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Benedict Win 

ecco il famoso Ice Bucket Challenge di Benedict. God Bless Tom per questa nomination!

gotetevi questo tortellino bagnato


It all started over a year ago when a small group been created to appreciate The Fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch…and his work , we started by just posting his pictures all day long and discuss things, fantasizing about him……… was going well ..people joining in from all over the world for a common purpose………………that Little Group with a tiny flaw as we spelled our lords name in Small letter Benedict cumberbatch ……… the past six months became the most biggest Facebook cumberfandom with more than 25000 members all over the world, not only joining in, but donating in every cause Benedict is into, helping each other, becoming Friends , sharing stories, , updating, even sending stuff around the world so that every member can have the merchandise , like samibraclet, posters, Sherlock merchandise and so many more, becoming pen pals by actually writing letters to each other, make trips to London and doing our own little convention …like we all are planning a meet up in London next fall to greet our Precious Cumberbatch for his new outstanding character portray of Hamlet…

Am so proud to be a part of this group and admin of it..

We are the #Bendicts delicious cookies that slowly and steadily becoming a huge CumberBatchers of the World

So Benedict is going to voice the tiger Shere Khan in Warner Bros’ upcoming adaptation of the Jungle Book and honestly I’m laughing really hard right now because he portrays sherlock and he portrays khan and now

Shere Khan

This is a thing that is happening