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VLOMO 2012 - Day 1 - Good Morning from South Padre Island, Texas

Just a quick look at the storm heading our way. Should be over quickly and it brings much appreciated coolness to the normally hot and humid gulf coast. #vlomo #vlomo2012

Or are we so dull? ~ Longchenpa

Happiness, hand in hand with suffering,
inexpressibly, is intrinsically present -
or are our minds too dull to notice?

The build-up of samsaric propensities,
primordially, is the pure dimension of being -
pity him who has not noticed!

In the field of sense organ, object and consciousness
every recollection and apperception, every flicker of the mind,
arises as the dimension of perfect enjoyment -
how can we fail to see it!

All goal-oriented conventional activity
and all chatter, gossip and laughter,
is the dimension of magical emanation -
surely we all know that! Or are we so dull?

Every impulse and stirring of the mind,
seamless, like a flowing stream,
our constant mental enchantment,
is effortless, natural meditation -
surely we can’t miss that!

Looking closely at matter and energy,
and at thought, sound and form,
it is all insubstantial projection,
and this view that empties our urban samsara
has always been with us, though unseen -
surely our doors of perception are now open!


from the book “Natural Perfection: Longchenpa’s Radical Dzogchen”

translated by Keith Dowman

In personality psych. today, we all took (a simplified) Thematic Apperception Test. I think my professor might be a little worried. I wrote a dialogue about premeditated murder…..

~for those that don’t know, the TAT (not “tat,” T.A.T, we actually say the letters, b/c we’re pretentious bastards) is a set of (we used a projector instead) cards that portray human figures in a variety of settings and situations and the subject is asked to tell the examiner a story about each card including the setting/situation in the picture, what led up to it, what the characters in the picture are feeling/thinking/doing and the outcome of the event.

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VLOMO2012 - Day 14 - RV Neighbors (by apperceptions)

You meet all kinds of people in an RV camp. This is Claus from Onterio training his cat Moca to climb a tree.

Note: I am trying out YouTube’s scheduled post feature by uploading this Tuesday for post on Wednesday at 4am GMT-0600. If this works ok, I’ll use it to keep up with VLOMO while off-line in Mexico.

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VLOMO2012 - Day 12 - Morning Kitty (by apperceptions)

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VLOMO2012 - Day 11 - Boca Chica Beach (by apperceptions)

We went to the last beach in the south of Texas on Brazos Island.

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VLOMO2012 - Day 10 - Friday Night at Will & Jacks (by apperceptions)

We stopped by for a little dinner and music at our favorite place in Port Isabel. The guitar player sounded like Gordon Lightfoot.

Daily Log: September 18th, 2014

Something new I learned from the Module:

Today, the something new i learned was the word “apperception”. Apperception is the thought process in which new experience is brought into relationship with existing ideas. It is an incredibly relevant ideal in relation to the ILPs we are going to be doing this semester. Merging new experiences with established ideas is incredibly important when trying to teach anyone a new thing, and getting them to coexist and integrated with their current routines would be wildly beneficial.

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VLOMO2012 - Day 8 - Self Portrait (by apperceptions)

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VLOMO2012 - Day 7 - Will & Jacks Burger Shack and Beer Garden (by apperceptions)