I’m torn between wanting to ignore this obvious prank all together and wanting to just click the link to see what it does… 

my personal highlight of april fools 2015 was youtube recommending darude sandstorm whenever you searched a song name


EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest

Sometimes you feel like you’re in your own little world. And with EnCounter - Wearable Interactive Quest, you can be.

Messages like “daily activity goal reached” or “Congratulations. You moved 10,497 steps” just don’t motivate us, so we developed our wearable technology - EnCounter, a Wearable Interactive Quest. You strap the kit’s bracer to your wrist, and it begins to track your movements. And with a tri-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, GPS, digital compass, and an optical heart-rate monitor, it constantly communicates your physical status back to the free downloadable app (available for iOS and Android) via Bluetooth®. When you’re ready for an adventure, just start moving, and the bracer will respond accordingly. Pop the earpiece in to hear a dramatic description real time. Ascending stairs? We know you can make it up to the crow’s nest on the pirate ship if you just keep climbing. Briskly walking? Perhaps you’re hacking through the wilderness to the legendary Keep on the Borderlands. Keep an eye out for those random encounters, which your EnCounter may throw in if it thinks you could some interval training. And be ready to roll at any time!

Inside the app itself, you can fill out your Character Sheet, letting your EnCounter know whether it should be training you to be the party’s tank or making sure you magic users catch up on your sleep to recharge your mana. Oh, and when we say “party,” we mean it. Link up to your friends inside the app, and you can take on challenges as a team, even when your gaming group is scattered across the country or the world.