Task #6: The Bloodbath

Immediately following a short social period where you were allowed to converse with fellow tributes about your Private Training, your Game Makers Xanthus and Nausicaa stroll into the room and stand at the front, calling for your attention. They explain to you that your scores will hold importance, more than usual. They also explain to you that anyone who spilled blood or killed during their PTs will be punished. The room erupts with protests and questions. Peacekeepers fire a warning shot into the air and the room silences. Finally, they announce that you’re going to be transported into the area… now. 

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After training and dinner, Samara was escorted back to her solitary 6x6 cell. Because of her tantrum last night, the table and bed was removed from her room. All that was left was the toilet and a mattress with one pillow and one blanket. Anything that she could throw around and destroy had been removed and if she continued to act up, she’d lose her bed too. The door was shut behind her and she was left alone, in the dark, but not for long. 

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                                         ANNOUNCING APOG17!!!

Battle Royale, the novel that inspired The Hunger Games, are clashing together for the next season of APOG! Battle Royale Hunger Games Crossover will be taking place following WoFM34 (so sometime in September/October).

Please stay tuned for more information as the date draws near. GM Nausicaa, GM Ariadne, and GM Xanthus are extremely excited to be able to bring this new twist on the Games to you and we hope you’ll enjoy what we have planned! Be careful, don’t make any tributes just yet… not until you see the next update in a couple months! We will post when we have a date to start accepting reservations then.

Until then, have fun in other RPs and have an awesome summer!


to everyone who participated! I know they were quick and surprising, but we thought these Games turned out in a pretty epic way. I hope everyone enjoyed them as well!

I don’t know when we’ll be back for another season, but we WILL be back eventually! Please follow us on your personals for announcements and updates!

Reminder: Awards will be posted on Saturday afternoon! Probably around 4 or 5.

We loved having each and every one of you. There were some fabulous ships and interesting rivalries and unsuspecting developments. We truly feel blessed to have GM’d you!

- GM Nausicaa & GM Xanthus


Thanks for participating in APOG17, Sebastian and Starling! It was great to read both of you.

As always, you two are able to mini-sponsor any tribute of your choice whenever you like. When/if you are ready, just shoot us a message and we’ll send something (within reason) to one tribute of your choice!

- GM Xanthus & GM Nausicaa

PT Scores are coming right up…

Your PT Scores will be announced to you in a viewing room. All 24 of you will be herded into a room together and sat down in theater seats. Up on stage, a large screen has been pulled down. Your PT Scores will be aired to all of Panem as well as yourselves. You will be monitored by Peacekeepers during the viewing. Afterwards, you will be given some time to socialize and converse with anyone in the room. You may want to discuss your scores, alliances, etc.

From now until 4:45 pm EST tomorrow, you may openly para within the walls of this viewing room. You may also post a reaction OS if you prefer. Please make sure to wrap everything up by this time. Remember, his is optional!