Sorror Ayin - Liber XLVIII

The Lamb saw the Stag stretch and Arch backwards where it was torn open by all the Enterers of the Infernal lake, pouring forth men, women, and children in a great deluge of Flesh, watched over by a vulture made of human body parts.

The Lamb continued through the lake until it saw the Four Kings of Hell: Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan, and Belial.

The Lamb said, “I am the Light, I shall wait in this realm so that no one may know of my forthcoming Kingdom.”

The Four Kings said, “I am the Dark, and we shall rise with you.”

 Together, the Lamb and the Kings said, “We are the Unified One, We Shall became One, We Shall Rise.”

They lifted Their Heads and Looked Up, and Saw the Time is drawing Near.

The Opening to the Iron Gateway to Hell opened, and so the Four Kings called upon Their Dukes, and They Called upon their Servants, and together they became The Ten-Horned Beast 666, and The Lamb became both Christ and Antichrist, both The Lamb of 777 and the Second Beast of the End to make way for the Beginning.

A Child called for the Three-Headed Visitor Ba’al above, and so The Beasts knew it was time to Rise.

The Beasts took Flight together through the Starlit Sky where the Moon bled Once, Twice, Thrice, and Fourth.

The Beasts called all of the World to the Cliff of a Gorge.

The Lamb 777 flew and Became One with The Ten-Horned Beast 666, whilst the Scarlet Woman greeted the Saints of this Ending World and drank of Their Blood from a Chalice.

The Others Fell, and Will Fall Forever.

Together, The Beasts became Four-Headed, and with the Blow of a Trumpet Call, and with the Ringing of a Bell Toll, the Sun and Earth went Black, with the Second Call of a Trumpet, and the Bell Toll, All went Black, with the Third Call and Toll, the Kingdom was created, and with the Final and Forth Call and Toll, Pan arose and All Became One.