Still waiting for disney to pay me in royalities for all the footage i had to replace snow white for, when she was sick with the pox. Ill tell you, working with those dwarves wasn’t as cracked up as it was made out to be.
This was another shop from reddit, credit is unknown for now.
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Hello, Pagan McGhostyPants and Mysterious Personage Whose Reasons For Wanting The Seeds Of Inedible White Apples Remain Unknown. I will call you Cyanide McAssassinyPants, obviously.

I would be happy to send you ghost-apple seeds for the price of shipping, provided this action would not anger Customs and/or Apple Maggot Quarantine Enforcement Officers in the area and cause them to send their screechy attack pterodactyls after us. Drop me a line in July when we harvest the white apples.

However, the seeds would most likely not grow into another bizarre white apple tree, as apples do not grow true to type. Apple trees grown from seed do not resemble their parents; it would grow into some other bizarre apple tree.

Modern apple trees are abominations of mad science, created by cloning. You plant an apple seed to get a little apple tree, then you cut off all its branches and fuse on a branch from an old tree you like. The tree grows into a copy of the old tree.

Each “breed” of apple is actually a single tree, cloned thousands or millions of times.

There is only one Golden Delicious tree, cloned into orchards around the world. It is waiting.

There is only one Granny Smith. It is not your grandmother. It is not anyone’s grandmother.

We are making Strange Things, and giving them names like Pink Lady and Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. We eat of their flesh. They are emblems of the education of children.

This will not end well for us.