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I don’t know why I’ve never made this rebloggable… Either way, these are all applications you may find useful when it comes to mental health.

Please note that some of these may not be free nor are we promoting any of them. This is just a list of different useful wellness and mental health applications that we have compiled from various sources. Many of the sources listed here were suggestions by followers or ones the Admins have personally found helpful.

** = free apps (Though some may be miss-labelled on accident)




Windows Phone


How to Writing Sample

Often, if you’re applying for a job (or university, or for an internship, or some coveted scholarship or fellowship), you’ll be asked to include a writing sample.

Writing samples are important. I know this because I’ve spent quite a bit of time today reviewing applications from people who want to be writers and editors — and I’ve rejected at least 95 percent of them because of the writing sample. A person otherwise perfectly well-qualified didn’t get selected because their writing sample sucked.

So I’ll say it again: writing samples are really fucking important.

Granted, I’m looking at people for freelance work: if they get accepted and then don’t perform well, their articles get rejected and they get sent on their way. But in the meantime, they cost everybody a lot of time and money: they fail to produce quality work where another writer would have excelled, they require time to be spent editing and auditing their work, they require team leaders to spend time trying to help them, etc.

Of course, since I’m looking at bringing these people on to be writers and editors, their writing sample is going to be the most important thing they submit. But even in other contexts, if anyone ever asks you for a writing sample for any reason ever, there’s a few things you need to pay attention and make extra sure you do:

  • Proofread. Literally read that thing backwards and forwards. Maybe even have someone else proofread it for you too. If you’re going to be completing a lot of applications that will require writing samples, start a library of writing samples and proofread them all. Especially if you’re applying to be an editor, if I find five typos in the first paragraph of your writing sample, I’ve already stopped reading.
  • Stay Within Word Count. If the guidelines say they want a writing sample of “no more than 800 words,” your writing sample better not be any longer than that. Don’t think turning in something 1,000 words (or even 10,000 words!) long is going to impress them and make you look like a real go-getter — it’s not. It’s going to make you look like someone who is disrespectful of other people’s time and doesn’t know how to follow simple instructions.
  • Stay on Topic. If you’re applying to be a web content writer, for example, don’t send in the last essay you wrote for philosophy class or your term paper for history. Not only did you not want to write it, but no one else wants to read it and it has nothing to do with the type of writing you want to produce for that company. Of course, if you’re applying for a history fellowship, by all means submit that history paper (as opposed to a guest blog you wrote on the Hottest California Summer Fashion Trends).
  • Pick a Style. All schools, publications, etc. have some style guide that they use. This is probably pretty easy information to find. Whatever style they use, find out and use it yourself. Edit that writing sample to fit their style. There are differences between AP and Chicago. There are differences in the citation formats of all the various academic styles — and to someone accustomed to seeing things one way, seeing it another way is nails-on-a-chalkboard wrong.
  • Follow Format Instructions. If you’re told to submit a writing sample in a certain file format, or with certain margins or certain font sizes and spacing — do that. If you don’t, you look like someone who is disrespectful and doesn’t know how to follow simple instructions. If instructions aren’t specified, use a basic, legible font like Times New Roman or Helvetica in 12-point.
  • Proofread. I know, I told you to do that before. Do it again. I was serious about reading it backwards — you’d be amazed the errors that jump off the page when you read something backwards. Then read it aloud. A lot of grammatical errors that don’t look wrong on paper will sound atrocious when you read them back.

I realize this may seem like extremely basic stuff — but precisely because it’s extremely basic stuff, it’s also stuff people tend to gloss over. It’s stuff people tend to think isn’t really that important or doesn’t really matter. To the person who has potentially hundreds of applications to evaluate, however, it’s a pretty big deal — and these little things can make or break your chances at getting whatever thing you’re trying to get.

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Making group conversations between Deaf & hearing possible: the first realtime captioning on a phone

Indiegogo Link

We’re Berkeley and USF grads from US, France, Holland and Taiwan.  We faced the problem of hearing loss in an unusual way: Thibault was born in a Deaf family; Skinner is deaf and non-signer; Pieter and Noore learned American Sign Language.

Transcense is the first mobile app that makes group conversations between deaf & hard-of-hearing people and their hearing peers, finally possible  & effortless.

  • Zero to full engagement, under a second:  Transcenseshows you who says what around you, in real-time, so you can answer in time, and be part of the discussion.
  • Never miss a conversation again: Transcense connects to smartphone of a room to transcribe a group conversation, such as a business meeting, a family dinner, or a moment with your friends.
  • True autonomy, right in your pocket: Available anytime, anywhere, right in your pocket. Your personal interpreter for group communications is finally affordable.

This is a demonstration of the applications of Plum Blossom Mantis kung fu. Granted, it’s obvious the guy in black isn’t exactly putting a lot of effort into his attacks, but it’s more about the guy in white.
Mantis kung fu is very focused on body movement and speedy attacks that knock an opponent off balance, allowing you to move in for the “kill.”
Notice in the second gif that after the first block, he lashes out super quick with a jab to the eyes with his left hand. That’s after he’s applied slight downward force to his opponent’s arm bringing him closer.

The use of leg work is important too. Distributing weight so the most opportunistic leg can be used as you can see in the first gif. He bounces from leg to leg to allow him to pull off what he needs to do.
It’s about closing in and moving away freely while being able to defend and attack whenever necessary. Using fists, elbows, feet and knees depending on whether the gap is small or large.

anonymous said:

do you have any tips for job seeking and nailing the interview?


Here’s the nitty gritty on job hunting and interviewing. I’ve only ever had ONE interview that I’ve gone for a didn’t get the job, out of twelve that I’ve done. I’ve either accepted the position on the others, or taken a better opportunity after being offered the job at others. If you’re thinking I’m lucky, think again. There’s a key to job interviews that people seem to miss.

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Hey this handy little app here lets you scan barcodes of products you want to buy, then tells you if they conflict with your social views. Thing is, the more people who get this app, the more causes we can support, and the more products get scanned and researched by the app owners. You can support LGBT rights, fight against animal cruelty, whatever, just by scanning a product, then it tells you if the company’s views are the same or different than yours. It also saves all your scanned products so you dont have to keep using the barcode scanner every time, AND it gives you a long list of companies and brands to avoid/support and is overall just a really cool app if you’re a conscious activist. Oh and best part is, it’s free.
Disclaimer: I am not receiving any money or reward from the app makers in payment for making this post, I’m simply sharing a cool app with my followers.

evoena said:

Hey, sorry I know you're busy all the time, but I really need someones opinion who's study/ied lit at university. I'm in my last 6 weeks or so of school, and basically I have this month to apply to uni, and I really want to continue lit into uni but I'm not sure whether I should because of the lack of direction (or so I've been told) it gives you in life. Where can a lit degree take you? Do you think it is wise I take it to uni or not? Thank you so much, I'm sure you get asked this a lot.

previously i wrote this answer; and this response is good too. this is an addendum to those. 

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Are you an avid fan of Jensen? Efficient in Photoshop? And have free time on your hands? Then Jenacklesdaily is the place for you! It’s come time once again when we’re searching for new blog members to keep this Jensen source a constantly thriving fan tumblr. That means that we’re looking for various blog members who will be able to post the latest news, photos, videos and tweets from Jensen himself. This therefore means that we will be needing members who will be able to post and reblog regularly throughout the day! At this time, there is no deadline for when applications will be due but rather we will be accepting them as they come in. If you are accepted you’ll be hearing back from us almost immediately.

So if you love Jensen and would like to be an added addition to this fan source, please fill out the form below and submit it here. Or, if you may know someone who is interested please feel free to reblog this post to help us find our new blog members. Thank you!

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Things that helped me from UNDERGRAD - Currently applying for graduate fellowships
  1. Volunteering with and generally befriending graduate students
  2. Establish strong relationships with at least 2 professors
  3. Make friends in other STEAM disciplines 
  4. Education outreach. Community outreach. Seriously.
  5. Good grades and test scores and stuff.

Expansion on each topic:

1. Graduate student allies 

So one day you’ll be writing personal statements for applications to grad school or scholarships or fellowships or jobs and/or all of the above. If you’re like me, you hate writing about yourself and will expend enormous amounts of energy writing (what in your mind you think as) complete shit. Graduate students you volunteer with on a consistent basis with their projects (and providing them with treats and food doesn’t hurt either—ask thesmileoctopus, she is a pro at this) could be willing to help you with your writing. Also, I find that they have this deep desire to edit with a pointy sword and make your draft bleed profusely (which is what you need). This is probably because they receive critical feedback as a form of currency and they gotta spend that gold somewhere. It’s important to invest in these types of relationships as an undergrad…you’ll be surprised by how willing some grad students may be to spend their valuable free time to help you.

2. Professor support (at least 2—but ideally 3) 

This is a difficult goal to reach. But, as you may have already discovered, many applications ask for 2-3 letters of recommendation. So instead of going into why it’s important—let’s just briefly mention some ways we can earn the support of some academic giants:

  1. Perform well in their classes - good grades, participate, be a positive contributor to the classroom environment
  2. Go to office hours for help. Go to office hours and ask them about their academic journey to professor-ship. Demonstrate to them that you are constantly thinking about your future and how to reach your goals.
  3. Help out their grad students.
  4. Help their lab with education and community outreach.

3. Friends who are rockstars in their own STEAM discipline

Sometimes you just need the eyes and minds of a buddy who has had some different training. They can help out with the basic mechanics of your writing…they might have a trick/suggestion used by their field that can also be applied to your field. These kinds of friends can really help you broaden your perspective. Also, friends are awesome. Also squared, sometimes it’s nice to hang out with someone who is not working on the same thing as you — so you can stop thinking about your work for at least a little while.

4. Outreach, outreach, outreach

This is so crucial for things like NSF grants, fellowships, and internships. How do you bring STEM/STEAM to others? How do you spread scientific literacy? Go out and help out others. It makes you feel good and (if that’s not convincing enough) it looks really good on CVs and personal statements. Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do exactly, volunteer. You can always find the spin that makes it relevant later on. For example, I know people who received good reviews on their NSF proposals but did not receive an award because their Broader Impacts category was limited or nonexistent.

5. Work hard play hard—get dem grades and standardized test scores 

This stuff is so obvious, but you want to have a strong foundation to stand upon whenever you apply for anything.

All right, that’s what I’ve learned so far in my first proposal process. I hope it helps someone else out there kick some serious booty in the future. 

P.S. apologies for typos and other grammatical errors. Z has been distracting every 5 minutes because he is also trying to find ways to procrastinate from editing his proposal.

Welcome to Celestial Camarilla; A safe haven for all and a place to cut loose, relax, make new connections, and live life with a more positive view.

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  • personal help, (possible) homework help, and general accompaniment.
  • sharing more about your interests, stories, story ideas, original characters, and much, much more.

As of now, there is no deadline. Applications will be picked by both Admin A and Admin S, and once all of our spots are close to being filled, we will announce a final deadline cutoff.


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Help Wanted

I know I just created this project, but I don’t want to get too stressed and behind with it. I obviously have other stuff to do like school and extracurricular activities, so I’d appreciate some help in keeping this page up to date. I’d like someone that I’d be able to contact through Skype and possibly eventually by texting if needed. 

If you’re interested in helping, please send either this page or my personal blog msmakorra a message with the following information:

  1. The general time you could be on
  2. The amount of experience you have with either running a project like this, streaming, or anything else you think you would be important for the page
  3. Why you want to help out
  4. What you think you can do to help the group

I’d be happy just having one person helping me out, and you’d have to deal with me a lot, sorry! If there are many applications, I may choose two or three people to help. I’m considering also having someone come on to make graphics for the page so it can be nice looking and our updates would look nice as well. So, it all depends on how many people want to help out. Thank you so much guys!

Protect Your Android Phone Against Theft And Virus Attacks With Excellent Mobile Applications

Protect Your Android Phone Against Theft And Virus Attacks With Excellent Mobile Applications

Protect Your Android Phone Against Theft And Virus Attacks With Excellent Mobile Applications

Smartphones have grabbed the modern market diversely. The very simple cause behind that is that there are many amendments inside its options have been finished. This can also be a compelling cause that makes a smartphone a bit of pricy. Thus, a excessive safety have to be offered which may act as an…

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