Making group conversations between Deaf & hearing possible: the first realtime captioning on a phone

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We’re Berkeley and USF grads from US, France, Holland and Taiwan.  We faced the problem of hearing loss in an unusual way: Thibault was born in a Deaf family; Skinner is deaf and non-signer; Pieter and Noore learned American Sign Language.

Transcense is the first mobile app that makes group conversations between deaf & hard-of-hearing people and their hearing peers, finally possible  & effortless.

  • Zero to full engagement, under a second:  Transcenseshows you who says what around you, in real-time, so you can answer in time, and be part of the discussion.
  • Never miss a conversation again: Transcense connects to smartphone of a room to transcribe a group conversation, such as a business meeting, a family dinner, or a moment with your friends.
  • True autonomy, right in your pocket: Available anytime, anywhere, right in your pocket. Your personal interpreter for group communications is finally affordable.

Hello Flash Fans!! First of all, we (Brittany and Carrisa), would like to thank our amazing followers for the support this blog has received so far. We recently just hit 2k followers, which is amazing and is all thanks to you guys!! Second of all we are now opening up applications for some new members. Since we also run QueensArrow, we do not get to update FlashAllen’s as much as we would like to which is why we are looking for some new member to help keep all you Flash Fans up to date with everything you love about the show.

We do have a few things that we are looking for:

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Basically we are just looking for people who love The Flash and can update regularly. Ideally we are looking 2-3 new members and it would be great if people from a different timezone than us (Australia), we really want people who can post updates when we aren’t available or online!

We will be accepting applications til 30 November. So if anyone loves The Flash and would like to be apart of FlashAllen’s simply fill out the form and submit here (x).

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Useful Applications

I don’t know why I’ve never made this rebloggable… Either way, these are all applications you may find useful when it comes to mental health.

Please note that some of these may not be free nor are we promoting any of them. This is just a list of different useful wellness and mental health applications that we have compiled from various sources. Many of the sources listed here were suggestions by followers or ones the Admins have personally found helpful.

** = free apps (Though some may be miss-labelled on accident)




Windows Phone



It’s watching stuff like this that convinces me that Silat is possibly the most beautiful martial art out there. Maybe not aesthetically, but conceptually.
The movements are so simple and yet you have to condition your body to do them. We’re not used to dropping down and kicking people in their ankles. It’s not what we see as “fighting” (if there ever was a definition). And that’s the point; fighting, as we know it, is only a fraction of what combat is.
By that, I mean it’s not all about boxing stances, jabs and hooks.
In this video alone, there are a number of what we might call unorthodox moves, but look how effective they are. Even the early grab break is bonkers. Watch the guy’s face who it’s being performed on. He can’t fathom exactly how his grip is being broken.

It’s not always about who can hit hardest. Knocking someone out is, if anything, a cliche. But, in this video, the Silat practitioner is DESTROYING his opponent in every way but knocking him out. Granted, he is carrying a knife in a lot of attacks and most people aren’t walking down the street with a blade stuffed in their pants. But the concepts remain the same: fluidity of movement, knowing where to strike, how to strike and what your opponent’s body is going to do when you strike. Great stuff.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for job seeking and nailing the interview?


Here’s the nitty gritty on job hunting and interviewing. I’ve only ever had ONE interview that I’ve gone for a didn’t get the job, out of twelve that I’ve done. I’ve either accepted the position on the others, or taken a better opportunity after being offered the job at others. If you’re thinking I’m lucky, think again. There’s a key to job interviews that people seem to miss.

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This is a demonstration of the applications of Plum Blossom Mantis kung fu. Granted, it’s obvious the guy in black isn’t exactly putting a lot of effort into his attacks, but it’s more about the guy in white.
Mantis kung fu is very focused on body movement and speedy attacks that knock an opponent off balance, allowing you to move in for the “kill.”
Notice in the second gif that after the first block, he lashes out super quick with a jab to the eyes with his left hand. That’s after he’s applied slight downward force to his opponent’s arm bringing him closer.

The use of leg work is important too. Distributing weight so the most opportunistic leg can be used as you can see in the first gif. He bounces from leg to leg to allow him to pull off what he needs to do.
It’s about closing in and moving away freely while being able to defend and attack whenever necessary. Using fists, elbows, feet and knees depending on whether the gap is small or large.