#18 Hyperventilating about AP Scores:  Well this is the first post of APScienceproblems… Well anyways our time is almost near to see how good…or how bad our ap scores are, as for me, if my score is bad… i knew i was going to get a bad score on the AP Chem exam ( but still hoping for a good score on my first ap exam), my teacher has a 83-90% record of 1’s and no record of a 5 or even a 4. Eh, i dont mind retaking chem 1 in college.. Btw, expect my reaction video on the 8th. 

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#20 Wanting to draw a free body diagram of your death!: So my classic joke/rant/releasing of frustration line is you know you’re in Physics when you want to draw a Free body diagram of your death. Because honestly, physics is the worst. I mean i remember so many equations that i forget which is which. Physics is actually making me rethink if i want to be a Mechanical Engineer ( well actually i switched to BioMed Engineer), because judging how bad i am at physics… i don’t think you want me as a roller coaster engineer xD. If you were wondering why i am still in physics if i hate it so much is that 1. 2 colleges i applied to require physics 2. CP Physics is either full or it doesn’t  fit into my schedule bc there is only 1 teacher for it… yeah i think i made my point… Ithink 

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