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LOL, I thought it would come out the next day, but meh, better late than never right? heehee, as promised, here’s the final chapter for Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata. I apologize  for it’s EPIC lateness, but I’ve had issues and I was like :/ but anyway, yay!

Thank you for supporting the project and the group from the beginning! If you loved it, show your support by buying the hardcopy if it’s available in your area :)

Title: Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata chapter 4
Author: Sakyo Aya
Rating: R18
Chapter 4: Download

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Fifth Harmony confession by anonymous

“I hate when people say I HAVE to support Fifth Harmony just because I support a lot of other girl groups. Hell no. All 5H give a damn about is money and fame, they encourage their fans bullying people (Normani), say racist things (Camila), fat shame (Dinah), never apologize for offending people, cheat to win, and try to pass off every song as ‘girl empowerment’ when most definitely aren’t.”

picking romanogers support group members


there were so many people who entered so i apologize for the delay, i’m finalizing everything right now and then the group is set. expect to see an ask from me tomorrow and a post mentioning you. track the tag: romanogerssupportgroup so you’ll be the first to know if you got in or not.


As much as I ship Bonkai Julie has a legit reason not to like that pairing. I mean just his name sends Bonnie into a traumatic tailspin. Actual traumatizing flashbacks that cause this girl to wince just remembering from when he stabbed her.

Bonnie has made it very very clear she has put Kai in the position of the abuser. to call into play DE and KC doesn’t really help your stance when it’s ‘they got THEIR abuse relationship we want OURS’. Like Bonnie had a panic attack over this man and yall acting like Julie is bullshitting for not supporting that. She wrote her character actually reacting to the shitty things she suffered through and NOT ACCEPTING an apology. Idk but I think Bonnie claiming her agency and stating how she feels(because Bonnie thus far has been the stoic negro martyr putting up with any bullshit the group throws her way) is much more progressive than retconning and erasing her reactions to railroad her into a relationship like her friends were. The last time Bonnie actually broke down like racking sobs over what she was going through was in season 3(maybe 4?) when she left the Mikaelson mansion after Klaus FORCED her to do a spell. I don’t think you can call yourself a Bonnie fan if you can look at the fallout on her character it would have if she hooked up with Kai

colonelhanslandas asked:

Do you have any tips on anger management? I'm so sorry to bother with such a stupid thing, I'm going through heartbreak for the first time and this guy whom I trusted for 8 years used me, and treated me horribly and it's a long story but now that I am passed the sadness phase (kind of) I am SO angry and I have been taking that anger out on myself and I'm just scared and I want to be ok. I'm hurt and angry every day and he doesnt even know, he never apologized and thats shitty. I'm done forever!!

I dealt and still deal with a lot of anger issues as a result of past experiences/trauma.

Step 1.) Look for an anger support group or therapy. I am not kidding. We tend to think of anger management as something for people who flipped out on the bank teller in the middle of a work day. It’s not. The most destructive anger is the kind we aim at ourselves and it can often be a symptom of anxiety or grieving. It’s not always loud and visible. It can be quiet and it can wear you down. Having someone to talk to and support you as learn coping mechanisms is a huge help. Even if you only need to go once, it’ll be better than what you’re dealing with now by yourself.

Step 2.) Look into meditation/breathing exercises. It’s taken me a while but I am able to meditate or control my breathing in most situations where I feel my anger becoming hard to control.

Step 3.) Remember it’s ok to remove yourself from situations/people/places when you need to calm down. A lot of people think that dealing with anger means enduring stressful situations. If you need to be left alone or you need to step outside and it’s feasible for you to do so, then do it. Sometimes just changing your scenery or getting away is the best thing to do for you and those around you.

Step 4.) Forgive yourself. You’re human. You thought you were in love. You didn’t know this guy was gonna hurt you. HE hurt YOU. Now, you can’t change what he did and you’re not ever going to get the “closure” that’s talked about in books and movies. It doesn’t happen that way. You’re just going to have to slowly build a new life and day by day, week by week, etc. you will get on without him, life will continue, and you will have new chances. Don’t let this anger lock you in self-doubt or make you believe you’re not worthy of better things.

Step 5.) Understand that a lot of times your anger is valid, understandable and even useful. Anger is an emotion we all feel and a lot of the times there’s a good reason to be angry. What we need to focus on is what are we DOING when we get angry. What we DO in response to our anger and how we target it determines whether or not we are coping with our anger in a healthy way.

Step 6.) Get plenty of sleep. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your emotional health to get restful and regular sleep. Again, therapy and meditation can help with this. Also talk to your doctor if you’re not sleeping well and talk about what options are available to you. Make sure to mention if you have a tendency to abuse or become dependent on substances as this can affect treatment.

Good luck!

Hello, everyone. I made a PSA yesterday about my current writing state, so to reiterate that point, This is probably going to be the last bit of Tom fanfiction I post for a while. Please know that this has nothing to do with any of your responses, believe me you have all been more than kind and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better group. This is me, purely me. I’ve fallen down some hole and I cant seem to drag myself out of it. The only way out is through, I know. I will keep writing, maybe try my hand at some Apple Pie fluff, some AU Avengers or something, but I have to stay away from Tom for a while. (If you guys tag me in yours I will read like always, promise. This only extends to my Muse). Thank you all so so much for your support, it truly means the world. 

This is something I had saved in my drafts on Ao3 for a while and never posted, so I decided to post it before it was automatically deleted and lost forever. It is extremely personal to me and I think, when I pull myself back together to finish it, it will become increasingly more so. Some of you know me personally and I think you will understand where this is coming from. I am fine, I promise, I just had to write this out on one of those nights. (Leesh, read.)

Im sorry for this long winded note, and for the fact that everything has just stopped for me. It will come back, It always does. Have a great day, everyone, and I hope you are all enjoying May so far (you have all been getting the tags, right?)

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Hi there, do you have any sources specifically for OCD? It's been suppppper bad ever since I began recovering from anorexia.

I feel like I should have more because I have OCD but because I just found out I have it not too long ago, I haven’t learned as much about coping with it as I have my other mental illnesses/struggles. Here’s what I do have though:

The International OCD Foundation

Online & Phone OCD Support Groups

Managing Your OCD At Home

More Home Management Strategies (this is designed for parents to help kids with OCD but I think some of the stuff could still be very helpful)

Strategies for Managing OCD’s Anxious Moments

OCD Support Group Tumblr 

OCD Support Tumblr

(Just found a lot of these & have not gone thoroughly through them all, so I apologize if any are problematic!)

I would also encourage you to talk to any health professionals you’re talking to about your recovery about your OCD. I know that for me symptoms of OCD and disordered eating can really overlap & in order to help one I need help with the other. If you’re not talking to any professionals about your struggles, I would encourage you to seek help. You are deserving of it & this really tough stuff is so much easier to manage if you have a support system in place.

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"victim-blaming Nazi apologist" god who is that :0

B. Dalton has been supporting and excusing Ward at any opportunity he has, plus he has said SO MUCH Rape Culture supporting stuff and tried to prop his supporting character up by co-opting Skye’s story in interviews like a fucking parasite, and he has given spotlight to a very toxic group of Nazi-apologizing fans, to the point where he gives away merchandise based on said racist, sexist concept.

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ace witch anon -sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with me before I asked. Lately, I've been feeling really insecure about my sexuality and how a lot of others react to it. I don't have a lot of spell ingredients around, but could you suggest one to help with self-acceptance and self-love? Thank you.

No need to apologize.  I promise you will find nothing but support from this blog.  <3

I do have a tag for self love spells.  

Self love and self acceptance is difficult, especially when the world is so unkind to marginalized groups.  It’s okay to be insecure and everything–just know that you are not alone.  

some people want the kitchen i work for to cater may 1 and im just like

…….please correct me if i’m missing something or misinterpreting this in any way but….. you’re a group of activists asking me to work on may day??????? to support your workers’ strike…….? without acknowledging, yet alone apologizing for, this irony………

taekookismine asked:

Hello! Could you tell me what is happening with the Rome of the C-Clown? Why he apologized? I looked for sources and news, but could not find anything useful! I would appreciate it if you could clarify this for me. I loved your message of support for him. Thank u.

Hi! I’m glad you liked my message! I had to speak from my heart and share it somewhere x3 As for Rome/Christian, we don’t really know! He hasn’t said anything in blunt terms and I believe most or all of the C-Clown members have changed their social media accounts to personal names and taken out the group name for descriptions and id’s. Rome in particular has begun using his real name, Christian, on social media rather than his stage name. Fans are speculating that the group is disbanding, but until we get an official statement, all we can do is keep showing our love and support!

beforethedawnoftime asked:

You recently reblogged a post about the Nation of Islam helping out in Baltimore. Just so you know, the Southern Poverty Law Center classes them as a hate group due to their anti-semitism and homophobia, (their head once said "It's the wicked Jews, the false Jews, that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality"). Quite a few of the Jewish people I follow are freaked out by the number of people reblogging and praising the NoI for what they're doing in Baltimore, so I thought I'd let you know.

I appreciate knowing this, and I will delete that post. I apologize for reblogging a post supporting an antisemitic and homophobic group. :(

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"I owe you an apology."

Ishi turned around and looked at her fiance’s sister, Collin. She cocked an eyebrow and tilted her head to the side. “You do?” She couldn’t think of what Collin would want to apologize for. Had she not been supportive of her relationship with Josh? She figured some of the Bats were bound to question it, especially since she was a member of Rider’s Deck, a known group of thieves - and well her leader and one of her best friends, Harvey, was a murderer. Josh hadn’t mentioned that his sister wasn’t supportive, though, so she had no reason to think Collin was.

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I just found out that I have HVS2. I got it from a guy who wont tell me the truth and I gave it to my partner. He had the symptoms and I didn't. That's how I found out. Now we split and is calling me out for giving it to him. I dont know what to do

There’s not much you can do. Giving it to someone else without knowing is so difficult but it happens. So many people have herpes and about 80% of people that have it don’t show any symptoms. They also do not include herpes in the std panels so even if you do get tested regularly you may not have known. All you can do is apologize and give him facts. Learn the facts yourself too. Projectaccept.org is a great start. If your looking for support groups I have plenty of info and I’d be happy to get you into the groups. You’re not the only one and this happens all the time. It’s how most of us end up in this situation….. don’t blame yourself, try as best as you can to come to terms with it, and as far as him calling you out…. The more you don’t let it bother you the less satisfaction they will get and they may stop. Hang in there

Friendly reminder that you shouldn’t use what’s going on in Baltimore to support your racist views. Don’t act like seeing black people acting in what you deem an innapropriate manner is a reason for you to look down on the entire race. I’ve met quite a few ignorant white people in my day and I still manage to keep an open mind when meeting a new white person. The acts of one do not define the characteristics of everyone else who shares their skin color. And this goes for all groups that keep being treated like this. Muslims have to repeatedly condemn and apologize for the acts of terrorists with which they have no association whatsoever. Stop grouping us together; I promise we don’t all know each other.

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I got angry and I'll apologise. I still live with my abusive mum so i understand what you mean. However, you must understand that the law is law and law must be applied. It is not something you can deny even if you disagree with it.

(Note: This is the last ask I’m answering from you.)

Apology accepted. Thank you. I’m sorry about your mother.

Lawful doesn’t always mean just. It’s a set of rules and penalties applied if you break those rules, supported and created by groups of power in society. That’s it. There’s nothing about it that makes it morally superior to our personal philosophies. Ideally, people in power would create and use laws that benefit people, but they can be used to harm as well. 

That’s where people need to think, criticise, and even disobey. I’m not sure what you mean by “deny” but I wouldn’t follow the law if it was used that way. If needed I would gladly fight against authority using the minimum force needed or the least destructive medium available(which is usually social media.) A world where no one questioned the law just because it’s the law would be disastrous. I have no doubts which side of history I’d rather be part of.

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I’m just as clueless as you are…
Some say it’s an apology for making the fandom worry and that he’s thankful for all the support.
Some say it’s an apology for leaving and that once again he’s thankful all of the support in his decision.
I’m just waiting for SM’s official statement…
But I am praying that nothing goes too difficult for our panda no matter what choice he chooses.

- Admin KP


Is a bitch. It’s what happens when you lie and cheat. To the person who cares the most about you in the world. And you wonder where your support group went. Your safety net. Your armor. Getting an apology to my face. Would be a godsend.