Veronica came in today to pick out some fancy new pieces. She just got a new job at the Aquarium (congrats!) and wants to look her best.

She has a healed industrial (not pierced by us) and put together a stunning combo in this @anatometal barbell.

Titanium anodized bronze, white opals, and a BVLA Rose with mint green, CZ and a genuine mystic topaz for the center piece.

Thank you, Veronica! 


Natalie stopped in for a forward helix piercing. She chose this lovely 14k yellow gold trinity with mint green gems. Great choice, Natalie. It looks fantastic on you. 

Cody is at the studio today until 8pm, so swing on by and have a look at all the new jewelry we received. 



Today is the world premier of the the first GoldieBlox cartoon!!!

Lynn Wang & I directed, wrote, animated, and composited it with Andrea Fernandez & Trevor Spencer providing art direction, design and layout. Also a huge thanks to them and Megan Lacera for co-writing and doing story for this episode along with Debbie Sterling and Beau Lewis. Our Beautiful backgrounds were painted by Angelo Vilar and the awesome soundtrack was done by Nick Keller. A full list of credits is available in the YouTube description.

The cartoon is featured in a FREE APP called GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine, available now on iTunes where you can animate and make your own movies using photos, stamps and a bunch of slick drawing tools. If you have kids or little cousins or nieces/nephews I’d recommend it. I already got to play around with it and it’s really easy to use and you can make some super funny stuff. And if you’re really digging it, you can actually print out your animations and use them in the real-life GoldieBlox Zoetrope toy available on their website. It works crazy well and is really awesome to see in real life.

Also Goldie is voiced by Emily Haines!! Emily Haines of Metric?? WHAAAAT!??! Yes. That Emily Haines.

You can also check out more sweet stuff at (it’s really cute)and Thanks for watching guys!!! :D

Application Info: Full Name:Wolves in winter Short Name:Wolves in winter Google ID:juicysoft.lwp.wolvesinwinter Version:1.12 Size:3.35 MB Category:Applications Sub Category:Personalization Developer: Min System Requirements CPU : armeabi,armeabi-v7a,mips,x86 Android Version : Honeycomb 3.0 Screen : small GPU : 2.0 Permissions android.permission.INTERNETandroid.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEandroid.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE Screens Get Wolves in winter.apk via Get Android APP APK


PopPoppingKorean Pronunciation


Seriously, best app ever. I’m heavily relying on this app to do my studying before my lessons. It shows you clearly how to pronounce the various characters (with diagrams!!!!) and even combined vowels/consonants/syllabus etc. You can just drag and drop to get the exact character you want. It comes with audio too so you can repeat and keep listening to it till you get it. And it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

They make it fun for you by teaching you phrases and words in a game under Rhythm Hangul, and they even relate it to kpop or kdramas, so it’s really engaging! It also comes with a section of the history of Hangul which is really interesting!

The only bad thing is the background music which I cant turn off, it annoys me after some time LOL  

(Note: I’m using iPhone6, iOS8) 

Many thanks to aegyo-shinee unnie who introduced me this app! xoxo~

Application Info: Full Name:Battle Camp Short Name:Battle Camp Google Version:2.7.4 Size:47.18 MB Category:Games Sub Category:Role Playing Developer: Whats New: 2.7.0: HALLOWEEN CONTENT UPDATE {NEW FEATURE} Mentoring System! – BECOME A MENTOR: Help new players learn the ropes! {NEW FEATURE} Troop Leadership Positions! – Five special positions each with their own unique abilities! – Power … via Get Android APP APK

Confira as melhorias do aplicativo Battlelog para tablets

Confira as melhorias do aplicativo Battlelog para tablets

O aplicativo Battlelog para dispositivos móveis e tables é uma boa maneira para se manter conectado ao Battlefield, deixando você visualizar estatísticas, customizar seu loadout, ver resultados de partidas, e muito mais.

Após uma consulta com testers da comunidade do Battlelog, foram realizadas certas melhorias ao aplicativo Battelog para tables, permitindo agora uma experiência mais mais suave e…

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