Coldplay hack #6: how to make fabric cut outs that don’t need hems

This is good for appliqué and other such fabric uses that you don’t want to unravel but you can’t finish the edge with a hem

Fusible webbing/ iron on interfacing
Your fabric
A stencil if desired
For Large Appliqué : take the fusible webbing and flip it to the BUMPY side!
This is the side that will attach to your fabric making it the “right side”

draw out the shape of the piece you desire(in exact dimensions) or cut out a swatch big enough that you can cut your desired piece out after ironing

To finish, set your iron to the highest setting your fabric can take, and carefully melt the interfacing glue to your fabric

Be patient, because if you do not get the edges good, it could unravel on you
Also choose a single side ( I prefer the center) and iron carefully so as not to create wrinkles or bubbles- there is nothing you can do if these occur

Small Appliqué Pieces:

You may follow the same procedure as before, but if you are making many pieces this way is faster

Cut out a swatch of webbing big enough that you could cut out all of your shapes, and carefully iron it to the back of desired fabric

Once attached, you can free hand cut your designs, or flip it over to the interfacing side and sketch your shapes for cutting *this must be a reverse image or words and such will come out backwards* so if you are using stencils, flip so that you write letters/numbers/whatever backwards

Cut out traced pieces from the interfaced fabric, and you’re done :3

Good luck

I attended my cousin’s wedding over the weekend and made this card for the newly married couple!  I always turn to the free simple heart pattern on “Little Birdie Secrets" found HERE when I want to add a touch of crochet to my cards.  I simply use hot glue to attach the crocheted heart to the cardstock (I used hot glue to attach the lace as well).  There are so many fun free crochet appliques out there (cupcakes, moustaches, snowmen), and I think they add such a beautiful surprise to cards!  Check out this list of free crochet appliques HERE and start dreaming up what kind of handmade birthday, wedding or Christmas cards you can make ❤

All right, are you guys sitting down?
I ask because in all honesty it is going to take at least an hour to fully process everything happening in this getup. Let’s begin.

Olive green mesh bodice with possible velveteen piping; floral bud multi-coloured appliqué on a dark sea-green iridescent layered silk sheath; a sheer silk shawl with sparse sequin accents, a skinny headband, and (drum roll please) THE RETURN OF THE THUMB RING.

But wait, there’s more:

It’s like a crazy Day-to-Night Athletic Mermaid Barbie cotillion gown. 

Very sad we can’t see the footwear. But based on the side part I’d say this is probably 1999, so my money’s on either metallic mules, or red velvet platform peep-toes.

Good news…..I have started sewing again! I don’t want to pressure myself, so I will post the new pictures when I am ready. I had given up for several years and I thought this might help encourage me, it is an old embroidery of mine with a painted background and lots of different techniques to fill in the scaly bits (appliqué, beads, weaving, smocking and all kinds of other bits and bobs!)