The back-and-forth between the campaign’s Tumblr and its followers, and the enthusiasm it engenders, is typified by the story of April Watkins. In December, the University of Kentucky grad, who blogs under the nickname Apsies, launched an online campaign to get Obama to follow her on Tumblr. Watkins posted a .gif of Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character in Parks and Recreation, frowning, with the caption “Barack Obama still hasn’t followed me.” It quickly picked up steam, and eventually the Obama Tumblr team caught wind. They followed her, reblogged the post with a Parks and Recreation joke—”You had us at Leslie Knope”—and let the good vibes roll. The original post received 8,270 notes; in March, the Obama campaign staff cited it in a slideshow on their social-media strategy.

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I need opinions on desserts. What is absolutely necessary? How many are too many?

Here is my $0.02:

  • There must be pie. Team cake can take a seat for this hallowed day.
  • One of those pies must be apple. My personal favorite is apple cranberry. 
  • If there is already an apple pie, a second fruit pie may be served. 
  • Another pie must be either pumpkin or sweet potato.
  • It is acceptable to substitute a pumpkin cheesecake on the technicality that there will still be a pumpkin dessert on the table.
  • If you go the pumpkin cheesecake route, you must then fill the void of the pumpkin pie with pecan. Bourbon pecan pie is best. 
  • Whipped cream must be homemade. It’s dumping heavy cream in a bowl and turning on a mixer. You can do it. If you’re feeling fancy add vanilla. Or more bourbon. 
  • Ice cream may only be offered for topping a pie, and that pie must be piping hot. 
  • All other non-pie desserts are permitted only when the above conditions have been met. 

No matter how much or how little food is actually on your table, you will hear from someone that there is “way too much food.” They are stupid and a liar. The only danger in my mind is if there isn’t enough to provide a week’s worth of leftovers. 


RE: Meta Moment of My Day.

This is the PPT presented by an Obama campaign staffer who was kind enough to give my office some advice on social media engagement. Little did any of my colleagues know at the time, but I was featured on a very special slide about Apsies's campaign to get Barack to follow her on Tumblr.

Let me tell you, it’s clear the campaign loves telling this story.

(Shout out to InOtherNews who is featured on this slide as well.)


Apsis is a beautiful game where you guide a flock of birds through a world where earth, sky and stars are woven together.  

You’ll start off with one bird and slowly gather your flock, picking up stray birds along the way.  It won’t be plain sailing as sharp rocks, high winds, and predators all threaten to scatter your flock into the wind, but the beautiful acoustic soundtrack and strong hand painted visuals will soothe your woes.

There are no guns, no violence, no time limits, just awe and wonder in a beautifully crafted, hand painted world.  It promises to be a truly unique experience and one that may prove that birds are not just for novelty throwaway casual games. 

Sign Up For the Beta (Android mainly, but Win, Mac & Linux too)

apsies asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I think you're doing a fantastic job with the Election Tumblr. I've been critical of a few of the past guest editors but you're really showing how it should be done. Bravo!

Thank you thank you thank you! That means a lot, I’m having fun with it :)

Check out the Election blog, everyone.


So five years ago some artists in Japan put together a Frame Arms fan book with a new mecha musume design by Shimada Humikane front and center. All I’ve ever seen of it is this post so I don’t even know what the rest of the book entailed, but I hoped more would come of it.

Fast forward to a half hour ago, when Kotobukiya tweeted a new product line debuting next spring: Frame Arms Girl - and pics with a prototype of the first one, which is Shimada’s design. It’s no Shinki, but I for one welcome these new FAGs and look forward to more info.

No joints on the prototype, but the one in back is clearly a different pose but wearing the same gear, so I’m hoping they take the obvious route and make action figures with swappable armor. If not, well, that would suck.

edit: added some better close ups from Dengeki Hobby. Armored one is definitely jointed and has an alternate face plate. The light armor one is probably just the early design sculpt before they split it into a jointed figure. Only thing left to worry about is if this will be kits like the actual Frame Arms line or closer to an off the shelf action figure like Shinkis were. Either way, very excited about this.