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‘Apple Pushing Music Labels to Kill Free Spotify Streaming Ahead of Beats Relaunch’

by Zack Zarrillo

A major scoop from Micah Singleton of The Verge, notably because it likely came from the Department of Justice:

The Department of Justice is looking closely into Apple’s business practices in relation to its upcoming music streaming service, according to multiple sources. The Verge has learned that Apple has been pushing major music labels to force streaming services like Spotify to abandon their free tiers, which will dramatically reduce the competition for Apple’s upcoming offering. DOJ officials have already interviewed high-ranking music industry executives about Apple’s business habits.

It seems like that Apple is pushing full steam ahead in trying to regain the dominance over music they had at the peak of the iPod. What other company has the capital and care to go for the below?

Sources also indicated that Apple offered to pay YouTube’s music licensing fee to Universal Music Group if the label stopped allowing its songs on YouTube. Apple is seemingly trying to clear a path before its streaming service launches, which is expected to debut at WWDC in June. If Apple convinces the labels to stop licensing freemium services from Spotify and YouTube, it could take out a significant portion of business from its two largest music competitors.

Two birds. One stone. 

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