Difficult Choices || Ariella and Mirelly

Once my feet touched the hard cement ground, I gripped my bow in my hands again. I may have gotten away from the bloodbath but it only gets harder from here on out.The building must have been tall, the gusts of wind were enough to blow my hair out of my face and sting my eyes a bit. Before I could make it to the edge of the building to find a way down I saw someone in my way.

With my bow pointed at her heart I simply asked, “Who are you.” I wasn’t ready to kill anyone… not yet.

Change Of Plans || Dia & Anton || Arena Day 3

The fire had died down, and I was snuggled up in a sheet with Anton.  I woke before him, but I did not get up.  I just laid there next to him, and let him sleep.  All of a sudden, I smelt smoke, and a lot of it.  I sat up.  Smoke was pouring in through the windows.  The fire Anton had started was spreading, and so was the smoke.  I started to gather our things into Anton’s pack.  I grabbed my whip and shook Anton awake, handing him his axe.

"Wake up!  We have to go."  I said, coughing.  I was sore, and my abdomen still hurt, but I tried not to think about it.  


This is your first look at the arena! 

Is it a surprise? Exactly what you expected? The sand might’ve been confusing, but as soon as you crawled out of the trap, you discover green and lots of it. Trees and bushes and lots of wide open areas. As you stand on the fairway, you look to the rough, the tee boxes, and the green. What else but… an abandoned golf course!

Arena Update: Day 1, Morning

  • Yellow Star: D8/D10
  • Green Star: Tester
  • Pink Star: Sabine, Delilah, & CB (Bad Girls)
  • Cyan Star: Kyan
  • Orange Star: Adagio
  • Purple Star: Daphne
  • Red Star: Clifton
  • White Star: D5 and Jeremiah (JKJ)
  • Black Star: Carly
  • Blue Star: Zevery
Just One Drop || Chiven

I ran. I grabbed. I killed. My mother,brother,friend,Ames,and now Keira. Though the only person I have fully killed was Keira. It was the Capitol who basically killed my mom. My reaping that killed my brother. Me distracting my brother which killed our friend. Ames’ stupidity and me prying his hands off of me killed him. Now I slit a girls throat. The only blood that has actually been on my hands was my own,that trainers,and now Keiras. The Capitol did not turn me into a killer. I was always one at heart.

As I ran away from the bloodbath I felt a rush of relief. Chirre was at my side. I guess it wasn’t our time to part yet. We kept running until we reached the fountain. I looked Chirre over. Okay. He’s okay. He’s fine. He’s here.

"Chirre…oh thank god."

My Chirre…I pretty much tackled him. I couldn’t explain how happy I was to see him alive.

Boom Clap || Fallen OS

After Colt and Charlie returned we had a relatively low-key night. Food was pulled out of backpacks and gathered in a small pile as Imogene made a little fire in a cleared dirt circle surrounded by heavy rocks to keep it from spreading. I pointed out to her a few things to minimize the smoke and soon we had a safe little fire in our clearing. 

I let them divide the food as they chose, even offering to share my spinach rolls. I could usually tell in a bite if something was vegan or not and I recognized them as being something I was okay with in a couple bites. I guiltily pulled out my canteen and sipped quietly and handed Imogene one of the iodine tablets to use on the group’s water. Just because I wasn’t sharing didn’t mean I was out to take them down. 

As they broke into the beef stew, I chewed on my lip. I knew I should eat, to keep my energy up, but it was just so wrong that even seeing pieces of beef lifted into their mouths with the provided spoons made me almost throw up. I stared into my spinach roll with such intensity that I barely noticed the sound of the parachute until it was inches from smacking me in the head. 

"Oh my god," I breathed as I opened the container, finding a thermos full of soup. One sniff and I could tell it was vegetable, and the note enclosed confirmed that suspicion. Heard beef isn’t your thing -Jet. Jet. Jet… Jet! I smiled. “I got a sponsor,” I said quietly, as if I could hardly believe it. The reactions on my allies’ faces were polite smiles that clearly masked jealousy. Now I felt even more guilty.

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Ever wanted to look like a player… of golf? Well now you do! Tributes are dressed in his and her golf fashion ensembles complete with matching golf shoes and hats (to help keep the sun out of your eyes, of course). White polos leave you sticking out like a golf ball on the green as you traverse through the arena. The gloves are handy, at least they improve your grip on your weapons! And what golfer’s outfit would be complete without their silicone performance wristbands, meant to increase balance, strength, and flexibility. 

Little Talks || Andi || Arena Day 4

We walked hand in hand, thankful to be above ground once again.  Anton kicked open a door to a building, clearly marked with the number 5.  We went inside to make shelter for the night.  Anton took off his pack, and I took out what food we had left.  I opened our second can of stew, and took a gulp of water.  I had never been so thirsty in my life, and I was so thankful for a sip.  I passed the canteen to Anton.  Suddenly, I heard music, and I looked out a broken window to see the Fallen being played in the sky.  

"There are only six of us left."  I said, coming back over to our camp and sitting down.


Arena -  Day 2:

Day 2 dawns. There’s 19 of you left, the Capitol is clamouring for action and now it’s time you give it to them. One way or another…

Please RP with your alliance/OS out events. When your GMs deem it necessary, we will reblog your post. You never know when you might run into a hazard! If you need our attention or need us to reblog anything at all, please remember to bold the last sentence of your post and we’ll come running.

Note: Day 2 will run approximately 48 hours, barring any kill stories. We will notify you of any pending KSs and remind you when to close paras/post OSs. The Fallen will always be posted near the end of the day so that you have time to respond if desired.

Tag all your Day 2 OSs and paras: #APOGDay2

Your Tasks Are Found Below: 

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The Final Fallen

4th: Kineos Yager - by Fox Delarue

3rd: Sutter Galbraith - by Delilah Lalonde

2nd: Delilah Lalonde -by Fox Delarue

With that we say goodbye to three tributes who put up an amazing fight for the finale. We thank each and every one of you for putting all of your hard work into making three tributes that we loved to read. We hope to see you in APOG19 and perhaps as a victor? 


Final Task: The Finale

Four tributes remain; they’ve fought, loved and lost but there’s one final hurdle they have to face before they return home to anxious family and friends. It’s time for the Game maker’s final trick.

As the four of you step over your fallen enemy, you follow the gopher hole you fell into to a light that glimmers in the distance. You finally emerge from the darkness to a large catacomb. It seems as if its the remnants of a castle of old. Your footsteps echo as you look about. Suddenly, you see it. Mounds and mounds of gold, gems, and riches none of you could’ve ever imagined. Could this all be yours if you win? Chances are… but you’ll have to beat the remaining 3 to claim your crown.

Task: Submit to us your final task in 3rd person. Since you’ll be writing a KS for each tribute separately, we ask you to keep each under 1200 words. Please submit a list which puts the tributes in order of who you’d attack first. Submit your stories in that order. You can submit all 3 together. 

Once received, we will compare all stories, the order in which you would attack, and post the results. You have until Tuesday at 6 pm EST/3 pm PST to submit your task. 

Good luck to everyone!

As soon as you are able, please post a new status update that includes new injuries, updated items, and updated weapons!


Arena Task #2: Post Bloodbath Blitz

You’ve just survived the bloodbath and as you escape the fray, you realize you’re on a cruise ship… in the middle of the ocean. Based on your submissions, the following scenarios have been created. Please locate yourself and follow any instructions for your actions immediately following the Bloodbath. Please keep in mind what weapons you have picked up and whether or not you would’ve have time to check what’s in your pack before running into someone.

As a hint, the bow is the front of the ship and the stern is the rear. Starboard is the right side while port is the left side.

Tasks (below the jump):

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Arena - Day 1

(IC Day 1 will last until Tuesday, March 26th at 11:59 pm EST)

The Bloodbath is over, now your first day in the arena begins…will you falter and fail or will you succeed in your quest to become our newest victor?

The following tasks are alliance/person specific for where your tribute is in the arena. You can para or one shot each day’s task but you should be specific with details so we know exactly where you went, what direction you have traveled or what danger you have encountered, etc… 


AKE find themselves in the streets. They have three options. Continue to roam the streets, investigate the sewer system, or take shelter in a building. Remember, whatever choice you make will come with different perils…so choose wisely.


Andi find themselves alone on the Cornucopia, but what is that faint rumble below? The ground shakes beneath your feet, you grip hold of something to ground yourself while the building shakes and begins to crumble a bit…soon enough the building returns to normal but as you turn around all of the surplus weapons have disappeared leaving you with just what you pilfered from the Bloodbath. You can choose to stay here, risking the chance the building is structurally unsafe, or leave to hunt other tributes.


You find yourself on the same roof after fleeing the Bloodbath, unlucky… you have the choice of fighting each other or allying? Either para this out or submit a death request to us.


Navena and Chiven find themselves in the lush greenery of the park. You both have the option of staying in the park, finding each other to battle/ally/ignore each other or hitting the streets to further explore the city around you.


Felicity also finds herself in the streets. You have the option of continuing to roam the streets, investigate the sewer system, or take shelter in a building. Since you are alone, write a one shot about where you go and the GMs will interact with you when the time comes.


Your group is in the streets, but you have a big decision to make. Do you continue on in the hopes of finding shelter so that you can rest or should you return to the Cornucopia to hunt down your enemies? You have the option of continuing to head East towards the beach, seeking shelter in one of the buildings or changing direction and continuing your journey through the streets/park to the west.


Alone on a rooftop, you have the option of hitting the fire escape and exploring the streets or taking shelter inside the building. Since you are alone, write a one shone about where you go and the GMs will interact with you when the time comes.


Arena Layout - after BB

As the tributes escape the fray of the cornucopia with their weapons and packs, they soon discover themselves to be in the middle of an urban winter wasteland. Dilapidated and crumbling buildings surround them, the concrete is covered with litter, abandoned cars and overgrown weeds; it’s as if no one has lived in this place for years. Cold winds blow during the day, the sky covered in clouds. Snow falls lightly at dusk and grows heavier as the night passes. In the center of the city is a park and the only place to find trees and grass. To the west, the ocean threatens to freeze over but continues to crash against the snowy shore. There are two water sources besides the salty ocean water: the fountain in the park that turns on twice a day (noon and midnight) and fire hydrants. The trees in the park are climbable but will not conceal you well. All buildings have interior stairs and fire escapes. They offer shelter, but most of the windows are broken out. This arena offers many dangers, as you’ll soon find out. 

  • See key for tribute locations and building key
  • White numbers on buildings represent number of floors of the building
  • Blue dotted lines is the underground sewer system