Sleep Apps, Myths and More: Strategies for A Good Night’s Rest

If you go to Apple’s App Store and search “sleep,” you’ll net over 2,000 results. Many of these apps play soothing white noise for a set period of time to help you fall asleep; others are simply alarm clocks. But many track your sleep, providing you with data about your nightly sleep quality, your average sleep time and more.”

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Download these 8 awesome paid apps worth $68 that are free for limited time

This has been an incredible week so far for paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone on sale for free. Between Monday and Tuesday alone, we shared $99 worth of iOS apps with you that all could have been downloaded for free thanks to limited-time sales from the developers — in fact, a bunch of Tuesday’s apps are still free if you move quickly. Today, we’ve got eight more iOS apps for you that are worth a combined $68, but they’re all free downloads right now for a limited time.

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Succespo's Back-To-School Masterpost

I have never tried to make a masterpost before but I’m kind of inspired by all this back-to-school posts and videos and whetever. I was planning to publish it before weeks, but my computer crashed unexpectedly! However I managed to make this masterpost which is seperated in 6 categories. 
1. School Supplies.
2. Dealing With Anxiety/School Stress
3. Improving Your Skills
4. Organization tips
5. Study Tips
6. Helpful Free Apps

I hope that this will be helpful! Have a nice school year everybody!

1. School Supplies.

✰School Supplies Youtube Videos✰ (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)(VII) (VIII)

2. Dealing With Anxiety/School Stress

If you are feeling stressed
overcome your test anxiety
reducing your test anxiety is easy
fight your test anxiety
top ten ways to manage your stress 
managing school stress

3. Improving Your Skills

10 tips to improve your grammar
translate emotions into written body language
fifty writing tools
ultimate writing resourses masterpost
boost your memory skills 
improve your writing skills
improve your grammar and/or writing skills
improve your vocabulary skills
how to improve your essay writing skills
10 quick tips to improve your writing

4. Organization Tips

how to get organized in high-school
tips on getting organized
organization and time management tips
time management tips
10 tips to stay organized

5. Study Tips

10 high-school study tips
6 useful study tips
organization with color-coding
making the grade-how to succeed
study skills assessment
study tips for test preparing

6. Helpful Free Apps

Color Notepad Notes 
One Note 
myHomework Student Planner

The Signs As Game Apps

Aries- Angry Birds

Taurus- Subway Surfers


Gemini- Heads Up


Cancer- Doodle Jump 


Leo- Pocket God


Virgo- Fruit Ninja


Libra- Kim Kardashian: Hollywood


Scorpio- Plants vs Zombies 


Sagittarius- Temple Run

Capricorn- 2048


Aquarius- Flappy Bird (The game was deleted already,sorry)

Pisces- Candy Crush


Your camera roll is probably packed with wonderful memories, but what if you could turn those moments into animations with a simple app?

GiFmojo does exactly that, allowing you to take images directly from your camera roll and convert them into animated gifs. At the moment it’s an iOS exclusive, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for an Android version!

iOS Exclusive: Turn Images From Your Camera Roll Into Gifs

via Kyle Stewart

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Star Wars: Commander - Trailer

Device: iDevices

Charge into battle on distant planets, and lead your troops to victory in this action-packed, combat strategy game! Build a base, recruit an unstoppable force, and challenge players across the Star Wars universe in Star Wars: Commander! 

Available for free on iTunes