If you didn’t know, Silat was developed to basically ruin an opponent. Many Indonesian armed forces used it to maim, severely injure and kill their enemies. It’s not a martial art meant to incapacitate an attacker in order for you to run away. It’s meant to make it so the attacker wants to run away…but can’t…because his knees have been snapped.

Here are some demonstrations of Silat’s simple and yet highly vicious (some of them at least) joint dislocation, bone breaking and takedown techniques.
Note how, in the fourth example, he steps down on his opponent’s foot and then pushes his arm up into the joint. That is not a fun position to be in. He’s literally making his opponent decided whether he forsakes the use of his arm or the use of his foot as if he steps back to relieve his shoulder/arm, he probably breaks his ankle. But, in the time it takes to decide and react, he follows up the hold with a kick in the balls anyway.

Another key element is being able to transition from hold to hold (last gif). Here he hits with an elbow to the arm joint - weakening it substantially - controls the arm by bringing it down and around and then with a cheeky, controlling nudge of the shoulder joint brings him into a full arm lock.
His opponent could choose to use his other hand to attack but with his head at perfect knee height, he’d probably be unconscious within seconds if he tried.

I’m not trying to give an obnoxious play-by-pay here. I’m just trying to emphasize the minutiae of the style, no matter how simple.
Bodies are easily controlled if you have the knowledge. Certain joints just aren’t meant to go certain ways and, with the right pressure, no matter how minimal, a person’s body can be manipulated…and ultimately put down.

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What are some of the practical applications of calculus in the field of engineering?


Oh boy. What immediately comes to mind is optimization. For example, even when engineering simple things like soda cans, designers and engineers must consider the question of whether the shape of their design is optimal. In other words, they need to manipulate their design to have the optimal shape with the least amount of material.

Optimization, though, is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything from building and maintaining the Golden Gate Bridge to GPS calculations requires calculus. 

For more applications, check out the links at this site: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/education-languages/math/Calculus/Practical-Applications.html

Answered by Olivia D., Expert Leader.

Edited by Dylan S. 

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Imagine being so frustrated with UCAS (i.e. the system for applying to universities in UK) and Loki, seeing you procrastinating and stressing about it, promises to do something special for you the moment you send your application. When you finally do, he cooks a laid back (and not very healthy) dinner of burgers, chips, popcorn and your favourite desserts, and watch movies with you to celebrate. Afterwards, he films you burning a copy of your UCAS application in the fireplace, then whisks you off to the bedroom for some celebratory sex. 

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Swiggity Swag Didi

App for recording/logging in studying hours

among other things.

It’s called Timelog Lite.


I use Android, I Googled it for Apple but I couldn’t find it. That shouldn’t matter though, there are tons of other apps that do the same. Or you could do this yourself, all you need is a stopwatch :)

Here are the screenshots from the app:


I was suggested this by a friend, and I have been using it for a few months now. Very simple to use, I don’t need to make an account like in other apps, records even when app is in the background, has monthly, weekly and daily record, doesn’t take up much memory in your phone. Also I can assign colors to different tasks, choose the day for start of week and determine time for start of day (this is really important to me). I’ve selected 5am.

Let me know: if you are using this, if you have a similar app but better ;), if you liked this? Would love to know!

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