random babybat au doodles! commander rarely uses the words father or son but also aggressively avoids phrases like ‘well he’s not my real kid’ because as far as he’s concerned ricky is 120% his real kid. he’s basically like how can you not tell we’re family are you blind. 

they get better at using the real words once Ricky gets older tho. ricky 90% of the time calls him commander but sometimes ‘dad’ slips out and commander kinda likes that too. it just takes him a while to get used to the idea. like five years after he legally adopts him he’s like YEAH OKAY I GUESS I’M YOUR DAD OR. WHATEVER.

and of course uncle crash and nephew rickfit are best buddies. 

jimmy practice! finally found a way to draw him that appeals to me, so expect more jimmies. I always liked the line on the face that pey always draws and figured out how to incorporate it naturally into my own work. hopefully the logic on it reads okay…

and bones doodles. fussing with nintendonut1 and jett’s idea about bones’ third eye as being possessed by the floating eye of death, taking it to some body horror-y creepy places. i imagine he floats around, body limp. controlling bones like a puppet and using him to communicate haha oh god im sorry.

and an invisible bird because why not.

and a femme rickfit because she is my wife. gave her hips for days in the new design because i’m shallow and self-indulgent!!! 

The Aquabats @ The Glass House, 9/19 - line party roll call/RSVP

Jeepers! The Aquabats’ next So Cal show is creeping up on us, and if there’s one thing I value more than The Aquabats themselves, it’s this tightly-knit community of Aquafriends and their wacky pre-show adventures.

For those who’ve never been there, The Glass House is located in the heart of a quaint little shopping district. There’s free parking and the venue is directly across from a little grassy area that’s absolutely ideal for a Cadet meet-up (as it has been many times in the past). There’s a Subway and a to-go Mexican restaurant within a block of The Glass House if anyone has a preference, or we can turn it into a potluck situation (I’ll bring chips and soda). As usual, I’ll also be bringing a big box of toys and costume accessories for the little kids at the show so they can feel like part of the crowd/dork parade, and if you’d like to contribute to that, too, please do.

With doors at six, it’d probably be good to start things around three, but I’m certainly no organizer. RSVP here, and throw your questions, comments, concerns and other ideas here should you see fit. Thanks!

Watch on spongefan1000.tumblr.com

Jimmy’s Baby (By your’s truly lol)