For those who’ve had their blogs infected with the “Personality Types” blog malware that’s spreading around Tumblr, do the following before deleting any posts it’s put on your blog…

Go to Account>Settings then the Apps section (in the sidebar).  Then the “Personality Quiz” will show up under “Other Apps” (under where I have instagram).  Hit the little X to remove it and revoke any access to your blog.

Then you can delete any posts it has made without having to worry about it posting more.  Also check any side-blogs as it will have likely posted itself to those as well.

As always, an antivirus scan doesn’t hurt!

Hopefully Tumblr staff will notice this app soon and blacklist any access it has to the site.  But until then, stay safe.


      The show will be another Digital Event, not a press conference. However, Nintendo will still have additional night conferences aside from the Digital Event, similar to last year when Nintendo held the Smash-centered conference and the Code Name S.T.E.A.M. reveal. This year, there will be two of those, one featuring Star Fox Wii U and the other revealing Nintendo’s Quality of Life invention.

           The Digital Event, which will clock in at about an hour, will begin with a montage of Nintendo’s hits of the 8th generation, including recent Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, ending after Splatoon. The screen will go black and then zoom out to reveal the Nintendo logo on first the iPhone, and then several other smartphones. Several different games and Nintendo apps will be shown off, such as a MKTV, Miiverse, and eShop app, and then new game apps, featuring a  Pokemon game, an F-Zero game, an Advance Wars game and showing Nintendo’s new immersive take on mobile gaming. Iwata comes on the screen and states that more information will come at a later date, ending the mobile gaming trailer.

           Next up, Smash DLC. There will be a new trailer showcasing Roy and Ryu if they haven’t been announced already, along with stage DLC, more costume DLC, and yes, Wolf too. A third pack of MK8 DLC is coming, too, finally featuring Captain Falcon as a playable character and showing off more courses from other franchises as well as nitro and retro Mario courses. But hey, enough with the DLC.

Let’s get into some games. Mario Maker will be released mid-September to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Some new items will be shown off for that, such as Yoshi and the Skinny Mushroom, a Super Mario Bros. 2 style, new backgrounds and different playable characters. Yoshi’s Woolly World will release closer to the beginning of September. Xenoblade Chronicles X will release by October and have a tease of a link to the original game (more than the Monado hairpins.) SMTxFE will also appear but will not release until early 2016. Fire Emblem: If will suffer the same fate, but will be confirmed as two games, in a similar vein to Pokemon’s dual releases.

A new trailer featuring Pokken Tournament is shown, which will release for the Wii U during the holidays. Right after that, a teaser for Star Fox Wii U appears, stating at the end that more info will be revealed at the game conference. Bill Trinen comes on to introduce Retro Studio’s newest project, which is, you guessed it, a new Metroid game for the Wii U releasing in 2016. Pokemon X2 and Y2 will also be revealed to come out at the end of the year for the 3DS, along with a new Kid Icarus developed exclusively for the New 3DS. A new Metroid side-scroller for the New 3DS is also coming out before the end of the year for the New 3DS. Finally, Project Guard and Project Giant Robot will appear, with both releasing in the winter/early spring window.

But wait? There’s still five minutes left! No wait Nintendo…you didn’t…you did…

Shigeru Miyamoto comes on le screen, introduces a new Paper Mario game AND SMG3…and there. Best E3 ever.

Oh crap…just remembered something…

…oh…yeah…see you in 2016, Zelda Wii U…

Apps I Can't Live Without

We live in a beautiful age of constant entertainment and distractions.  I am, of course, talking about smart phones, and the apps that give me immense joy.

    1. Candy Crush
      What is this, 2012?  MIGHT AS WELL BE, because I can’t stop playing this addicting game (and it’s counterpart, the even better Candy Crush Soda).  Getting to level 350 has been a tough road.  There have been levels that were so fun…

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One year later, the homeless coder is still living on the streets

In August 2013, programmer Patrick McConlogue offered homeless man Leo Grand a choice: $100 in cash, or two months’ worth of coding lessons. Grand opted for the lessons, and embarked on a quest to to create a mobile app of his own. Several months after picking up his first coding books, Grand launched Trees for Cars, a mobile carpooling app. But a year-and-a-half later, Grand still lives on the same back alleys where he and McConlogue first met. [via]

Secure app could enable people to vote from their smartphone

There has been a lot of talk about the outdated nature of voting infrastructures. Citizens can now shop, bank and date online, but are still required to visit a polling station in person to participate in democratic votes. Harvard start-up Voatz hopes to change that with their secure, global mobile voting and campaigning platform. READ MORE…

I have been doing so much better with drinking water, but I am not quite there yet. I have cut out all soda except for 3 diet Mountain Dews I drunk this week. So much better than the constant amount of Sprite I was drinking previously.

I do drink water most of the time, but I don’t drink a lot of it. I have never been someone who drinks any kind of drink all day long. I could get a can of soda and make it last all day. I don’t drink unless I’m thirsty and I don’t get thirsty very often. People say you should drink at least 8 glasses of water or day, or if you are heavy like me to double that. I might drink 24 oz in day, might.

Are there any apps to remind you to drink water that you personally like. I know these apps exist, but I want to use the best one.

Are there also any fitness apps that you really enjoy?

Apps para ilustradores

Todo lo que necesitas para trabajar desde una tablet o un ipad.

Aquí tienen una lista con las apps que mejor les van a permitir desarrollar su trabajo como ilustradores profesionales desde una tablet o ipad. Al principio parece que no es posible, ¡pero sí lo es! Solo hay que cambiar un poco el chip y acostumbrarse. Además es muy interesante para experimentar con nuevos medios y técnicas, y para poder llevar el trabajo contigo a cualquier parte.

Quizás al principio cuesta darse cuenta de todo el abanico de posibilidades que puede ofrecer un dispositivo como una tablet. Algunas son gratuitas y otras de pago, pero combinadas son una gran herramienta de trabajo on-the-go (para el camino). Es tu decisión en cuáles te conviene más invertir. Es cuestión de ir probando.


Una de las mejores app para ipad para dibujar y pintar.


App para pintura digital. Es muy interesante porque registra todos los pasos y luego los reproduce como una animación.


Cuenta con una tecnología vectorial que nos permite realizar dibujos en alta definición sin importar la resolución y crear detalles muy finos en las ilustraciones.


Dibujo vectorial con un montón de opciones y herramientas, entre ellas, el uso de capas. Muy útil.


La versión para tablet/ipad del programa Illustrator. Dibujo vectorial. Los archivos se pueden exportar para continuar trabajando en Illustrator.


Te permite anotar y dibujar todo lo que necesites. Es un bloc personal donde se pueden hacer todo tipo de anotaciones, con total libertad de diseño y, sobre todo, con una interfaz sencilla y funcional.


Tiene un completo conjunto de herramientas gráficas profesionales, ofreciendo control de presión y velocidad. Muy interesante para hacer bocetos.


Dibuja y realiza diseños vectoriales que luego puedes compartir con Adobe Creative Cloud.


Te ayuda a capturar tus pensamientos e ideas. Tomar notas, hacer bocetos y dibujar es tan directo y sencillo como usar papel y lápiz de verdad.