if you guys tag posts with water god bless you im thanking you forever because for some reason lately theres been a lot of water and ocean pics on my dash and i have aquaphobia but sometimes people don’t tag it so i can’t blacklist it ahh. so if you are someone who tags it god bless you im thanking you now bc looking at pictures of that is usually really upsetting for me and causes me to have panic attacks. so if you guys wouldn’t mind possibly tagging your water or ocean pictures if you reblog any if i follow you? i understand if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to its your blog, i would just appreciate it a lot. also, feel free to send me an ask ever if there’s anything you need me to tag for you.


do you have a phobia? 

i do. i’m afraid of water.

i alaways have been.

I can swim perfectly fine. i’ve never been attacked in the water by anything.

but i cant go in the water.

i realized this fear when i was 15. after jumping off a cliff into water, almost drowning and i was unable to reach shore to get out of water. 

i had a panic attack. 

after that, i wont go in water. for any reason at all. i will dip my feet, thats it. 

i dont have a problem with not going in the water. but its the other people, who are so adamant that i swim. that i get over my fear. that nothing is going to “get me”

even though i’ve tried to tell them, they make fun of me. they dont get it. 

idk why i’m afraid of water. but i can remember being 8 and not wanting to go in the lake. i remember being bribed to get in the water. so i’d jump in and get out very quickly. 

i remember being 14 in hawaii having a panic attack while snorkeling. my parents didnt want to leave me on the beach, so i went out with them and the tide went out, and i couldnt get to shore. 

idk why i’m afraid of water.

but please. leave me alone. because its my own fear. and im ok with it.

anonymous said:

What fail safes ?

Batman uses nanites to convert the outer layer of martian manhunter’s skin to magnesium this means whenever hes in contact with the air he bursts into flames which is his weakness 

Batman uses his own altered fear gas to make Aquaman Aquaphobic he cant live long term without water 

Batman uses Green lanterns own ring against him which causes the wearer to think there blind the power of the ring cant be used if there blind as they have to visualize what they want the ring to do

Batman uses a nanite to trap wonder woman in a virtual reality to fight an opponent she can not beat her reluctance to surrender is her undoing 

A vibra bullet designed for flash causes him to have seizures at high speed