Mutton Stew

The stew is a dish and has been a staple among many a community. In fact the origins of stew date back to the ancient times. Right from the Amazonians to the Romans, be it a Muslim or a Christian, everyone has their own version of the ever popular stew.

In the early days the Europeans on their various conquests took along with them, their culture, religion and most importantly their food. So when they did land on Indian shores, the communities on the western coast made a few adjustments to their palates.

The recipe below is the south Indian version of the mutton stew. It’s a family favourite that has been relished by my hubby and kids through the years and has my daughter in law simply asking for more. It is thick, simply delicious and best served with appams or rice and I bet you’ll be licking your fingers till they’re clean.



15 things that make me happy

tagged by jaya :)

  1. Sri Lankan food. I’ve deprived myself of it due to not having paid enough attention when ummi taught me, so it’s a treat whenever I visit home. In terms of sweets, anything with kitul palm syrup as a main ingredient. Pani walalu, sago, juggery appam.
  2. Dilmah milk tea with malted powder.
  3. Cleaning. I clean for stress relief mostly. Seeing an organised, spick and span space is incredibly gratifying.
  4. Planned, intentional solitary time. Designating time to do a particular activity on my own is pretty rejuvenating, but only when it’s not a compromise for loneliness.
  5. Getting ready for events. Fucking loooove the process of donning up in pretty clothes and doing my makeup and hair. Sometimes it’s my only motivation to attend.
  6. My job. I’m so lucky to be doing something I find important and fulfills me on a personal level.
  7. Mates! Company givers, story sharers, empathisers, saviours. I have some people in my life who I feel crazy giddy around, it’s almost too much at times. But merely sharing space and time with someone I think is wonderful makes me feel happy and peaceful. 
  8. Drawing and painting. I rarely do this, but it’s another activity for me to do to feel productive and have something tangible at the end.
  9. Self pampering. The ritual of deep conditioning hair with coconut oil, bathing, exfoliating, moisturising with cocoa butter. Creates a constant awareness of my own body and appreciation for my physical form, rather than relying on external validation.
  10. Physical intimacy. I’m not very physically affectionate with friends, so I tend to over compensate with lovers and it’s beautiful. Until it ceases for whatever reason and I have to deal with withdrawal symptoms.
  11. Long drives. With company, but preferably alone. Especially at night and sprinkling with rain. Lights glistening through droplets of water is the prettiest sight.
  12. Music when it perfectly aligns with my current mood.
  13. Watching makeup tutorials on youtube. Perhaps my main source of relaxation.
  14. Learning about fucked up shit. Morbid reality. Disturbing documentaries. They leave me feeling shocked and depressed, but there is satisfaction in expanding my knowledge.
  15. Observing little animals. Like spiders and caterpillars and other gorgeous critters.

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