today & today & today: earth, photographed by terra & aqua, 29th june 2015.

do the clouds look different now you’ve seen them from above?

07:30 utc: southern indian ocean.
11:00 utc: arctic ocean northeast of novaya zemlya.
19:00 utc: tierra del fuego.
19:10 utc: south pacific off chile.

image credit: nasa/modis.

Updated the Joker’s supports compilation list with few more new translations. Credits belong to the original translators.

Also…I just need to leave this here….

Joker/Pieri C-rank

Pieri: Pieri will kill you! I hate you so much.

Joker: Give up. I can make tea and murder.


Someone please give this man Oscar for Best Sass Performance. And his support with Camilla is just pure gem.