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I’m not sure just how practical they are, but some of these Sambo take downs and subsequent body control are absolutely bonkers.
The interesting this is that, in an actual competitive fight, they may prove to be somewhat problematic, but in a real life situation, quickly applying moves like these could be really beneficial, albeit a little risky.

You can’t see something like this and say martial arts isn’t body science. The technicality of these moves is incredible.

hi friends, we have two positions opening to come live and work at Boost House in the coming months. in case you’re seeing this post and aren’t already familiar: Boost House is a combination publisher and residency started in Maine this past winter. we live together in a house working on stuff we are passionate about, mostly arts /activist projects, and to pay for the rent and grocery expenses, we publish books and t-shirts and go on poetry tours. we believe in fusing poetry with radical politics, spirituality, and new media, and in the process broadening what the term “poetry” might include. [full “about” page here.] the two positions opening up are:

- starting ASAP: we need someone to run our social media.
- starting in October: we need someone to run our shipping and online store.

both positions are a part-time workload, but require living here in boost house (which is currently in brunswick, maine, altho we may move someplace warmer in early 2015). the immediate compensation is free rent + free vegan food for as long as you stay and help. if things go well for 3+ months and you want to stay part of our long-term team, we’ll figure out a monthly stipend/salary also (you can contact us for specifics on that, but it’ll partly depend on what we can afford at the time).

for the social media position: we can guide you some, but you should be proactive about developing our social media strategy and taking initiative to execute it yourself. we have an opportunity to be one of the most forward-thinking poetry presses of our era in terms of how we use technology daily to reach readers, but we’ve been letting it slip. ideally most days you’ll spend an hour or two creating new posts, responding to comments, and initiating new conversations. the ideal candidate for this position is funny or otherwise compelling in written text; ideal candidate is also well-versed enough in anti-oppression politics to call out community members and explain when they’ve said something racist, transphobic, ableist, etc; and the ideal candidate is familiar with loads of great writing they want to help share, whether that’s poetry, political writings, or something else. you’ll have lots of time to work on other things when not doing our social media. you should be able to move to Maine pretty soon, to stay and contribute at least a few months.

for the shipping / online store position: you should be someone who is naturally organized and punctual. ~twice a week you’ll spend a few hours packaging up merch sales and taking them to the post office. you’ll also email with customers who didn’t get their order, need a different size, etc. rachel can show you our current system and everything you need to know. you’ll have lots of time to work on other things when not doing working on these tasks. you should be able to move to Maine by early October, to stay and contribute at least a few months.

for either position listed above, you fill out the same application, just leave blank any questions that don’t apply. i’ve linked the application in 4 different formats below. it’s kinda long and includes a lot of questions about your values and politics. just add your answers to the file, or paste it all into an email, and send them to bhsubmissions at !!

we’re accepting applications until August 15th (notify us if you’re gonna submit late), and we’ll try to have our decisions made by Sept 1st. please feel free to send me (steve) with any questions, or the other current residents of boost house, emily and rachel.

if you’re interested in living at boost house, but you’re not able to come until a more distant future time, you can still fill out an application if you like, but please note that in your app. we’ll probably be bringing on another resident or two in january 2015 in our new location.

.TXT of the application
.RTF of the application
.PDF of the application
.DOCX of the application

thank you to everyone who takes time to fill out the application <3 it means very much that u want to be part of this project


First of all, we (Brittany and Carrisa), would like to thank our amazing followers for the phenomenal response this blog has received. We recently just hit 15k followers, which is beyond anything we ever imagined when we started this. So thank you ARCHERS.

So the countdown for Season 3 has officially begun but, unfortunately we are going on a trip to Europe for 7 weeks. We leave in 2 weeks and we won’t be back for 3x01 (sad face). So, we decided to open applications for a new member who could run this blog while we’re away to keep all you archers updated on the latest news, photos and gifs for 3x01.

We’re looking for 1 or 2 new members for now, preferably for people who are in a different timezone than us (Australia), we really want people who can post updates when we aren’t available or online! While we’re away, we’re gonna be relying on you to post all the important pictures, news, videos, and tweets from the show/cast. We especially need someone with good gifing capabilities, because we will need you to post gifs from 3x01.

We will be accepting applications til Friday 13 August. So if anyone loves Arrow and would like a place to share their creations, I hope you would be interested in joining Queensarrow. Interested? Fill out the form and submit here (x).

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How to Writing Sample

Often, if you’re applying for a job (or university, or for an internship, or some coveted scholarship or fellowship), you’ll be asked to include a writing sample.

Writing samples are important. I know this because I’ve spent quite a bit of time today reviewing applications from people who want to be writers and editors — and I’ve rejected at least 95 percent of them because of the writing sample. A person otherwise perfectly well-qualified didn’t get selected because their writing sample sucked.

So I’ll say it again: writing samples are really fucking important.

Granted, I’m looking at people for freelance work: if they get accepted and then don’t perform well, their articles get rejected and they get sent on their way. But in the meantime, they cost everybody a lot of time and money: they fail to produce quality work where another writer would have excelled, they require time to be spent editing and auditing their work, they require team leaders to spend time trying to help them, etc.

Of course, since I’m looking at bringing these people on to be writers and editors, their writing sample is going to be the most important thing they submit. But even in other contexts, if anyone ever asks you for a writing sample for any reason ever, there’s a few things you need to pay attention and make extra sure you do:

  • Proofread. Literally read that thing backwards and forwards. Maybe even have someone else proofread it for you too. If you’re going to be completing a lot of applications that will require writing samples, start a library of writing samples and proofread them all. Especially if you’re applying to be an editor, if I find five typos in the first paragraph of your writing sample, I’ve already stopped reading.
  • Stay Within Word Count. If the guidelines say they want a writing sample of “no more than 800 words,” your writing sample better not be any longer than that. Don’t think turning in something 1,000 words (or even 10,000 words!) long is going to impress them and make you look like a real go-getter — it’s not. It’s going to make you look like someone who is disrespectful of other people’s time and doesn’t know how to follow simple instructions.
  • Stay on Topic. If you’re applying to be a web content writer, for example, don’t send in the last essay you wrote for philosophy class or your term paper for history. Not only did you not want to write it, but no one else wants to read it and it has nothing to do with the type of writing you want to produce for that company. Of course, if you’re applying for a history fellowship, by all means submit that history paper (as opposed to a guest blog you wrote on the Hottest California Summer Fashion Trends).
  • Pick a Style. All schools, publications, etc. have some style guide that they use. This is probably pretty easy information to find. Whatever style they use, find out and use it yourself. Edit that writing sample to fit their style. There are differences between AP and Chicago. There are differences in the citation formats of all the various academic styles — and to someone accustomed to seeing things one way, seeing it another way is nails-on-a-chalkboard wrong.
  • Follow Format Instructions. If you’re told to submit a writing sample in a certain file format, or with certain margins or certain font sizes and spacing — do that. If you don’t, you look like someone who is disrespectful and doesn’t know how to follow simple instructions. If instructions aren’t specified, use a basic, legible font like Times New Roman or Helvetica in 12-point.
  • Proofread. I know, I told you to do that before. Do it again. I was serious about reading it backwards — you’d be amazed the errors that jump off the page when you read something backwards. Then read it aloud. A lot of grammatical errors that don’t look wrong on paper will sound atrocious when you read them back.

I realize this may seem like extremely basic stuff — but precisely because it’s extremely basic stuff, it’s also stuff people tend to gloss over. It’s stuff people tend to think isn’t really that important or doesn’t really matter. To the person who has potentially hundreds of applications to evaluate, however, it’s a pretty big deal — and these little things can make or break your chances at getting whatever thing you’re trying to get.

© 2014 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

ChrisPrattSource is looking for members!

We’re looking for people who are online daily, can make edits or gifs at least twice a week and can follow the rules/tagging system of the blog. We’re also accepting affiliate applications as well!

If you’re interested, you can apply here.


Hey this handy little app here lets you scan barcodes of products you want to buy, then tells you if they conflict with your social views. Thing is, the more people who get this app, the more causes we can support, and the more products get scanned and researched by the app owners. You can support LGBT rights, fight against animal cruelty, whatever, just by scanning a product, then it tells you if the company’s views are the same or different than yours. It also saves all your scanned products so you dont have to keep using the barcode scanner every time, AND it gives you a long list of companies and brands to avoid/support and is overall just a really cool app if you’re a conscious activist. Oh and best part is, it’s free.
Disclaimer: I am not receiving any money or reward from the app makers in payment for making this post, I’m simply sharing a cool app with my followers.

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Crane kung fu is often depicted in a very specific way when shown in kung fu films: the fingers pinched together as if to form a beak and with the strikes coming from the elbow like pecks.
That style is actually more along the lines of Hung Gar’s crane form and, in reality, crane kung fu, or in this case white crane kung fu, is very different.
In fact, I’d say it has less to do with the shape of the beak and more along the lines of imitating the wings of the crane.

The hands are often left open and the strikes are in the form of finger jabs, blows to the vital areas as well as take downs.
If you watch the clip above, note that in the first application the white crane practitioner brings his hands quite high. It actually looks wrong but his hands are actually at eye level with his opponent, causing a distraction. White crane demands a lot of speed and so transitioning from move to move is quick…but fluid.
Many of the attacks come from the core as well. The style isn’t overly expressive and, instead, tight and expelled in bursts of energy (which sounds like something Professor X would say to Havoc)

With that said, Yong Chun white crane is very much under the radar of the martial arts world and is considered quite a quiet style, not only in regards to its physical application but because of its teaching too.
Very few teachers continue the lineage. Sad really, as it’s quite a beautiful style to watch. It’s also one of those styles that, when demonstrated without a partner, looks a bit silly. Lots of jerky expressions and “wing” movements. It’s only when applied to a combat situation that the moves start to make sense.
If anything, the style mirrors Bagua to some extent as it has a lot of forceful pushes and attacks to throw an opponent off balance.
It’s a lovely style though and one that’s truly unsung in the kung fu world as it’s sadly been outshone by other crane forms.


This is the full and complete list of applications received for DA4.

If your name is not on this list, it is for one of two reasons: either we have not received your application, or you left an important part empty / unfinished, and we had to ignore your application for the time being. In either case, feel free to resubmit! We’ll try to update this list as often as possible, and you can see when we last updated below.

Please do not send us an ask about why your name is not yet on the list. Chances are, we may not have gotten to your application yet. (There are a LOT of them in the inbox at once!) Please check the latest update time, and wait for another update before doing anything. If your name is still not on the list after it has been updated again, resubmit your application.


{ gm note!!: if you look on here and don’t see your character and you know you sent in your app, please send us an ask off-anon, and we can work it out!! }

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quietbang said:

Hi- I'm currently in my third year of a 5 year program, and I'm getting ready to apply to med school. I'm a wheelchair user- I have an SCI and rheumatoid arthritis- and many people don't think that wheelchair users should be doctors. I want to be a doctor so I can be a positive influence in the lives of children with disabilities and their families-- should I say that in my app? Or should I give another reason that doesn't disclose my disability? They'll find out when they interview me anyway.

Absolutely you should say that! 


As far as I know, schools cannot deny you admission on the basis of your disability. Unless it would completely prevent you from doing your duties as a med student or doctor. And your personal statement is all about YOUR personal experiences, so if your medical history has influenced your decision to pursue medicine, you should definitely talk about it! And who better to be an advocate for patients with disabilities than a doctor with a disability? 

Facebook Color Changer App is Just a Scam, Infects 10000 Users


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This scam is active again on social networking giant Facebook.

As per investigation report, this Scam app allows users to change the header & interface color of Facebook with 9 new colors as per user’s selection such as “pink, purple, green, yellow, orange and black”.

This app infect user’s computer system & mobile devices(Cellphone & Tablets).

Researchers of Cheetah Mobile (China’s leading Internet Company) have found that this Facebook Color Changer App scam that downloads this app via a phishing website.

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If you can look beyond the grainy footage, the silly sound effects and the monotone voice over, this is one of the best demonstrations of Hung Gar’s tiger and crane forms I’ve ever seen.
It’s amazing seeing the exact moves I’ve seen in so many kung fu films broken down into actual fight relevant applications.

To make things worse, the guy demonstrating the moves is real life Hung Gar master Chiu Chi Ling aka the tailor from “Kung Fu Hustle.”


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Accepting co-admin applications!

Initially I was going to ask you guys again if you would be interested in sending in applications, since I never got any direct response to my last post on the matter. I assumed you guys weren’t really keen to the idea. Apparently people are interested, though, so now I’m accepting co-admin applications!

Note: I will not answer directly to your applications

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