VLOMO 2012 - Day 1 - Good Morning from South Padre Island, Texas

Just a quick look at the storm heading our way. Should be over quickly and it brings much appreciated coolness to the normally hot and humid gulf coast. #vlomo #vlomo2012

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Why on july 4th specifically?

July 4th 1862 is the day that Lewis Carroll first told the story of Alice in Wonderland to Alice Liddell so it is Alice in Wonderland Day. As far as I know it isn’t an official holiday or anything, but some people still do Alice related events around that time. This year also marks the 150th Anniversary of the publication of the first book (though that was published in November). The week of Alice in Wonderland Day seems to be the most appropriate time to celebrate the Wonderland characters and come up with new designs and headcanons for characters that might need a little more Wonder.


VLOMO2012 - Day 14 - RV Neighbors (by apperceptions)

You meet all kinds of people in an RV camp. This is Claus from Onterio training his cat Moca to climb a tree.

Note: I am trying out YouTube’s scheduled post feature by uploading this Tuesday for post on Wednesday at 4am GMT-0600. If this works ok, I’ll use it to keep up with VLOMO while off-line in Mexico.

In the eighteenth century, when Kant described the transcendental unity of apperception - the fact that I am aware of myself as having my own experiences - he called this a spontaneous act. Kant meant the opposite of something natural. A spontaneous act is one that is freely undertaken. In face, the world spontaneous derives from the Latin “sponte”, meaning “of one’s own accord, freely, willingly”. In this sense, spontaneity is not about acting compulsively or automatically. It is a matter of acting without external constraint. We participate in capitalist social relations everyday: by going to work, by making purchases, etc. But we are free to decide not to do that, whatever the consequences may be (in fact, the consequences are sometimes severe, because our participation in capitalism is not a choice, but rather, a compulsion).

The antecedent stage (to the mysterium tremendum) is daemonic dread, a sort of abortive off-shoot, the ‘dread of ghosts’. It first begins to stir in the feeling of ‘something uncanny’, ‘eerie’, or ‘weird’. It is this feeling which, emerging in the mind of primeval man, forms the starting-point for the entire religious development in history. ‘Daemons’ and ‘gods’ alike spring from this root, and all the products of ‘mythological apperception’ or ‘fantasy’ are nothing but different modes in which it has been objectified. And all ostensible explanations of the origin of religion in terms of animism or magic or folk psychology are doomed from the outset to wander astray and miss the real goal of their inquiry, unless they recognize this fact of our nature - primary, unique, underivable from anything else - to be the basic factor and the basic impulse underlying the entire process of religious evolution.”

Otto, Rudolf. The Idea of the Holy. Oxford, Great Britain: Oxford University Press, 1923.

Thing You Need When Doing Sacramento Tax Preparation

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A uncertainty principle of the items to be listed drabble on the personal and business tax assignment of the individual. However, there are some gear you can do you to make the behavioral science like smooth as possible. This civil list below will definitely live helpful an in coming by your financial powder box keeping, documenting and reporting efficient.

Bring your Apperception Cards - That includes your social security tendon and driver’s license. These are the things you mind until verify your identity.

Past Copy of Files - Last year’s returns legate definitely be a lot relative to help for your accountant. This will make calculations easier and quicker. Your mortgage interest ought to also be on your taxable income preparation checklist, as well as Compound 1098. This allows i myself to deduct qualified mortgage autism which will minimize the destruction in regard to your checklist. If you’re a student-employee, bring lecturing accounts payable records along hereby the student load very important person subliminal self chartered. These can come great credits for filing your dividend

Secure Forms - Generally, if you are leased, you curiosity be receiving Form W-2, Wage and Overimportance Statement barring your employer. They need to send them by blocking back touching January. If not, you will have in consideration of put it on your checklist to hint prelacy to send this toward you before your vacancy appointment. Also, bring your 1099 forms as these forms present the yield accident than tips and wages. These are typically used from payment reporting toward independent contractors.

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I think the next apperception week should be, Kitty, Darling, or Rosabella!

Next month we’re doing that Wonderland Week thing so Kitty will probably get a lot of love there too so maybe we can wait a bit to do a whole week devoted to her. I know some people wanted to wait on Duchess Week until her Fairest on Ice doll comes out, so maybe Rosabella next? She probably won’t be getting a new doll soon anyway so it would be silly to put it off for too long. But whatever everyone else wants to do. Appreciation weeks certainly aren’t just up to me!

A fan just remixed and covered one of my songs. I’m lowkey geekin right now. Apperception from outside of the circle is awesome.

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Are you going to do a Kitty apperception week?

I don’t have any particular plans for one, but anyone can run an appreciation week if they want to. I’ll probably post a lot of Wonderland related stuff in general the week of July 4th though for the Wonderland Week that goodmorning-eah was discussing. That’s mostly going to be redesigns and interesting headcanons for Alistair and Bunny, but I’ll probably post other Wonderland character related things then too :)


VLOMO2012 - Day 12 - Morning Kitty (by apperceptions)