Hairstyles for the Signs!!!! Females!!! And Explanation!!! (Anon Request)

Aries -


Ladies of Aries you have beautiful thick hair, you should really let that show. Be careful when you go to get a cut, you may tend to make decisions on a dime, so try to think before making a choice. :)

Taurus -


As a down to earth Taurus, you don’t tend to desire everything to be of extravagance, you are perfectly fine with having something quite simple. :)

Gemini -


You love to be in style, so having a stylish hairstyle is quite a must. You will do everything and anything to get the cut and color that you want. :)

Cancer -


As a Cancer you are fine with not having any extra bells and whistles. You enjoy nice clean, feminine looks consisting of soft curls, or straight and long. :)

Leo -


You have amazing thick, mane like hair so SHOW IT!!! You don’t like change very much so finding a hair dresser that can make little changes is perfect for you. :)



You want your hair to stay in it’s rightful place. A shoulder length bob, nice and clean is a way to go. :)

Libra -


As a stylish Libra you prefer a style that is easily changeable to fit perfectly with your outfit. While still looking elegant and sophisticated. :)

Scorpio -


As the intense Scorpion you want a look to show this as well as help create that aura about you. Although keep that love for the more rich colors alive. :)

Sagittarius -


You want a hairstyle that is easy to fix, yet still resemble your fun, out going personality. :)

Capricorn -


You enjoy your hair to stay clean and the way you want it. Yet you have perfected your own personal style as well to add to it. :)

Aquarius -


You are perfectly fine with taking risks, so trying something others wouldn’t is right up your alley. You incorporate your quirky personality within your style, creating one that looks perfect on you. :)

Pisces -


You want a great style that is effortlessly perfect. A long and flowing style might just be the one for you. :)

How to Win Her Back!

How to win an Aries woman back: give them gifts and lots of pleading.

How to get a Taurus woman back: Show her you’ve changed, but this may take some time so be prepared.

How to win a Gemini woman back: sometimes all you need to do is simply ask.

How to win a Cancer Woman back: Is almost impossible.

How to win a Leo Woman back: you have to impress her all over again with money, gifts, intelligence, & attention.

How to win a Virgo woman back: admit that everything was your fault.

How to get back with a Libra woman: persuade her that it is worth it.

How to win a Scorpio woman back: prove your innocence

How to get back with a Sagittarius woman: all you can do is beg & grovel but that still might not work.

How to win a Capricorn woman back: show her what you can do and provide for her.

How to win an Aquarius woman back: might not be able to, once they lose interest they never go back.

How to win back a Pisces woman: you will have to sweep her off her feet again

Your Virgo Female with....

cellolvr9819 asked aliasrequired:

Hi! I’m a virgo female and I was just wondering what relationships would be like with the other signs? If possible I’d love anime gifs but if not, it’s your blog after all :) thanks so much. I love your blog!!

Haha, it’s alright, I love anime gifs

Aries boy…


Taurus boy…


Gemini boy…


Cancer guy…(or dog XD)…


Leo guy…


Virgo guy….


Libra boy…


Scorpio guy…


Sagittarius guy…


Capricorn guy…


Aquarius guy…


Pisces guy…


What Pisces Think Of The Signs (Female/Female)

Pisces/Aries: Well…she’s kind of too bossy, I don’t really like her…

Pisces/Taurus: I really like Taurus, She’s really nice to everyone.

Pisces/Gemini: I feel like she copies everything I do…She can get annoying, she’s fun to talk to though I guess.

Pisces/Cancer: Aw, So sweet and extremely clingy! She scares me with her weird mood changes though…

Pisces/Leo: I think it’s funny how confident she is! *shrugs*

Pisces/Virgo: Virgo..? Uh, I like Virgo

Pisces/Libra: She doesn’t talk to me…

Pisces/Scorpio: I love Scorpio!  ^-^  We’re both quiet at times, and we have nice talks.

Pisces/Sagittarius: She is a lot of fun and all but when I just want to be serious and talk she’s horrible at that…

Pisces/Capricorn: I love her humor, even though it can be kind of…mean. She’s kind of emotionless but when I talk to her I can tell she isn’t.

Pisces/Aquarius: Opposites attracts! We have the same deep thoughts, and I love talking to her. But she can criticize me a little too much..

Pisces/Pisces: So sweet, caring, and perf! Twinsies! 

(Don’t take seriously! These are extremely stereo-typed because I feel like not every Pisces thinks the same of every sign! Everyone is different.)

Zodiac OTPS #3 {In Winter}....

Virgo man and Taurus woman~


Capricorn woman and Gemini man~


Pisces man and Aries woman~


Aquarius woman and Scorpio man~


Libra man and Cancer/Leo woman~


Aries/Taurus man and Virgo woman~


Gemini woman and Gemini/Cancer guy~


Capricorn/Aquarius woman and Aquarius/Pisces man~


Taurus woman and Leo man~