Aangenomen bij AppleTips.nl

Een week of anderhalf geleden had ik een email gestuurd naar AppleTips.nl om te vragen of ze nog extra hulp nodig had en met de hoop dat ze mij zouden aannemen.
Ik had het een en ander verteld en sinds gisteravond kreeg ik bericht terug van Richard IJzermans met daarin erg goed nieuws. Ze konden inderdaad extra hulp gebruiken.

Mijn persoonlijke pagina van AppleTips.nl is hier te vinden.

What has alluded me in OSX.9: Decide which spaces to use with particular apps

Decide which spaces to use with particular apps

The problem I have: I use to lock apps to a desktop all the time with Lion and Mountain Lion but it was enabled/disabled within system preferences and handled very differently. Once I made the switch to Mavericks - a number of my apps are still “stuck” in certain desktops and I couldn’t for the life of me guess how to fix it. This happens because I use multiple screens - a hugely worthwhile feature on a laptop screen.  Inc ace anyone else struggles with this hidden little feature - here’s how to work with Apps and Spaces in OS X Mavericks:

If you work in multiple spaces, you can assign apps to particular spaces.

  1. Press and hold an app’s icon in the Dock. You may have to first open the app from Launchpad to see its icon in the Dock.
  2. From the shortcut menu that appears over the icon, choose one of these:
    • To have the app open only in the current space, choose Options > This Desktop. From now on, the app will open in the current space; if you are working in a different space, the app’s space scrolls into view.

      This setting doesn’t apply to full-screen windows, which always appear in their own separate spaces.

    • To have the app open in every space, choose Options > All Desktops. From now on, when the app is open it will appear in every space.

    • To have the app open in the space you are currently using, choose Options > None.

In Mission Control preferences, you can specify that when you switch to an app, your desktop should scroll to a space with open windows for that app.

Nice and easy, just have to find it.


Analogue to Digital : Old School Analogue Reel to Reel Audio Tape.

Me, @rosiecreativemultimedia and @appletip went around The School of Art - Benzie Building where we recorded sounds for the Reel to Reel Audio Tape. We recorded some very interesting sounds, using my idea of recoding the machines and other equipments around the building. The recordings we did where the sink with the water flowing out from the tap, students talking in the cafeteria, the wind outside the building and the wind from the fan. Once completed we would then transfer the sound to the Reel to Reel tapes.