Menghadiri Asian Pacific Travel Health Conference di Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Menghadiri Asian Pacific Travel Health Conference di Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Setelah last minute preparation, jadi juga saya berangkat menghadiri konferensi peminat travel health dan travel medicine se Asia Pasifik untuk pertama kalinya. Walau sudah tidak berpraktik kedokteran klinis lagi, namun saya masing sangat concern tentang kesehatan masyarakat. Salah satunya adalah kesehatan masyarakat wisatawan alias turis dan traveler Indonesia :)

Nah, saya ingin sekali…

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Design Thesis: alexandros avlonitis

Critic: Stavros Vergopoulos | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki



Initially, i was searching for sites with hidden potentials that are doomed in the consciousness of the city dwellers in order to explore senarios for their rehabilitation in the city. While analysing and interacting with that multilateral site of the city of Thessaloniki, i noticed the existence of various spaces of abandonment, such as collapsed or derelict old buildings and abandoned building plots.
The basic idea of this thesis was to create strategic parasites that would redefine these sites and their spacial identities, to preserve their main characteristics and at the same time smoothly alter them, creating new magnitudes of interest in the city tissue. These parasites function as ephimeral structures that arrogate the site environment and expand accordingly. They can be easily placed and removed, and after their removal they do not leave traces, but urban recollections.
These self sustainable modules are mainly consisted of modified shipping containers and are connected to each other by the use of lightweight elements (scaffolding) respecting the restrictions imposed by the particular location and anticipating the potentialities of the settlement.
This network of installations aim to accommodate a range of cultural and intellectual activities and events, able to grow in size according to varying needs.
The project explores four distinct examples of implementation in four kind of sites of abandonment. 


*I choke on some water and cough a bit before laughing loudly, eyes crinkling* ‘Shit that was funny I’m sorry fuck..’ I remark hugging my legs and goes back to watching the TV. -P


Hey… *whines quietly, pouting to myself as I play with my hair and furrow my eyebrows* - Harry

*shrugs then snorts* Sorry mater but you know that’s the truth. - Louis
*I glare at you after wiping my lips with the back of my hand* ‘You weren’t even there… He came up to me and snapped at me and said that his girlfriend claimed to have been attacked by Harry apthe night of the party which is bullshit! Lou told me that she was all over Harry and the same trouble making bitch was making out with me that night.’ -Z


Well then you just walk away if you know it’s a lie! You can’t go around hitting people because you get mad at them! *shakes my head, frowning deeply as I cross my arms over my chest and stare ahead* Here’s an idea then, stop making out with girls who aren’t single.. *mutters bitterly then walks off ahead* I need to get to my next class, go clean yourself up. - Luna