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  • Me:What do you call a fly without wings?
  • Mr. Jones:Apterous.
  • Me:No, well, yes, technically. But the answer was actually "a walk".
  • Mr. Jones:Why "a walk"?
  • Me:It... it was supposed to be a joke. Like, it was supposed to be funny.
  • ;A;
I’m used to being a fool," Buckley admitted to Triple J. "I’m a horrible clown, doing the funny shit that falls flat. I’m the poster boy for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Look up faux pas in the dictionary. … All fools are brave, I suppose. It’s just comfortable for me.
—  Jeff Buckley, via A Pure Drop: The Life of Jeff Buckley Pg. 199
Apterous: The Word of the Day


1. (Zoology) (of insects) without wings, as silverfish and springtails
2. (Botany) without winglike expansions, as some plant stems, seeds, and fruits http://www.thefreedictionary.com/apterous image from insects.tamu.edu

And the sonorous souls of Russian verbs lend a meaning to the wild gesticulation of trees or to some discarded newspaper sliding and pausing, and shuffling again, with abortive flaps and apterous jerks along an endless windswept embankment.
Nabokov, Vladimir. “That in Aleppo Once…’.” The Complete Short Stories. New York: Vintage, 1997. Page 560.

Sooperphli’s WORD OF THE DAY: Vocabulary from Vladimir Nabokov’s short stories #412 | Series LV: from “’That in Aleppo Once…’” (#1)

star trek tag meme

Tagged by allamaraine​ (whose playlists are FANTABULOUS seriously go listen to them all) 

you can have any star ship from the star trek universe to fly around in, what ship do you choose?  Gimme the whale probe

otherwise i want the future! Enterprise with the three nacelles

what would you call your ship? 

Well my fave whale is the beluga whale, whose scientific name is Delphinapterus leucas, so I’d probably call it the Apterus, which also means wingless (kinda- actually apterous but eh)

And I’d call triple nacelle over here Khufu out of respect for the pharoh of the Great Pyramid of Giza 

data and captain archer both had on board pets, what would your pet be? 

Tbh I’m allergic to most animals so I guess I’ll just steal Picard’s fish. 

are you still human, or some other species? NAH I’M A FUCKING CHAMELOID. (see: ST VI)

which doctor/first officer/head engineer/head of security from any series would you chose to have on your ship? Beverly Crusher, Kira Nerys, B’Elanna, and Tasha Yar and to fill out my totes female crew, Jadzia Dax as science officer, Nurse Chapel, Uhura at comms, Deanna Troi to space cheerlead, Seven of Nine down in astrometrics, and Keiko to help out with hella plants and stuff. How gay am I? male exclusionist gay

what is your start up theme song? I’m not going to say Uptown Funk even though that is the obvious choice, So maybe Kesha’s meet me in space? Or my all time anthem Sister Suffrigate? 

q has come along to visit you, and is offering to grant 1 wish, what would it be? For all of our antagonists to be white males so it seems realistic (was that too mean im so sorry) or I guess the ability to like, absorb nutrients from the air around me passively, so that i dont have to actively eat or drink unless i want to 

what is your badass captain saying (picard has make it so! for example)? I am most known for shouting “BALLS” or “BALLS ON A ROCK” so????? If that is not badass then maybe something like “Like hell” as in “Like hell you will Q” or “Gun it like hell”

what is your number 1 replicated food and drink? Chicken noodle soup in a breadbowl and miso broth (First season Janeway was my hero for drinking boullion)

what ‘faction’ do you work with/for? uhhhhhhhhhh The whales obviously

science, engineering or command? Currently I’m an English major in pursuit of a law degree so probably Command, though I’d like to think if I grew up in the trek verse i would have continued to pursue the sciences as i did when i was younger

you have been forced by your doctor to take shore leave, what do you do/go? Risa? My family loves hawaii so it makes sense. Three Rs of Risa- Rest, Relaxation, Recreation

your ship has been graced by the presence of lwaxana troi, what do you do together? spaaaa day (I’ll just leave allamaraine’s answer because hells yeah)

you got caught in the nexus, what do you see? Hahahahhhah Terry Farrell by the fire in that dumb ass fur worf had on their bed 

you can replicate any outfit to wear as captain (regulations can “go to hell” here), what outfit do you get? skinny jeans, combat boots, v neck and leather jacket. Basically my daily wear. Throw in a collared shirt with vest every so often. 

you have been given the ability to change a single thing in star trek canon. what do you change? Um I’d switch the male to female ratio for one thing (it’s usually like 3:1) and then EVERYONE IS PAN and also less cisgender peeps? Like yeah I have this weird trans boy riker headcanon so 

kirk, picard, sisko, janeway and archer all ask you for help, but you can only help 1 of them. who is it? None of them they should all be able to help themselves i believe in them. Otherwise it depends on if they have their crew with them. Individually i’d help janeway because boullion lovers, with crew probably picard because beverly. 

wesley crusher has asked to come on board, do you allow this? well i do have his mom on board so yeah

who would be your nemesis? NO ONE GALACTIC PEACE HEAR ME ROAR

if you could have 1, non-recurring star trek character on your ship, who would it be? Helena Wells please love me

finally (before i write 50 questions and drive everyone mad), what is your favourite thing about star trek? Quoth Gene Roddenberry “Star Trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day it begins to not just tolerate, but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in life forms.” Also the ladies. Like I always joke that Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax was put on this earth to make me realize that i am gay but damn is it true. And honestly it is so good in its range of emotions and ideas it offers for reflection that still ring true today. People always love the deep heartwrenching episodes like inner light or whatever because of the social commentary and stuff, but guess what, my favorites, like Move Along Home and We’ll Always Have Paris have those same ideals and ideas of togetherness and acceptance and need for change. Universal Constant. 

My Contribution to the ACLA 2015 State of the Discipline Report

Comparative Literature is comfortable with the inclusion of Arabic in its scope. But ours is also a discipline with a persistent concern for its own identity. What can one unpack from this combination of comfort and concern? What has happened since the first Comparative Literature hires were made in Arabic over the last few decades? Is there an interface between the anxiety about disciplinary identity and the steady integration of Arabic into the comparative conversations? Will this process be finished by 2025? These short remarks track one of the old, pre-Arabic, Comparative Literature concerns – the development and use of theory – in order to test answers to some of those questions.

In 2014, Emily Apter, Jacques Lezra, and Michael Wood published their English translation of Barbara Cassin’s 2004 Vocabulaire européen des philosophies: Dictionnaire des intraduisables.

- See more at: http://stateofthediscipline.acla.org/entry/arabic-acceptance-and-anxiety