i just found out about an app called photomath that solves textbook math problems in real time by scanning them through your phone’s camera. you can also ask it to break down the steps so you can see exactly how to get the answer. i thought it’d be helpful for anyone in school, esp those who have a hard time visualizing these types of problems, since i remember my textbooks only ever having the one answer to compare to without any explanation of how to get there.

it’s available on the app store, google play, windows store, and amazon apps.


Me and my pals at mentalflossr made this video about weird apps. Fair Warning: a bunch of them are pooping related.


Tayasui Sketches +

Draw, paint, sketch and doodle ideas like on paper.

By Tayasui.com

Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we created Sketches with the more realistic tools available.
Sketches + is Sketches with all Extra IAP included: Extra Tools, Layers and Stylus Pressure support.

Sketches is a perfect mix of beauty, simplicity and power, a truly unique combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Buy [here]

If you find yourself struggling to sound enthusiastic in your emails, the Emotional Labor Chrome email extension might be what you need to add some pep to your correspondence. After installing the extension, compose an email in Gmail and click the smiley face. It instantly brightens the mood of your message by replacing serious words with playful ones, substituting periods for exclamation marks, and adding a cheery introductory paragraph.

Download the extension here.

I am known as quite the Productive type, so here are some of my tips just for you guys! 

Tip 1: plan ahead 
If you have a planner that is not time managed… Get one that is time managed. Right now I use my bullet journal in an altered way, when I want to spend a day properly getting THINGS DONE. Make sure you know how long you will need for a certain task and be specific in what that task is. 5 pages. A chapter. A certain subject. Now plan it into your time table, and take the time spaciously. Will it take 15 minutes? Plan 20. You will feel more rested and accomplished! ( also don’t forget breaks ) 

Tip 2: sleep.
What? Sleep? Why sleep? Studyblr’s don’t sleep? Let me tell you. If a studyblr is advertising not taking care of your body because that’s hardcore? They are not doing it right. Sleep is essential. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for the day and start the day EARLY.   

Tip 3: Don’t take hours getting ready 
2 hours to get ready in the morning? You can use that time better. Go from bed straight to the shower so you will be fresh, get yourself some breakfast, chill for a bit and then 10 minutes before you planned to start studying, go grab your stuff and Do the job. 

Tip 4: minimize your distractions 
Don’t put things on your desk that you won’t be using. It’s distraction and you don’t want that. Music with lyrics is a big no go for me. Spotify does some GREAT playlist just for this and also coffitivity.com (available in the appstore too) is a savior. Listen to that with headphones on and you immediately get into that productive state. 

Tip 5: keep track of time 
I have used Pomodoro and those types of apps but they didn’t do the job for me. What I like to do is put the stopwatch of my Iphone next to me and every time I finish a “task” I start a new round. When I go for a break, I stop the stop watch, and in that way at the end of the day, I will see how many hours of real productivity I had and what I can do better next time. 

Tip 6: Social media does not exist
No, not even tumblr while searching the studyblr tag and aspecially not during small breaks. There are apps that won’t let you have access to social media your laptop or phone, but I just use my second iphone with no apps on there so twitter, tumblr, Facebook, non of it is available at the tap and luckily I am not that desperate to go on web to those sites haha! 

And those are the Productivity tips I got for you as if now, Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to fill up my ask box!

Roadie Tuner – Automatic Guitar Tuner

Click through for demo video!
  • Connect Roadie to the peg of your instrument, strum the string and watch it tune in seconds.

  • 8 pre-set alternate tunings for guitars and ability to create custom tuning. Customize your guitar strings in 1 cents increment.
  • Built-in string winder functionality.
  • Tunes 6-7-12 string guitars, ukulele, banjo with standard guitar pegs.
  • Plug-in your electric guitar to the app using the accompanying adaptor and tune in noisy environments.


Zap brings the business card into the digital age; lets you make it rain

Everyone hates business cards, right? Remembering to actually take them to events and not losing those that others give to you isn’t exactly easy. Zap for iPhone wants to bring the… http://j.mp/1GlVt1J

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I’ve noticed that android apps tend to not get a lot of love in the studyblr community (or anywhere really), and I personally can find it really frustrating when I see a super cool app that would change my life and then it’s iOS only. It starts to get old after a while, you know?

Especially because, while there aren’t as many, there are so many really good Android apps that nobody knows about. As an Android user, I feel like I have a moral imperative to spread the holy gospel of Android apps.

So, I think I’m gonna do that. The folders you see here are a bunch of Android apps I downloaded (most of which I haven’t tried yet), and I’m gonna play with them and review them. I won’t be able to compare them to iPhone apps, as I do not own any Apple products and never have, but I think it’s about time my fellow Android users got some love, anyway.

I’m gonna finish this off with a bunch of questions because I wanna hear from you guys! You can answer below or shoot me a message.

So, what are you thinking? Do you guys have any apps you’d like me to review? Is there a type of app you’re looking for that you just can’t seem to find for Android? What kind of stuff would you like to see in an app?