Some people do manage to get rid of their accents, for different reasons. Some want to. Some just naturally do when they are surrounded by people speaking in other accents. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But as Appalachians, we are all marked by the land. In one way or another, it is a part of us, and if we don’t hide that, then people are going to judge us based on that. Because they’ve seen pictures of one-room schoolhouses here during modern times. Because the media constantly paints a picture of us as being stupid, and backward, and lazy, and illiterate.
—  Silas House

Midnight Spell by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP
Handmade screenprinted back patch

      With an apple red as blood, a woodland witch works a spell under a star studded midnight sky. A mighty sorceress, she is powerful and cunning willing the fortunes of the universe in her favor. She wears a diadem woven from wild mint and a coal-black cloak draped with the furs of her animal familiars that have long since passed. Beneath her minty crown silver hair falls like water and glistens in the light of the full moon. The enchantress grasps a ruby red apple and silver athame as she casts a spell to bring her love, beauty, wisdom, and immortality. Harnessing all of her powers, she raises the dagger high in the air and with one swift movement stabs the apple. The fruit is now imbued with all the fortunes she wishes to attract. Bathed in starlight the sorceress devours the magical apple and all that she desired is set in motion. Her eyes shine with the flicker of fire, creation, and immeasurable power as she cackles in the dead of night.
      Mint is a common herb used in spell work to bring the spell caster fortune, purification, prosperity, healing, travel, strength, and psychic awareness. When placed inside a witch’s circle it will attract benevolent spirits and promote good energy.
      Apples are perhaps the most magical of all fruits. Often used in spell work and placed on altars, the fruit is associated with love, fertility, immortality, healing, the soul, and wisdom. The Apple is related to goddesses such as Venus, Pomona, and Freya, among others. It is sometimes used as a direct symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility, because the fruit also functions as a symbol for heart. Pomona is a Roman goddess and wood nymph who tends to the cultivation of fruit trees and orchards in early spring. Fruiting apples trees and a pruning knife are two of the symbols associated with her. Freya is the goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, war, and death in Norse mythology. It is said that she would shake apple trees to invoke a good harvest and in return the towns folk would leave apples in the trees as offerings to the generous goddess. When an apple is cut in half the correct way a star can be seen made up from it’s seeds. Sliced in this particular way, the fruit is often placed on magical altars as it embodies the aforementioned goddesses and displays the five-pointed star alluding to the union of the four elements with the soul.

Taken by NASA’s ER-2 aircraft on the 23rd of May, this image shows an immense storm cell forming over the southern Appalachian Mountains.

The aircraft is from a study known as IPHEx (Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment) which lasted for 6 weeks using the ER-2 and data from rain gauges and rain stations across North Carolina. The study was part of an effort to better understand precipitation over mountainous terrain.