so im working on another comic. shout out to Sam Gwylim for the great opportunity to draw for his platform Comique! Its a tiny comic app!

Im very excited, and I only just finished the thumbnails for the story, and will be moving on to editing/re-reading/messy stuff and finals shortly, and hopefully Ill have this done by the end of Nov! (sorry Sam, I’m not that fast, but i assure you itll be my best!)

This will be my first attempt at a serialized story, and I’m a little nervous, but I am happy to draw for you guys. I’ll keep you guys updated


Nanowrimo Helpers

If you have an Android phone, download Writeometer. It is a really great tool for keeping track of your stories, and it’ll tell you your daily, weekly, and monthly progress, your records, how many words/day you need, and a gazillion other things. 


PhotoMath: Una app que hace una foto a tus ecuaciones y las resuelve al instante.

Get MONEY for downloading apps

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all!
I recently discovered an app called “FeaturePoints” and you earn points for downloading apps and trying them out!

The points can be redeemed for:
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- Games
- even an Ipad mini

It is 100% real and almost too good to be true but it’s absolutely worth it and I’ve earned over $1000 from downloading apps and sharing the link.

You can download it here: featu.re/CS9QNP 
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Getting Smartphones To Understand In-Air Gestures

by Michael Keller

Sometimes getting your smartphone to do what you want requires feats of phalangeal gymnastics. And other times, a bag in one hand and a not-quite-long-enough thumb on the hand holding the device mean turning gymnastics into juggling.

Now researchers at Microsoft and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, (ETH) say they’ve got a solution to your manual mauling of that otherwise user-friendly piece of electronics. They’ve developed an app that harnesses the phone’s camera to translate hand gestures in front of it into input commands. 

Pinching and opening the thumb and pointer finger can open a magnifying glass on a map. Making the gun gesture can advance a page in a document or fire the weapon in your video game. See the video below.

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Marvel Contest of Champions - Trailer

Coming to smartphones and tablets December 2014. 


Screenshots from 'Play To Cure: Genes In Space', a game my son plays frequently. Although it seems like a typical space-themed asteroid shooter, it’s the first (free) mobile game encoded with instructions which enable each user to participate in the fight to combat cancer by analyzing actual genetic data.

Learn how the game was developed, read about the science behind the game, and play (to cure) via Apple or Google!