((I made “official” art of the minees and their shinies about two years ago but never got to Flurree’s. It’s been a few years now I don’t think I’ll ever get to it -sobs- but here’s the rest and if you were curious as to what the shinies looked like. ))


(A ton of minee designs. Minees are Cheezies, I’ll remind that to all of you again :U But I made my own ‘designs’ for all my characters/versions of them! Three Saplees and a Aquaree. I’m so happy she is letting people do this because I love designing new ones XuX these are all minor characters that will w in this blog at one point! )

I've started a personal blog!

For all my real life friends and followers who think I’m interesting enough, I’ve now got my own personal blog named life-as-trish where I’ll be posting non-fandom stuff, selfies, and other things about my life as Trish. 

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[wow I know a lot of people on here!]