Daily App Experiment #332 “What Lies Beneath” - One of my more subtle #appseriment pieces. I used #TwistCam to rotate parts of the photo then used #interlacer to layer the original photo with the twisted photo. Notice how the sidewalk appears unfazed, but everything witching the manhole is wonky. I feel like my pieces used to focus on breaking-down-then-rebuilding, but now are more about destroying specific areas while leaving others for context. #daily_appseriment (Taken with Instagram at Southpaw BBQ)

Daily App Experiment #306 “In the Shadow” Normally apps like #biglens would be used to make a foreground object pop out more, but I wanted to see what it would look like if I used it on an object that shouldn’t technically stick out more than it’s surrounding environment. So I in Big Lens, I selected this juggler’s shadow as the area to remain in focus, while everything else got blurred out. #appseriment #daily_appsperiment (Taken with Instagram at Coffee Bar)

Daily App Experiment #161 “Cycled” - today’s #appseriment was obviously inspired by Bike To Work Day. It’s also a new twist on sort of an old process. I used Camera+ to rotate my photo 90 degrees, the ran it through #Decim8 multiple times. I ran those sideways-Decim8d images through #interlacer and saved that image. I then rotated it back to it’s original orientation and Interlaced it with the original photo for the final image. It would be cool if Interlacer added a vertical blend option in the future. #daily_appsperiment (Taken with Instagram at Dolores Park Cafe)