okay, so I wanted to do this for a little time now, but I’m always too lazy or whatever  but today (this was actually in my drafts for a week, so its not today, but everything else stays) I hit a number of followers I find really weird, because I never thought people would keep up with all the trash I am. nah, anyway, this is not about a number because I’m not here to gain a number. it is about all the amazing people I met here, about those of you whom we become little internet friends or those of you who we never talk but it seems like we know one another. my dash is beautiful because of you people and I don’t see any problematic or uncomfortable things there. I think all of you deserve everything you want from life and this is a appreciatation post about you.

I love you all. so, 

here are the sunshines that I adore and light up when I see them on my dash from almost the very beginning: straaahlekind, thechainsofbirds, walk-through-walls, infinityofpossibility, gludatuss, wastedloveisalongregret, myloveisdrivenbyrage, childish-design, amarling, ranbeforethest0rm, lovebanjo, sarahsighnomore, jojosta, alecsh-turnah, amnoamnis, lighthousetowers, forgetwherewewere, all-about-serendipities,dustandfairy

and the sunshines of recent months that I dont know why I didnt follow earlier:  arnyastark, maraudirs, oxfordlings, bhuckies, sebustianstan, blackwidov, sgntbarnes, hawkeyc, sansabird, perfectparanoidworld , kallissi, facina-oris, lydiamarthinfassbhender ,benhowardgifs,lestraqekansahslittledovess


If I forgot someone then sorry I’m trash.


Sherlock Holmes is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met

Great Scott! We've created another important character itself!

As we all know, since Cosima’s migrated away from joyful university labs and straight to clone drama HQ, Scott’s kind of been shoved to the occasional video call backburner. With his hiring at Dyad and cahooting with our favourite French puppy to hide things from Cosima though, things are looking positive in the seeing more Scott department.



I love that we’re seeing more of Scott though, because his presence really frees up space for some important Cosima character development and he also provides another all important Felix-esque lens for the viewers.



Let’s talk about why I’m so glad Scott’s back. 

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The Addams Family (1991) By Marc Shaiman

Great music!!!!