ misery.  Is there any chance that they will one day recognize this and try to at least partly atone for their crimes?

Their first and biggest crime was the rejection of the 1947 partition plan. That plan gave much more to the Palestinians than the Palestinian Authority is now demanding, and also much more than the Arab League “Peace Plan” proposal of 2002, yet the Arab League unanimously rejected the 1947 partition plan, and the regimes of Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia took up arms against the Jews.  By doing so, the Arab regimes annulled the Palestinians’ right to a state, and they set the Palestinians on the path to destruction.

Not content with that initial offense, the Arab states (except partly Jordan) also refused to resettle any Palestinian refugees in their countries.  They curtailed the refugees’ rights dramatically, turning them into cheap and defenseless labor, while at the same time feeding them false hopes that they would one day return to the same homes in what was now Israel, and open the same doors with the same keys.  For over 67 years, Arab regimes have refused to resettle the refugees, preferring instead to, in the words of Canadian Muslim Raheel Raza, “use Israel as the bogeyman to deflect their own shortcoming and blame all their problems on a Zionist conspiracy”.

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This is a 9 year old kid in Sweden getting assaulted by a security guard. The child went on a train without a ticket, He doesn’t know better since he can’t understand Swedish. 

Loads of people are watching and no ones doing anything. According to the witnesses you could hear the guard smashing the kids head on to the stonefloor if you were in the same building. 

The guard takes it so far, that the child thinks that he’s gonna die and does the shahada whereas he says a prayer that says “There’s only one God and mohammed is his prophet"