Free Self-Help Apps for Android:

eMoods, a mood tracker for bipolar disorder.

DBT 911, an on-hand refresher of DBT skills.

Cognitive Diary, a diary and tracker for thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

SamApp, a stress and anxiety tracker, with useful self-help tips.

The Worry Box, an anxiety self-help app.

Cognitive Diary, a self-help app using CBT.

Depression CBT, a depression self-help app using CBT.

And, just as a fun added bonus:

My Calendar, a very useful period tracker app with options for PMS symptoms, intercourse (protected or unprotected), and a pregnancy mode.

All of these apps were selected and tried by yours truly.

iOS 8 App Store now features App Bundles

One of the new Apple Store features introduced at the WWDC was something called app bundles that promises developers they’ll be able to bundle together multiple apps and sell these special packages to iOS users when iOS 8 arrives. The bundles will offer users cheaper access to apps: each bundle will be more expensive than the individual prices of the apps in it, but cheaper for the user than buying each included app separately. Now, these app bundles are finally live in the App Store.

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Friday Soundboard

You all remember the 1995 film "Friday", right? Ice Cube, Chris Tucker… it’s coming back to you now, right? This is exactly what it says it is, a Friday soundboard.

All we can hope is that the author of this app doesn’t get shut down for the flagrant copyright infringement long enough to put the finishing touches on Next Friday Soundboard.

Can You Take This Call?

In my line work I talk to people of all ages and all walks of life. Our world is more connected with technology than ever before. A good majority of us have wireless phones that do amazing things. They have apps that can help us manage our lives….one thing these phones can do that many have seemed to forget is to talk on them.


It is important for users of a certain age to be trained in how to have conversations that do not involve texting. Users of a certain age still use their phones to have a voice conversation and will leave voice mail. Using these traditional tools of communication is vital sometimes because you can’t convey emotion in the same way by text based chat. It’s important for people of all generations to take a call in all forms.

Encontrar a esa persona que te cruzaste una vez


Podría ser el título de una nueva comedia romántica, pero  no. Hablamos de poder localizar a esa persona anónima que te has cruzado (ya sea en la calle, en el metro, paseando..) y a la que nunca te atreviste a hablar. ¿Como? La aplicación Happn resuelve el misterio (y elimina el romanticismo claro está..) ya que registra la gente con la que te cruzas. Puedes ir consultando la aplicacion y la gente con la que te has cruzado y averiguar si entre ellas está ese special someone…y ¡empezar una conversación!…disponible para iPhone y Android

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We’ve been working hard on this for the past few months, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!!


playing the mlp gameloft app and am playing the dancing mini-game to win a free in game pony then i learn which pony it is, it’s @$%$ diamond tiara I’m dancing to win the one pony I hate in the show and promised to never spend gems on

User interface experts tell Co.Design how the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 line will impact app design across the industry.


For a long time, the smartphone industry was split. Apple’s iPhones had relatively small screens, while Google’s Android phone screens kept getting bigger and bigger. But with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, that divide is gone. Big is in.

For software developers who’ve optimized for the iPhones of yesteryear, the ensuing task isn’t as simple as just magnifying a small existing interface onto a bigger screen. In talking to some of the best UI designers in the industry, it’s become clear that as screen real estate has stretched beyond the reach of one thumb, it will impact topics like button placement, gestures, and content layout significantly.

Here’s what to watch out for in the next wave of apps to come>