The apocalypse was quiet. It had a way about it, a certain charm. It could be called graceful. It was taking a long time.

People prepared for an apocalypse that they could take up arms against, bunker down with. People hoarded filtered water, canned corn, dry milk, batteries. They published books on how to get things done in the new post-world, a world that they always imagined as being much like our own, only missing one or two key things. They might imagine, for example, that survivors would reemerge onto a planet stripped of all vegetable and plant life. First, the animals would grow vicious and then starve. It would be important to hoard as many of these animals as possible, pack them in salt and hide them away to keep. You’d want to have a supply of emergency seed to grow in a secure location, maybe using sterilized soil that you had already hoarded. Then you’d want to gather a crew. One muscle man with a heart of gold, a scientist type, an engineer, a child, and somebody that you thought maybe you could love, if you survived long enough to love them.

Custom made Supernatural Hunter’s Kit - This is a Hunter’s Kit I made for a client who wanted everything that you would need to hunt and kill creatures in the universe of the TV show Supernatural. Included is a Flask, (for obvious reasons) an EMF detector (MR.GHOST for the Iphone enclosed in the brass tube), a Silver dagger, an Oak stake, a vintage Rosary, Silver Devil’s Trap, Voodoo Hex Bag, Zippo, Matches, lighter fluid, a leather bound journal, broad tip crossbow heads, .45 caliber bullets with engraved slugs, and 6 sealed bottles filled with all of the standard offensive and defensive elements, Iron, Salt, Goofer Dust, Holy Water, Holy Oil, and Deadman’s Blood, and six empty vials for collecting samples. With the exception of the Holy Oil and Deadman’s Blood everything is authentic and genuine. Simply because I can’t get to Jerusalem to get the oil and I’m not about to go around draining dead men.

Combine this with your favorite edged weapon and a gun and you are all set to load up the Impala and strike out across America fighting the forces of evil!


♥ Beautiful handmade Witchcraft dress. Can be warn in 2styles… as a hooded dress or as an off shoulder dress…

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Cops and Robbers (and Zombies and Humans)

Cops and Robbers is a mathematical game in which pursuers (cops) attempt to capture evaders (robbers). The game is one of many pursuit-evasion games, each of which is governed by a different set of rules. The general goal of these problems is to determine the number of pursuers required to capture a given number of evaders.

The GIFs above show two versions of the game. The first is similar to the standard Cops and Robbers rendition, and the second is best described as “Zombies and Humans”.

In both versions, an evader moves in the direction that gets it furthest away from the pursuers (focusing more on the closer pursuers), and a pursuer moves in the direction that gets it closest to the evaders (focusing more on the closer evaders).

In the first simulation, members of both groups have a constant speed. In the second simulation, members of a group move more quickly the closer they are to members of the opposite group, and slower when further away.

Mathematica code posted here.

Additional sources not linked above: [1] [2]