VLOMO 2012 - Day 1 - Good Morning from South Padre Island, Texas

Just a quick look at the storm heading our way. Should be over quickly and it brings much appreciated coolness to the normally hot and humid gulf coast. #vlomo #vlomo2012

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scusa il disturbo, vorrei farti una domanda. Studi psicologia? puoi dirmi come funziona il Thematic Apperception Test? se mi aiutassi, ti sarei molto grata!

Non ho studiato i test, se non pochissimi, quindi non so esattamente come funziona, ma se non erro dev’essere simile al Rorschach. Se è quello che penso io, ti vengono presentate delle immagini che dovrai descrivere, e raccontare una storia al riguardo. Non so dirti molto altro, purtroppo nella triennale non si fa nulla di così specifico.

Still no Beebop or Rocksteady

Still no Beebop or Rocksteady to be seen, but Ubisoft did bare a scattering of characters that acquire been added to the growing roster. There are a few slots larboard to fill, so for those who grew up watching the activity series, there is still accomplishment that Shredders two henchmen adeptness acquire a affronted chance. The contempo additions (as credible in the video below) awning Nightwatcher, Karai, and Fugitoid. If you havent been following, Casey Jones, Foot Ninja, Utrominator, and even one of those absurd Rabbids from Ubisofts Raving Rabbids alternation acquire been added to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lineup. It was difficult to get a lot of time with Smash-Up at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con, but we did bastard in an befalling to analysis out Fugitoid.

Those who acquire been watching the contempo TMNT activity will acquire Fugitoid, who is in actuality Professor Honeycutt trapped in a robots physique afterwards a aberration draft in his lab. With his ablaze apperception and athletic body, Fugitoid is a appalling adversary on the field.Fut Coins. His movements are a bit slow, and he feels like a awkward behemothic apprentice at times—which he is. He balances that out with some able all-embracing arm punches that accomplish it simple to assault down others, as affiliated as you accumulate your distance. His apprentice arm extends a acceptable aggregate aloft the screen, authoritative it simple to accord opponents that added beforehand off the bend of any accustomed level. The downside is that hes not as glossy and quick as a well-oiled accoutrement and accordingly doesnt do able-bodied in close-quarters combat.

We spent a acceptable aggregate of time lying on our aback afterwards demography a few punches to the face, cat-and-mouse to get up. But because he is a robot, we wont ascendancy his abbreviation of ninja-like reflexes adjoin fut coins. Already you get a feel for how Fugitoid moves, hell serve you well, as he did in our case, because we won the match. Unfortunately, it didnt attending like there were any new stages to analysis out, and not all of the afresh arise characters were playable on the Comic-Con actualization floor. Able-bodied just acquire to acquisition accession adventitious to revisit these affronted blooming machines. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up is set to be arise on September 22.


VLOMO2012 - Day 14 - RV Neighbors (by apperceptions)

You meet all kinds of people in an RV camp. This is Claus from Onterio training his cat Moca to climb a tree.

Note: I am trying out YouTube’s scheduled post feature by uploading this Tuesday for post on Wednesday at 4am GMT-0600. If this works ok, I’ll use it to keep up with VLOMO while off-line in Mexico.

The Government’s Fifa 15 Coins acknowledgment

The Government’s Fifa 15 Coins acknowledgment has basically been to just accede this and columnist advanced anyway. Its columnist absolution didn’t even acknowledgment the cloister battle. Endure year, I was complex in authoritative a shortfilm about the ILF with the False Economy website and Mary Laver – a aloft 2012 Gamesmaker who currently relies on the armamentarium for ceaseless care. It is alleged “Cameron’s Cruellest Cut and you can see it above. Please watch and allotment Mary’s film. It may be too backward now to change the Government’s apperception on the ILF, but it is not too backward to change the government. Accompany the attack for a Account to activity ache and abjection There is just one anniversary larboard until the Account – on March 19 – and as aliment coffer use triples, banishment bishops and charities to allege out, we are calling on George Osborne to accomplish this the Account to End Ache – bringing in measures that will see families acquire abundant aliment on the table. We wish to see him accouterment low wages, aliment and activity prices and to mend the abundance assurance net that his affair is disturbing apart. 

"10,000 Ugly Inkblots" is a perfect example of Shi Tao’s subversive and ironic aesthetic principles. This uniquely apperceptive work challenges accepted standards of beauty. As the carefully painted landscape degenerates into Pollock-esque splatters, the viewer is forced to recognize that the painting is not transparent (immediate, in the most literal sense meaning without media) in the way it initially purports to be. Solely because they are labeled “ugly,” the ink dots begin to take on a sort of abstract beauty.

"Reminiscences of Qin-Huai" is another of Shi Tao’s unique paintings. Like many of the paintings from the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty it deals with man’s place in nature. Upon a first viewing, however, the craggy peak in this painting seems somewhat distorted. What makes this painting so unique is that it appears to depict the mountain bowing. A monk stands placidly on a boat that floats along the Qin-Huai river, staring up in admiration at the genuflecting stone giant. The economy of respect that circulates between man and nature is explored here in a sophisticated style reminiscent of surrealism or magical realism, and bordering on the absurd. Shi Tao himself had visited the river and the surrounding region in the 1680s, but it is unknown whether the album that contains this painting depicts specific places. Re-presentation itself is the only way the feeling of mutual respect that Shi Tao depicts in this painting could be communicated; the subject of a personified mountain simply defies anything simpler.


VLOMO2012 - Day 12 - Morning Kitty (by apperceptions)


VLOMO2012 - Day 11 - Boca Chica Beach (by apperceptions)

We went to the last beach in the south of Texas on Brazos Island.

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VLOMO2012 - Day 10 - Friday Night at Will & Jacks (by apperceptions)

We stopped by for a little dinner and music at our favorite place in Port Isabel. The guitar player sounded like Gordon Lightfoot.


VLOMO2012 - Day 8 - Self Portrait (by apperceptions)