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Hello guys, introducing Almonh’s Flower Bouquet, also known as Almonh’s Favorite Blogs. I will choose 12 or more aesthetically beautiful blogs to be showcased here.

Read below to have a chance to be on my favourites!

  • Please be following me (I can’t force you, but you won’t get picked if you’re not following)
  • Reblog this post at least once
  • Likes are not counted (only as bookmarks)
  • Any blog styles are accepted, but similar ones have higher chances

For higher chances of being chosen,

  • Follow my Instagram (@vanessadominiquee), and message me your username to be accepted
  • Talk to me, it will make me notice your blog more!
  • Reblog this post more than once

I will be choosing when I get enough notes, get reblogging beautiful people! (Banner by Katy)

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Welcome to the intoxicated Network! 

We accept ALL blog types.


To join this network all you have to do is follow a couple of rules! (bolded means necessary)

  • follow the admins blogs (lauraoliver and kailie)
  • reblog this post
  • have 1K+ followers
  • have a facebook account
  • add either kailielaura or oliver on facebook and message one of us your url, follower count and why you should be accepted!
  • be kind and friendly
  • willing to get involved with games and activities


  • New friends
  • Help with html 
  • Promos Games
  • Advice
  • Unconditional love from the admins

We (the admins) have put a lot of effort into making this network and are so excited to share it with you and start adding members!! <333

‘Tis the Season… FOR A NEW INTERN!

We are looking for one talented human to assist in content management this Winter/Spring. There is a flexible start date, beginning no later than January 15th (but starting sooner with interest!)

Primary Responsibilities will Include: 

  • Coordinating with contributing writers (parents, youth, and experts) for The Parents Project and Everyone Is Gay:Second Opinions, as well as reaching out to new contributors and managing and maintaining a schedule with current writers, and participating in the editorial process.
  • Assisting with The Parents Project’s social media presence.
  • Posting to Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook as needed.


  • Interns can live anywhere within a three hour time difference of the Eastern Time Zone. 
  • Organizational skills, knowledge of Google Docs / Excel a must! Knowledge of Wordpress and Photoshop highly recommended!   
  • Internship will offer college credit, but will not offer monetary compensation, and will require 15-20 hours of work per week. 
  • The internship will run from January 15 - May 10, 2015 


  • Please email your resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample to jobs [at] everyoneisgay [dot] com

We look forward to hearing from you!

We need your help!

DJohnsonDaily is growing, and why we want to offer a better quality in content and activity. To fulfill that promise, we need this group of members be bigger everyday. And that is why I ask your help. The rules are minimal, and only need to know your name, your email, and maybe take a look at your edits/gifs. It’s simple, and it is very easy to enter. We provide news, pictures, videos, interviews, edits and more.
If you are interested contact us via /ask or /submit
(If you wish, help us with reblog this post and reach more people. We have previously experienced a problem, if at any time you sent a request to be part of the affiliates or members and got no answer, please try again.)

♡ shrinking violet network ♡ 

shrink·ing vi·o·let 

noun ; an exaggeratedly shy person. 

 ♡ rules ♡ 

• mbf me 

• reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks) 

• fill out this application 

• this post must get at least 60 notes 

 ♡ pros ♡ 

• new friends 

• promos 

• a cool new group chat 

 ♡ looking for ♡ 

• all genders 

• friendly bloggers 

• music lovers 

• people with smartphones/ipods 

 ♡ to better your chances ♡ 

• come talk to me! i don’t bite 

• tag posts with #shrinkingvioletnetwork 

• have an ‘about me’ page 

 ♡ if you’re accepted ♡ 

• you’ll get a spot on this network page 

• you’ll be a part of a new group chat 

• a puppy? 

 good luck! x


Introducing the Floral Bunches Network!

✿ Rules ✿

-mbf me, Rachel, Emma, & Chloe

-must reblog this post (likes only bookmark)

-fill out this survey

✿ Benefits ✿

-new friends

-a place on this fab network page

-advice, blog advice, voting, etc.

-an awesome badge!

✿ Higher Chance ✿

-talk to us! just send any of us a message

-reblog this post a bunch

~We are choosing when we are happy with the notes~