apollo welcomed the boy,
and his heart warmed as he neared.
but as his heart melted
so did the boy’s wings.

and so icarus fell
his cries drowned by the waves
sent by the god below
who took pity upon him.

the sun king was shamed
for he knew all too well about love lost.
and so goes the tragedy
of the boy who flew.

—  decades moved on faster than he fell | dionysns

Enjolras isnt romantic one in the relationship but he is the one who drops bigass bombs out of nowhere.

“I will be back around 7, so we can go together to the meeting. Oh, and I almost forgot, I love you.”

And They would be walking around Paris and Enj would just sort of be like “Anyways, I saw this apartment yesterday, we could afford it, we can move into it together next week”

And the one that almost made Grantaire choke on his tea “So listen, I think we should get married on Saturday and then grab some luch, what do you think?”