Disney Villains

Aries: Cruella and her short fuse. (from 101 Dalmatians)

Taurus: Maleficient. too damn stubborn. waiting 16 years? god. (from Sleeping Beauty)


Gemini: Lady Tremaine. Two faced, often manipulates situations to her favor. (from Cinderella)


Cancer: Ursula - Mood swings all the way. (from The Little Mermaid)


Leo: Gaston - Vain, overambitious pushy. Loves being the center of attention! (from Beauty and the Beast)

Virgo: Scar, critical, restless, calculating, loves to plot. (from The Lion King)


Libra: Mother Gothel. she’s obsessed with youth and beauty! (from Tangled)

Scorpio: Hades. He’s secretive, persuasive, sarcastic and very cunning. Also, the ruler of the underworld. (from Hercules)

Sagittarius: Jafar. Completely insane, unrealistic, outspoken and overconfident. (from the Aladdin).


Capricorn: The Evil Queen. She lives in a castle, where she’s power driven and never satisfied. (from Snow White)

Aquarius: Doctor Facilier, unemotional, rebellious, did all kinds of weird stuff. (from The Princess and the Frog)


Pisces: Queen of Hearts, indecisive and can’t stand criticism of any kind. Also a little too self-indulgent. (from Alice in Wonderland)


anonymous asked:

So i had an aquarius boyfriend and he never ever told me that he was jealous of me and my friend who is my actual boyfriend. But the other day we were talking and he admitted that he hated my actual boyfriend and was always jealous of us together. And I was wondering are all aquarius like this? jealous but dont ever say anything about it?

I can’t speak for everybody but I am MOST DEFINITELY like this. It wouldn’t be out of character for an Aquarius to behave this way, as we’re likely to realize the irrationality and general level of unreasonable-ness that usually comes along with being jealous. Doesn’t stop us from experiencing it on extreme levels, but I think we’re likely to try our best to be respectful about it and keep it from affecting the friendship/relationship.

Thinking about Lucy having quality bonding time with her spirits is something I like to do probably a little too much:

  • Lucy wanted to see a theater play once but had no one to go with, Loke appeared out of nowhere and promptly volunteered to escort her, after making it plain it wouldn’t be a date she agrees and they end up having a great time with each other. Since then they’ve made it a monthly thing to go see a play together and talk or maybe eat a bit afterwards (sometimes she summons Aries to come with them because Aries seems to be more relaxed with her - well, with anyone really - whenever Loke’s around)
  • Aquarius was the one that taught Lucy to swim, because she thought it was pathetic a girl of her age didn’t know how to yet (Lucy was 3), she almost drowned her a few times in the process, but Lucy ended up a pretty strong swimmer in the end.
  • Taurus, being her heavy lifter, is naturally the one she calls whenever she needs something moved she can’t do on her own. If it’s a specially longer task, she thanks him by making him a drink (she finds out his favourite drink is iced tea with a mint leaf this way which really surprised her).
  • Cancer is surprisingly good company to have, so whenever Lucy feels particularly lonely (a rare thing nowadays) and doesn’t feel like going out, she summons Cancer and lets him experiment with her hair while they chat about anything for as long as Lucy’s magic will allow them. Cancer knows pretty much all of her secrets, and Lucy knows more about the spirit world and what it’s like to live there because of him.

This is only a few off the top of my head, I’ll probably type more later because, man,

Lucy and her spirits.