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Name: potato

Nicknames: Beta (also bedandelion, betsu)

Birthday: april 22nd

Gender: agender

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Favorite Color: brown, green, grey. earthy colours. dim shades

Time and date at current moment: 6:46pm, 21.1.2015

Average hours of sleep: 7 hours
Lucky Number: noo nnono

Last thing I googled: sick guitar riffs
First word that comes to mind: fembot
One place that makes me happy: friend place
How many blankets I sleep under: one 

Fictional Character: nnone but death (discworld) would be a great neutral choice

Books: abarat, wintersmith, assassin’s apprenctice, fire & hemlock, witch week
Anime: no.6, cowboy bebop, ao no exorcist, sailor moon, nge (egg)

TV shows: spaced, granada holmes, shameless US
Favorite Food: food
Favorite Beverage: orange juice and water. i live for them


Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Dream Holiday: many many sleepytimes thank you,

Dream Wedding: non

Dream Job: as a receptionist or a librarian

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Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions in the read more first, then tag five people (mais je shippe pas beaucoup ahhhhhhhhhhh):

1- Katya/Pictes (it’s an rp ship within Hetalia we couldn’t play even if we wanted it so bad Pictes and I)

2- Alice/Tom (Joseph Delaney’s Apprenctice spook)

3- Aph Belarus/Aph Denmark (Hetalia, rp ship again somehow)

4- Keir/Val (The administrations by Manna Francis)

5- Lola/Narcisse (Reign)

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