by Confabulatrix

30 June, 2015

True drift compatibility was harder to come by than the mathematical models anticipated.

And then came the side effects.

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Series: Part 2 of Apocalypse Vocabulary

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shmoo92 asked:

I have just read your "Vanessa Fucking Gottlieb" reply and love it. I came away with two things: Vanessa Gottlieb is seriously awesome (which I already knew), and secondly, please please please let me use that line about pilots "have a hard time remembering they have pinky fingers." My 'Shatterbucks' heroine has already punched a bowl of rice and got frosting on her nose from a distinct lack of depth perception; I'm having a lot of fun considering what other effects there are to Jaeger piloting.

Awwwwwwww. I am so flattered!

I’m actually working it into a story myself, as part of my Apocalypse Vocabulary series, dealing with the pre-film history of the PPDC. But. You know what. It’s fanfiction. I have seen a lot of weird shit on the internets in my time, and I’ve seen fanfiction of fanfiction. It’s a thing!

So, it is all right with me, so long’s you credit me?

Have a lovely one!

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Things That Happen When I’m Doing Research For Pacific Rim Fanfic: Wikipedia reference chasing, browser updates, testing-to-destruction, meta, Youtube discoveries (The Polish Ambassador!?!?!?!?!1!>??), rewatching the beginning of Pacific Rim again for what Baby Becks has to say about the drift and accidentally realizing Yancy Becket Has A Coffee Problem.

(I’m a real life barista. I notice these things.)

Apocalypse Vocabulary - N o m e n c l a t u r e

July 28th, 2016

Trespasser changed things. Before, “victory at all costs” was thought unacceptable. There were lines not to be crossed, not ever again; Trespasser, Hundun, Kaiceph and Scissure brought the nuclear option back to the table in an uncomfortable way, even after the first production run of Mark I’s came off the assembly line.

It never reached broad public awareness, but thousands of scientists and engineers and all the Mark I pilot candidates knew the disquieting truth: at the heart of each and every nuclear-powered Jaeger was a bomb waiting to go off.

Nomenclature, part One of Apocalypse Vocabulary

It was agreed in the investigative commission that the specific terminology used in the training manuals and academy courses would be self-destruct sequence and reactor meltdown.


Pre-canon, after Onibaba, Stacker’s POV. Investigative committees! Saucy Gottliebs! Texting in class! Tamsin “Glory-Be-To-God-And-England” Sevier and Blue Öyster Cult! Snark! And, you know, inconclusive brain scans and PTSD. But SASS!