An innovative interactive documentary on coding and creativity has been released featuring many key figures in the field. Featuring 3D content which you can guide, the content can also be viewed with an Oculus Rift headset:

A generation of artists and hackers have emerged on the internet using open source technologies for experiments in art and design.

CLOUDS is an interactive documentary and a portrait of this community of digital pioneers, explored through the lens of code. The project asks questions about the future of creativity at a time when algorithms play an important role in shaping culture.

People featured in the film include 40 artists, designers and hackers who participate in the co-creation of free tools for creative expression: Processing and openFrameworks. Reflecting the story of these online communities, the software behind CLOUDS was built in C++ using openFrameworks, and includes real-time interactive visualizations by the artists featured in the documentary.

In its revolutionary hybrid format, somewhere between a documentary, a videogame, and data visualization, CLOUDS allows viewers to navigate a web of ideas. It uses a data-driven Story Engine to present an endless ever-changing conversation, where artists co-exist with their code, presented through real-time interactive visual systems and lush 3D environments.

Highly recommended - you can rent a stream for $5 or purchase a copy for $10 (for Mac and PC) for the interactive version.

You can find out more about the project here

Get FREE MONEY for downloading apps

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all!
I recently discovered an app called “FeaturePoints” and you earn points for downloading apps and trying them out!

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Sarah stopped in really wanting a lower navel piercing, so we were thrilled to see she had just the right lip and ledge for the piercing to be a viable option for her.

Here she is a little over a week into the healing process.

She chose this lovely princess cut navel curve from anatometal​.

Implant grade steel with light purple opals.

Thank you so much, Sarah!

Monterey, CA


By Anne Leader

Interested in seeing another side of Florence? Experience the city through a unique Renaissance street-view-style interactive map. Hidden Florence provides an audio-guided tour of the city on your smart phone through the eyes of Giovanni, a historically-based character drawn from records of artisan life in 1490s Florence. Giovanni walks you through his city, allowing you to see and experience its streets, buildings, and piazze as working-class Florentines did in the age of Lorenzo de’ Medici. Download the free app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android and get an insider’s view of the city.

Piazza Sant’ Ambrogio, Florence. Photo: Ugo Galasso 

Hidden Florence App map: The Mercato Vecchio in 1584

App designers David Rosenthal and Fabrizio Nevola in Piazza San Piero Maggiore

Piazza della Signoria, Florence

Piazza San Martino, Florence

Hidden Florence Promotional video

These lovely ladies got matching #tragus piercings together, each with their own unique choice of gold. We love that the same piercing can be made so personalized based on what jewelry you choose! Tag someone you’d get matching piercings with!

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