Fairy Shark Mother Sea Family Member Application Form


Being a moderator can be stressful, how do you deal with that stress?:

Why do you want to be a moderator for FSM?:

Please answer these sample questions.

Be honest:

Is reverse racism a thing?

How do you define an abusive relationship?

"I’m hungry, but I have very little money for food. What should I do?"

It is a particularly rough time a year. We get several suicidal messages in a row. How do you handle this?

Dear Sea Family Applicant, I was born male, but I really wish that people would call me a girl. I don’t want to change my habits, since I play sports and do a lot of manly things. I don’t even want to wear makeup. I still want to use female pronouns. Is that okay?

"I don’t know what my orientation is. I’m nonbinary, and I like men and women. I always have sexual attraction to women, but I only feel it towards men if I know them really well. Help?"


Here’s a section for you to give us reasons why we should let you on the team. Please keep it brief and concise.


The sea family might not respond to your application, and that’s okay. The files will always be kept on hand just in case we need a new member. Please copy and paste your application into our submissions. If you’re on mobile and cannot submit, please email RemilynPolicarpio@hotmail.ca.

Good luck!

With Constantine premiering it’s season finale, I think it’s time the lot of us try and get to know each other. That said, I present to you, the Hellblazer Network. A way for all of us Hellblazers to talk trash about John.

how to apply;

  • reblog this post (likes do not count)

persons of interest;

  • have a clean/organized blog and theme
  • have a love for john constantine and co. that knows no bounds
  • (Hellblazer, Hellblazer spinoffs, NBC Constantine, and DC’s New 52 John and co. are all valid.)
  • are nice 
  • (original edits/gifs are nice but not a necessity!)

if you’re accepted;

  • you’ll get a follow from me as well as everyone else in the network
  • you’ll be featured on the Hellblazer Network page
  • you’ll surround yourself with other people who love john a lot
  • you have to track #hellblazernetwork for updates and the like

the fine print;

  • reblogs will run through march 15
  • by then there should be at least a dozen members chosen
  • this has to have at least 20 reblogs by march

As much as we wish it wasn’t, rejection is part of the process when it comes to applying for college. 

And as much as it feels like it is, the world isn’t over if you don’t get into your dream school.

Take a deep breath, remember how hard you’ve worked and what it means - not the accomplishments it gives you, but what it says about your character.

This is not the end, and you have a lot of options still.

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NAME: Trey Aldon Neverson
AGE: 24

I was told about this by a friend and though heh why not? So here I am… I think I have some attributes that would make a good model, and I’m at a area in my life where I feel like it’s time to branch out and try new things and meet new people. 


FSSP-OLGS application almost complete.

Just one more letter of recommendation, my autobiography, my medical form, and a letter of confirmation of enrollment from my previous seminary. Then in June I have to go to the vocations retreat at which the interviews will be held.

Guys, please pray for me! If you reblog/ like, I will make a point to say a Hail Mary for you when i pray my Rosary tonight and tomorrow night!

Có hai việc mình mãi không bao giờ làm được đó chính là vẽ vời và hát. Nên mỗi khi thấy mình cố gắng làm hai việc đó là thật ra mình đang phá hoại :D

Hôm nay mình sợ phải phá hoại tiếp nên mình gửi những dòng này hy vọng bạn nào làm thiết kế trông thấy! Nếu đang chán công việc hiện tại hay thời gian bỏ không chưa biết lấp trống cách nào thì hãy đến với dự án của chúng mình!

+ Công việc khi tham gia là vẽ vời linh tinh, đôi khi đi lang thang trình bày cho khách hàng hiểu về sản phẩm như việc tại sao logo như thế, website này ngộ quá và… cái vạch trên trời này ở đâu ra hay là lỡ tay vạch đại!

+ Ngoài chuyện kiếm thêm thu nhập băng công việc trên thì cốt lõi của dự án này là phần mềm (hơi bị ghê nên giữ bí mật cái tên) đến nay thì hoàn tất gần 80% rồi, hoạt động khá tốt, khách hàng cũng khen nhiều nhưng mà lắm lúc nhìn vào nó lại thở dài vì nó được mình thiết kế.., nên cần phải làm mới hơn từ UI đến UX sao cho nó hài hoà.

+ Ứng dụng điện thoại cũng thuộc mục tiêu nho nhỏ của tụi mình, có nhiều dựa án và ý tưởng còn dang dở nhưng có một cái gần làm xong làm ứng dụng backups dành cho Tumblr.

Chúng mình không nhất thiết cần một thiết kế giỏi và dày kinh nghiệm, chỉ cần làm được việc mình muốn và có thể vẽ tay! Việc còn lại là chưa hiểu về những gì thuộc về website hay phần mềm thì để mình giúp.
Nếu bạn có thể, có hứng thú với dự án này và đang ở Sài Gòn hãy cho phép mình mời bạn ly cà phê, sẽ có nhiều điều để nói về dự án và hướng đi tương lai như thế nào, để biết, để đi cùng!

Có thể gửi ask cho mình hoặc email mình là: nguyenle@outlook.com.
Có thể hãy giúp mình chia sẽ thông tin này đến người có thể tham gia, cảm ơn bạn!

Seeking Writers!

Love MCU? Love AUs? This is the place for you!  We are now seeking to add writers to the blog!  

We are looking for committed, talented writers to bring the AU side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life.  Please fill out the application as honestly as possible!  If you have questions, send an ask to the main blog or to wintersoldierontherun and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Applications will run from February 9th, 2015 to February 23nd, 2015.

Also, we are in dire need of writers whose focus is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and Iron Man, so knowledge in those areas will boost your chances!

Apply here: Imagine MCU AUs Writer Application


This is a nice example of Bajiquan training. Rules are no head shots and no kicks whatsoever. Body blows and throws only.
I think it’s good that it doesn’t really devolve into a straight up boxing match. In fact, the only thing that seems to suffer is the footwork.
Otherwise, this is, in my opinion, a great way to test out applications and techniques. Too often, sparring becomes sloppy and unfocused when it comes to what students have learned.
Although, in this case, the fight seems a little unbalance as the sleeveless guy looks better than his opponent.

network:                                    Crowe’s Village

  • you must follow this blog
  • you must reblog this post
  • you have to apply here
  • you must have an open ask / submit box
  • you should track #crowesvillagers and #crowesvillage
  • your blog should be at least 30% about russell crowe
  • no untagged nsfw material
  • be a supporter of russell crowe
  • a source of information and help for followers
  • be a friendly person and objective in your opinion and statements
  • you have to put a link to the network on your blog
  • you have to show your support for the man
  • you should be a good source on everything russell crowe for your followers
  • be a proud villager