wait what do you mean I actually hit my next milestone

As promised, I’ve put up my first follow forever together on here upon reaching 150 followers because I actually never expected me to ever reach this milestone. Long story short, I wanted to thank everyone who is following me and whose day I can brighten by my posts containing angst about 90% of the time and whom my booty crew has to suffer through when dealing with me B) Be it on this or any other blog I have.

Below is a list of blogs whom I really enjoy interacting with, be it roleplaying or just talking to. I appreciate everyone of you, really - but the list below consists of the people who really mean a lot to me and they all hold a special place in my heart.


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Genie and Oceanus


“Of course…” she mumbled, a small cloud of smoke clearing to reveal a bottle of clean, cold water. “Won’t empty. Love you~” 

"Thank you, sweetie~"  Oceanus cooed, reaching over to take a drink before settling back down under the covers. He wrapped his arms back around Genie and snuggled up closer to her, sighing and closing his eyes as his earfins fanned out a bit before settling back comfortably by his head.

-Meeting Reyal-


Thursday was here and just as promised, Genie appeared at the Aqua-ler’s pool, Reyal appearing with her. Reyal dove into the water and took a deep breath, not too fond of breathing air. 

“So where is he? You said I would meet someone today.” Reyal asked. Genie smiled. 

“Shouldn’t be too long now.”

The door to the house opened, Squish and Squeaks, in their magic!anon granted larger bodies, emerged from inside carrying Pontus. Squish held him by the arms while Squeaks had him by the tail. They carried him down towards the river in a somewhat awkward fashion.

"Agh! Slipping, slipping!” Pontus warned, his body still slicked up with water from the indoor hot tub. Squish and Squeaks picked up the pace as Pontus continued to slide from their grip. Luckily, they made it to the edge of the river bank right when they dropped Pontus.

"Thanks, guys." Pontus said to the pair, who nodded at him and went back in the house.

Pontus slid into the water, re-emerging to sit in his preferred spot in the pool, his back resting against the rock wall.

"Sorry I’m late, I kinda overslept…" Pontus apologized, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

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