Originally this was a joke about Maribelle’s abysmal strength stat, but then I remembered that Pair Up doesn’t work like Rescue and we can no longer make our archers carry horses on their backs all over the battlefield, which is a downright crying shame.

Anyway though, clearly Barabelle would not have this problem.

Barabelle would be a better unit and give Brady the strength he’s always dreamed of, and could probably carry four horses on her back wherever she went. If only.

Happy birthday AQUANUTART ! I’m so LATE. Of course I had to draw Lucius! I’m sorry about the boring pose OTL but I had fun shading in those robes.

You are such an amazing artist and you never ever fail to impress me with your skills whenever you post something new. Your work is always so creative and I love your colours and wow the way you can set up an atmosphere is seriously incredible !! ;u;