"Two years after their Olympic triumph the ‘Golden Trio’ is getting ready for the new season. But one of them struggles after a curveballhas been thrown his way. The question that remains is whether he will be able to overcome that obstacle with the support of his family and friends in time for the first competition of the winter?"

So I know that I said I would write the other first but after this incredible day for winter sports I couldn’t help myself!

This is a companion to My Greatest Vitcory


Opening a door. Such a simple action. We do it many times a day, a week, a year. We open the door to our home, our car, a restaurant, a shop etc. Special moments are when someone knocks on your door and you don’t expect it. Sometimes it surprises you and sometimes you thought it would happen sooner. Your best friend, mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, child… Someone came to you. Someone who needs your help studying. Someone who comes home to the people and place they love. Someone who wants to apologize and beg for forgiveness. Someone who wants to share their feelings for you. Someone who left but had to come home because they missed you. Someone who wants to start their life with you and move in together. Someone who had a marital argument and came to you for advice, friendship and shelter. Someone who wants to support his daughter in her troubles. Someone who came to congratulate you with a bottle of wine. Someone who will change your life forever. 

Open a door and experience an adventure. Love, friendship and even pain or fear.
But these things make life worth living.